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2009 Toyota Venza Crossover



  • fair2usfair2us Posts: 26
    edited August 2012
    My 25,000 + miles Venza is doing this steering column rattle noise and knocking feel too. A local Toyota dealership presented me with a TSB for a Steering Column Rattle Noise, T-SB-0005-11, and I was told that my Venza was one month out of the Toyota 3yr basic warranty. I can either fix it myself or live with the noise. I then brought the Venza to a reputable independent mechanic and he believes that the rattle in the steering column may be resolved with the TSB for the Steering Column Rattle Noise, T-SB-0005-11. The independent mechanic also found that the intermediate steering shaft has slack in the u-joints. He recommends replacing the intermediate shaft first to see if that resolves the issue before replacing the steering column, which is a lot more expensive repair, as Toyota has suggested. If you are experiencing this issue with your Toyota, please report it to Toyota Customer Care: 1-800-331-4331 Toyota Motor Sales USA National Customer Relations 19001 South Western Avenue, Department WC-10, Torrance, California 90501
  • ogeeneogeene Posts: 1
    I just called today about same issue what everyone has here. This issue started with the car since under 30k miles, even right now is not big deal but toyota they not standing for their cars this is all I can tell. As soon as I mentioned that I my car at this moment has 50k miles they said that this will not be covered even under defective part they manufactured. I said mechanic was inspecting when it just started doing and they said there is no records in the system. So I would just suggest dont buy toyota since they had too many way too many issues with their cars, and they are not same toyota as used to be. I was amaized when lady said at consumer relations " we dont have any records that people are reporting this issue" thousands of people has same issue even forums are full of discussions about this issue, and most of owners end up paying for the part and labor. I can not afford paying 2k, toyota should be responsible for the defective parts
  • I own a 2009 Venza V6 AWD. I bought the car in late 2012 with 28000 miles. The steering column rattled when I bought it...didn't think anything about it. I just took it in for 30K check-up at dealer (32K on odometer). Was initially told it may need a 'grease-pack' replacement. Just rec'd call it needs a new steering column! Thankfully, I purchased a 100K extended warranty so repair will be paid by ext'd warranty. I like the car...the engine is amazing. The car was still barely under basic warranty when I bought it and after numerous searches, discovered there were some big-ticket issues with this auto. So I bought the ext'd warranty. I think the expense for the extended warranty has paid off. I'll keep the forum posted.
  • Dealer had to order part - two days in shop. Part $1330 labor about $200. Fortunately covered by extended warranty. Out-of-basic warranty...otherwise would have been an out-of-pocket expense. Car is now rattle-free. Almost describe ride as tight. All is good for now.
  • Did you get your money's worth from this Toyota extended warranty that you purchased? If I had that warranty, I'd still own my '09 Venza. But the lack of responsibility from Toyota on this issue, not to mention the repair cost, just turned me off from buying another one. I am happy to see it all seemed to work out for you.
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