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2009 Toyota Venza Crossover



  • jonran73jonran73 Posts: 7
    I have an 09 Venza V6 AWD. Does anybody have a noise (ratling) problem on the steering wheel/column when you go over small bumps? (eg. road reflectors). Very annoying.
  • linersliners Posts: 19
    My 09 V6, with AWD with 25,000 miles has developed a similar ratling which almost sounds like a sloppy u-joint. I will contact the dealer tomorrow.
  • I have a 2009 Venza V6 AWD. The alarm has gone off 4 times in the past 24 hrs without anyone being near the vehicle. Also, the aux plugs arent working so I havent been able to use my ipod. Has anyone had a similar issue? I checked the fuses and they are fine. Any input would be appreciated.
  • re: Ipod. I do not think it would work because the system only uses a MP3 player.
    Tjat may of caused yr plug problems.

    How is your gas mileage. mine is lousy. Best i can get is about 23mpg at 70 mph.

    keeep in touch via my email address,

  • Hi There,

    HAd the same problem( Alam going off intermittently) some days back. Took it to the dealer and he reset the sensitivity of the alarm. Everything is fine after that. ( No charge by the dealer.)For me this occurred bec A) I live in snowfall zone where temp goes to around -15, B) have Glass Breakage Sensor installed in this weather the glass might be contracting sounding the alarm.

    AUX works fine hope you are using the cable provided with Venza for my I POD and it works fine.

    Hope this helps
  • jonran73jonran73 Posts: 7
    Brought mine to the dealership last week, I have 21,000 miles now. Rattling noise started when it was around 18,000 miles. Anyway, they fixed it but its hard to believe coz they said it was bracket of the headers that was making the noise and the sound comes from the steering wheel inside the cabin. I have a feeling it will come back(noise) pretty soon. Good luck!
  • jonran73jonran73 Posts: 7
    Hi, I just wanna know hows ur venza doing. Did u fix the rattling noise in the steering? Just had mine fixed last week. Toyota ended up replacing the whole steering column... and the car now is like brand new. It just worries me that the whole rattling noise might be back after 18-20 thou miles when I dont have warranty anymore. Im planning to buy extended warranty because of this or just trade it in with a lexus GS 350 which I believe is built better.
  • Consumers just put the new Lexus on a DO NOT BUY LIST for safety reasons
  • linersliners Posts: 19
    At 32,000 miles and 14 months old, I still have the steering column rattle/vibration. I am going in for oil change next week and will re'check based on your column replacement. Dealer has documented the issue and two "cannot duplicate" checks.

    Other wise, the vehicle has been great. Just came back from 1500 mile trip and averaged 27.5 mpg, mostly interstate at 75mph. Tire wear has been excellent. v-6, AWD, Michelins
  • jonran73jonran73 Posts: 7
    Its a sure fix if the dealer will replace the entire steering column. Maybe its a design flaw for this car. I traded my venza last month. Dont get me wrong, I love the car but it worries me what happens after another 20 T miles when the warranty is gone. I got a lexus LS 460 L with low mileage (almost same with the venza when I traded it) and it goes 27-28 mpg highway and its a V8. Its very efficient probably because of the 8 speed transmission. I ended up paying a bit more on my monthly payment but its all worth it. Better bring your venza before your warranty ends and you have to push the dealer sometimes so they get it done right. Good luck!
  • halwickhalwick Posts: 45
    Does this affect only V-6 models? Anybody with 4-cyl model expeerience same? First I've heard of steering wheel/column rattling.

    I had a metallic rattling noise heard on left side when driven over uneven road surfaces and bumps. Strut mounts were tightened and problem was eventually traced to a left fender bolt/washer not securely fastened.

  • linersliners Posts: 19
    The service manager at David Maus Toyota in Sanford, FL indicated that Toyota is aware of the problem and is currently working on a "fix". Apparently, they identified the problem in March, but the supplier could not generate the repair parts in a timely fashion to release the service bulletin then.
  • lgigantelgigante Posts: 34
    My 09 Venza V6 did not have the customary tint strip at the top on the windshield. At the time I thought it was just a way to say a buck by Toyota. My eyes are sensitive to the light since I had my cataracts removed. I had a tinting company apply a tint strip for $30. I don't especially like it because it doesn't fade at it reaches the lower area.
    I was wondering for Venza's to have that strip or not?
  • linersliners Posts: 19
    For those who have been concerned by a steering column rattle noise as I have for some time, there is a new TSB isssued January 6, 2011. T-SB-0005-11 replaces the whole sterering column assembly, OP CODE 442051. HOORAH!!
  • Hey Mac:
    Have not had the alarm problem yet, but I have the AUX problem.
    My was fuse in position #20 was blown. It is in the fuse box under the left side of the dash. Right under the coin holder. I think is was a 15 amp.
    Take a look and see if thats it. If it works for you it should also solve the Ipod problem. :)
  • Any suggestions as to which ultra performance all-weather tires would be best for a 2011 Toyota Venza V6 AWD? I am driving 5 months/year in snow, the rest of the year in " liquid sun". :lemon:

  • Please call Toyota to report the steering column rattle/knocking issue. 1 (800) 331-4331. I called and filed a complaint. My 2009 Toyota has 41k miles and they will not replace the steering column because it is out of basic warranty. if enough people complain and file cases Toyota will issue a recal and fix the column for those who got stuck with the issue after the warranty expired. the part is $1300. Please call Toyota and hold them responsible!

  • I too had a left dash rattle that was driving me nuts. The good news its that when I took it to the dealer (30K Miles) they confirmed the noise. They told me they thought it was a loose wiring harness underneath the dash and I would have to sign a waiver acknowledging that if they removed the dashboard to get to the loose wiring harness it would most likely result in "other" rattles in the dash. I went home to think it over and research my delema.

    Armed with your advice about T-SB-0005-11 I went back to the dealer and I was amazed they took my advice, contacted Toyota and they authorized the replacement of the steering column. Rattle gone!
  • Liners is right that all Venza's have this steering column rattling coming once they cross 20K + miles . I did have the same problem at exact 20K miles and 2.5 yrs of ownership. I was covered under Bumper to bumper warrenty and Toyota did take care of the same. Toyota should send a recall for the same. I love my Venza. I do have some other small issues 1) Rattling noise under the dashboard passenger side got it rectified 2) Winter time the cargo door doesen't open fully ( will take to dealer).
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