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Toyota Venza Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • deepsouthdeepsouth Posts: 30
    check the invoice price of yours at Just check off what options you have on your Venza. I'd say if you bought it less than $1000 over invoice you did allright. More than that you should have talked more or at least get a couple of dealers to do a price war for you. What was the sticker price?
    What are w/ SA, CQ, PC, LC and CF options ????
  • zama07zama07 Posts: 3
    I had Consumer Reports invoice listing as well as Edmund's listing. Basically they were the same (invoice and msrp). The MSRP was $ 32.9 I paid 30.0 for everything. TTL brought it to 32.1

    The CQ = convenience package (smart start); LS = leather, heated seats; SA = security alarm and back-up camera; CF = carpets. PC = paint upgrade (blizzard pearl (white)). I also ordered body side mouldings and mud flaps.

    I had quotes from 2 other dealers. One I was interested in. Went to look at it and it was sold. They had one other on their lot but I wasn't interested in it. They were getting ready to get one from out of state but figured they wouldn't be prone to deal as much. The other dealer had almost the same offer as the one I bought. Did not know what his stock was like. Never went to his lot to look.

    Overall, I feel the Venza is in short supply - probably to keep the price high. I probably paid more than I should have.
  • deepsouthdeepsouth Posts: 30
    I know when Im excited its hard to keep shopping around because I wanted the Venza so bad. I ordered Feb 20 got it March 5th. Where do you live Im in Alabama. When you get yours send me a picture of it I want to see the body side molding I want to add that soon.I do have the MudGaurds,
    It sure was nice riding today with the sunroof open The temps here is 77. Great riding to the beach weather :shades:
  • halwickhalwick Posts: 45
    I already have the car. Wondering if it's possible to get the the mudguards and the body side molding afterwards and have them installed. How much are they? Are the mudguards the same color as the car or black? Can you post pictures?

  • zama07zama07 Posts: 3
    I don't have the paperwork in front of me but I seem to remember the mud guards were about 150 and the body side moulding were 450+. Will confirm. The mud guards should be an easy install as I was told they were a 2 screw set-up. I was having the dealer handle everything - especially the body side moulding. The above were MSRP prices and were negotiable at the table. Not sure what they run thru the parts / service department.

    Will post pictures once I take delivery (tonight ?) of the vehicle.
  • briantanbriantan Posts: 1
    Just bought my new Venza yesterday 4-26. The sticker was 35195.00 I paid 31.965.00 plus TTL. Dealer was Sun Toyota in New Port Richey, FL. Very good experience. It included the floor mats.
  • jl4carjl4car Posts: 3
    SF Bay Area

    2009 FWD 6 cyl Magnetic Gray Metallic
    EJ JBL Premium Audio
    CQ Convenience Package
    SA Security Package
    floor mats
    MSRP $31319
    Sale Price $28000 plus TTL
  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    After looking at about ten different makes & models, I just bought a Venza V6-AWD with:
    Premium Pkg #2 (LX)
    Navigation w/JBL Synthesis (NV)
    Panoramic Roof (SR)
    Floor/Cargo Mats (CF)
    Remote Engine Start (V4)
    MSRP was $38,753, I paid $34,118 plus TTL. Went through the Internet managers of several dealers and really didn't need to negotiate much at all - they had similar pricing so I just went with the dealer that had my color and options in stock, and was reasonably close to home. I have the advantage of living in the DC / Baltimore area that has both Fitzmall and CarMax facilities nearby, so many Toyota dealers are deeply discounting to stay competitive. Bought it from Koon's Toyota in Annapolis, MD. The vehicles I had considered are: 2010 Lexus RX350, Audi A4-Avant and Q5, Nissan Murano LE, Infiniti FX35, Acura MDX, BMW 328xi SportWagon, Volvo XC60 and XC70. Venza won out in the end as it was the best overall value and the premium makes just weren't that much better (if at all) than the Venza. I'll post my test drive experiences and comparisons over on the main "2009 Toyota Venza Crossover" forum.
  • heatjayheatjay Posts: 2
    No options. I4 FWD. 24,600 before tax+fees.
  • lampmanlampman Posts: 1
    MY venza was 34,975 bought it for 31,450 including dealer fee for paperwork plus TTR Georgia 4 cyl FWD Golden Umber MIca, Nav, pack 2 , panoramic roof .
  • jxbst15jxbst15 Posts: 21

    Also in MD and also looking at the same array of vehicles to keep up with a growing family.

    A few questions...was value your only decision in going with the Venza? My spouse would be at home on the race track, so I'm [pleasantly] surprised to hear the Venza came close to the premiums, especially given the price difference.

    Any cars you immediately scratched off the list and what was your final decision between?

    My search is narrowed to the Venza, Q5, A4 Avant, XC60, and RX350, and it's hard to argue with the value/feature proposition of the Venza.
  • ffmskffmsk Posts: 5
    Hello everyone:

    When do you think Toyota will do 0% percent or 1.9% on the Venza?

    I just don't understand it. Most of the Toyota and Honda owners I know watch their money. How does Toyota and Honda expect to keep up sales when they don't offer the same low interest rates as GM, Ford, Chy??

    I own all Toyota's and will only purchase Toyota or Lexus - I would like to trade in my Toyota RAV4 but I will wait until Toyota lowers their interest rates. Other Toyota owners I talked to feel the same. Their Toyota will last for years to come but would not mind to purchase a new Toyota if the rates were low.

    This is a perfect time for Toyota and Honda to make up market share on the American brands, yet they just sit on the sidelines and watch kia and Hyunda make up market share. It doesn't make sense.

    I will just have to wait for either the Venza or the Lexus RX 350 to offer low interest rates.

    Toyota still makes one of the best cars and trucks out there - but in this type of economy money and deals talk! :D
  • venzayarisvenzayaris Posts: 6
    They won't offer 0% financing on the Venza when dealerships in Canada have a 12 week wait
  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    Hey jxbst15,
    Ultimately, the Venza won the value proposition, but I actually had a higher budget. The most expensive vehicle I looked at was Infiniti FX35 at $52.5k; the least expensive was a Subaru Forester around $32k (everything I looked at was pretty loaded with many to most options). I immediately eliminated the less expensive vehicles (Subaru, Ford Edge, VW Tiguan) because they were missing some features, performance or comfort (I'm coming from a 2007 Lexus RX350). I also quickly eliminated the BMW X3 (dated design) and 328xi SportsWagon (too small). I was surprised that I didn't like the Volvo XC60 more - it was comfortable and solid, but there were way too many buttons on the console and the nav system was the least friendly of all. In the final group with the Venza were the Murano LE, 2010 RX350, FX35, A4 Avant and Q5. The A4 Avant was absolutely my favorite for driving, but it was also the smallest space wise. I would have liked the Q5 more if I hadn't driven the A4 first - then the Q5 just seemed sluggish and unresponsive in comparison. The FX35 was very quick, but also a bit cramped inside and had too many tech features that I would never use (the lane change warning is very annoying). I also nixed the RX350, mainly because I've already owned two RX's and the current styling looks too close to the old RX; and I never really warmed up to the interior styling. In the end it came down to the Murano and Venza both having a good balance of performance, space, features, style and comfort, and they were very comparable to the more expensive models. And the Venza beat the Murano mostly because the Toyota sales folks were more professional and friendly than their Nissan counterparts. So far I'm happy with my decision.

  • deepsouthdeepsouth Posts: 30
    Don't hold your breath waiting for 0% on the Venza. Never say never though
    I did a home equity line of credit loan on mine for 2.99%.
  • ffmskffmsk Posts: 5
    That is interesting. The dealers we have visited have an inventory - including 40 on one dealership in the Minn./St. Paul area. When I was up in Montreal the dealership we looked at had around 15 of them in stock? The one in Richmond Toyota in
    13251 Smallwood Place
    Richmond, BC
    V6V 1W8
    has an inventory - I don't have the exact number.
    They also make the Lexus RX 350 in Canada also!

    A salesman told me the same thing about dealerships in america - it pays to have a patient who owns a Toyota Dealership! You tend to find out where the inventory is.
    I will just have to wait.
    Thank you.
  • jxbst15jxbst15 Posts: 21
    Thanks for the insightful response; I am pretty much in the same situation. Haven't driven the Q5 yet but it's disappointing to hear the 3.2 it has doesn't perform as well as one might expect.

    I'm in Baltimore metro - any Toyota dealerships you advise avoiding or starting with?

    Knowing my wife the Lexus isn't sporty enough and I know she finds the Murano fugly, so it'll be between the Q5, XC60, and Venza.
  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    You may find the Q5 is just what you are looking for - it has a lot going for it. I think I would have liked it more if I hadn't driven the A4 Avant at the same time. The Q5 just felt slower than both the A4 and the Venza, and since it was also smaller and would cost about $8-9K more than the Venza, the Q5 was eliminated. Also, the new RX is a bit sportier than the old one, so don't give up on it until you drive one.

    I initially contacted CarMax Toyota in Laurel and Fitzmall in Gaithersburg to get email quotes -- they are known for having excellent pricing and it is visible online. Unfortunately, neither had the color and options I wanted in stock. I then checked every area dealer's online inventory and found what I wanted was in stock at Koon's Toyota in Annapolis, so I requested an email quote from their Internet Dept. and they actually had a better price than both CarMax and Fitzmall. All of the Toyota sales people I talked to at each dealer were very polite and professional - seems like they have really improved on this since I last shopped for a Toyota. In contrast, two Nissan dealers were staffed with idiots who were like stereotypical used car salesmen.
  • venzayarisvenzayaris Posts: 6
    Yah, unless you are willing to take what's available on local dealer's lots in Toronto, you're looking at a 12+ wk wait

    We waited about 8 weeks for ours :)
  • toyotaslasttoyotaslast Posts: 15
    I was wondering when you guy's think there will be some used venza's out threre ? i'm not looking to buy until sept. what do you guys think?
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