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Toyota Venza Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • santa3santa3 Posts: 10
    Bought a bronze V6 AWD (loaded) from Rhinelander (WI) Toyota this PM. Made all arrangements over the phone. They consider themselves a no commission (best price) dealer. MSRP: 38,444. final price: 34,714 (first car on the lot). If they needed to do a trade with another dealer in the 5 state region for a different color it would have been 34,976. If it is bronze + ivory zipping down the road in the snow and the ice, it's us. If we don't like the color in person, we can substitute for a bit more money (262.00).

    The MKE, WI dealer wouldn't come down a dime below 38,525, the 'MSRP' on the car. His loss. Went in with the 'best price' quote in hand asking for a match - he couldn't believe it.

    Felt real good about the deal. Donating 'old blue' (formerly known as our trade in) to Rawhide. What can an '87 Camry LE really be worth anyway? Tax deductions are good.
  • macpromacpro Posts: 52
    I know what you mean about the MKE dealers. Same situation with my wife and me, they would not budge much on MSRP.

  • wstevecwstevec Posts: 126
    $3700 off MSRP sounds great! It seems some Toyota dealers are more interested in moving the Venzas rather than playing games. Hopefully, I can find such a dealer in the Boston area next month when I plan on ordering mine if I don't go with a Rav 4. With these discounts, I would be more likely to go with the Venza.
  • santa3santa3 Posts: 10
    Steve, it is hard to find this sort of 'no commission' dealer. I knew about Kenosha, WI's CarMax, a chain of 'superstore' dealers located mostly in the west. I didn't know of any others, but then I remembered my mother (of all people) said she got a fantastic deal from Rhinelander Honda (company also owns Rhinelander Toyota and some auto stores over toward ND) - better than any price she found in Tucson when she bought the same car there. That's the reason I contacted them... Also they are right in our area.

    For you, being in Mass, would you consider going to MD to save a few bucks? Go to to find their Toyota dealer closest to you. Wouldn't hurt to try. Or start calling around and ask for 'best price' or 'no commission' dealers. Sometimes friends or local bankers know ones closer. Maybe even calling my Toyota dealer or Carmax will get you into the info loop as there probably is a secret society of this type of dealers. Dealers shunned by high cost dealers probably need to stick together.

    Good luck!
  • You might also consider Their pricing is very competitive and they have a location in PA which might be a bit closer. If I buy a Venza, I am planning to drive or fly to one of these locations (fitzmall or carmax) from central NY. I figure I could do it in a day and save a lot of grief and hassle.
  • wstevecwstevec Posts: 126
    Thanks Santa3, perhaps another opition is to get quote and bring it to a local dealer. In this depression, dealers need to move cars and will meet prices if you have a legitimate quote. I have done that in the past and its worked fine, sometimes with simply a newspaper ad.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    Yay CarMax! Good thing you bought before the big storm hit. Please post back how the car handled in the nasty weather (in the appropriate forum, of course).
  • macpromacpro Posts: 52
    Yesterday I went to a Toyota dealer in Milwaukee to pick up the all weather floor mats I ordered for our Venza and noticed four Venza's at the dealer. Two blue, one silver and one white. As more Venza's arrive at dealers, I'm sure they will be willing to deal.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    I went to Bob Howard Toyota on Sunday and looked at their display model. I like it. HUGE tires, though - a possible big expense! But size-wise, it's perfect. It's very low, but higher than Camry. It would be a good alternative for those of us whose knees need something a little higher off the ground. Also, I tried to bend the outside mirrors and couldn't, they don't have those collapsing mirrors a lot of the newer cars have now. This display had the rear bumper guard on it which looked nice, and the car itself was black and very dusty! (It's been incredibly windy the last couple days.) Be prepared for sticker shock, though - they are asking over $42,000 for this particular one! WOW! I'm thinking there will be more leasers than buyers for it.
  • Hi irismg,
    I wouldn't worry too much about tire cost, has several tires in the Venza's size, starting as low as $93 each, though average price is near $200. My guess is that there will be more tire models available (at good prices) after there are more Venzas on the road. Also, $42,000 is way high - what options did it have? Did it have a lot of extra dealer add-ons? I just tried the configurator and added every possible option and accessory and the MSRP came to $39,656, including freight. So that $42K looks like a dealer to stay away from. Look at for some down to earth pricing.

  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    If I may say so, who in the real world buys their tires online?! I personally don't know anybody living here at my complex or who even has a house who would buy mail order tires, for God's sakes. What are tires for Venza likely to cost at Sears or Goodyear? That's the real question. You gotta buy local in these parts.

    As to the dealer, you may well be right about that, but really, the car didn't look all that fancy, just had some dark tinted glass, it had wood grain window controls (which were nice), it was 4WD, it was a 6 cylinder, it had alloy wheels (that is to say, didn't have hubcaps.

    It looked like this one, except it was black. I imagine there were dealer add ons because you can't even buy a Saturn off the lot without them. It looks like finding one between $20K and $30K is going to be a problem, if both your Fitzmall's and CarMax's prices are any indication. It may be a moot point, since who's going to drive all that way to buy one from them. Again, a lot of people are stuck with buying local.

    Maybe they'll come out with a smaller, more affordable one if this one does well for them. By the time they do, these first Venzas will available for a good price.
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    Also, I tried to bend the outside mirrors and couldn't, they don't have those collapsing mirrors a lot of the newer cars have now.

    According to Toyota's list of standard features, the exterior mirrors are foldable. Maybe you weren't pushing hard enough?

    If I may say so, who in the real world buys their tires online?!

    Tirerack has been around for awhile (even before the web and online ordering), so I'd guess enough people do to keep them in business. Considering that I'm doing most of my negotiation for my next vehicle online and I've bought all my computers online, buying tires online may not be as much of a stretch as it intuitively seems.

    It looks like finding one between $20K and $30K is going to be a problem...

    Remember -- the first ones delivered are going to be fully loaded. There will be more cloth-seat, 2WD $27-30K V6 models around in the coming weeks/months.
  • Hey irismg,
    I'm not sure where you live, but I'll bet tirerack can recommend a local tire installer who will accept a shipment of tires from them. So you buy the tires on-line and ship them to the installer. Then you just make an installation appointment, pay the mounting and balance fee and your done, probably saving 20% or more over what Sears or Goodyear would charge you. Ask any car freak about tirerack and they'll have good things to say (I've used them for about 20 years with zero problems). Also, if you're hoping to find a Venza for less than $30K, you'll need to wait for the 4 cyl to come out in late January or early February. And then, if you go easy on the options, you can get a vehicle with a list MSRP of around $29K and with some successful negotiation pay between $26K and $27K. If you only have one dealer nearby, they may not be willing to negotiate, but it wouldn't hurt to show them quotes from other dealers. Good luck.

  • macpromacpro Posts: 52
    The mirrors on my Venza fold both forward and backward and didn't really require too much pressure (I just checked).

    I have purchased tires for my wife's car and mine for several years from Tirerack. It was the Lexus dealer where we purchased our vehicles from over the years that recommended Tirerack to us.
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    I, & most of the people I know, have been buying tires on line for years; and we do live in the real world. The Tire Rack has a great selection of all brands, better prices than anyone I've ever found in the 5 states I've lived in, an objective, knowledeable sales staff, loads of information that will help you select the best tire to suit the way you drive, and local installers all over the country.

    Try it the next time you need tires
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    The folding, heated mirrors on the Venza are part of option package #2
  • "I personally don't know anybody living here at my complex or who even has a house who would buy mail order tires..."

    I agree with your concerns about pricing on the large tires, but I would add another plug for tirerack. I can't imagine not buying my tires online. Tirerack is the of tires. I get much more accurate information there than I would get from any salesperson in a store, they have a great selection and great pricing. They also have a great user ratings section where thousands of people rate tires and the tires in each class can be compared to each other by different characteristics, even by make of car. I even convinced my 80 year old mother-in-law to buy on line. You can often have them shipped directly to an installer. The last time I ordered snow tires they arrived in two days.
  • wstevecwstevec Posts: 126
    I got to test drive a V6 AWD loaded model and was most impressed. I found the ride very comfortable, but not soft or stiff as I find my wife's Rav4. The car had plenty of power to get up and go on the highway while being easy to maneuver on secondary rounds and gas stations. Yes, I did say gas stations, because the yellow low fuel warning light was on and I did not want to get stuck on the highway, Some things never change for dealers :) , but since it take regular (big plus) and with gas is so cheap (at least right now), $2 was plenty to complete my test drive. The back storage are was perfect for my golf equipment including cart. It much easier to get it in and out since no bending is needed. The driving position and entry is just right, since I am 6' tall. I found it much more comfortable than the Rav 4 which I am also considering. However, the dealers (those who want to stay in business) are willing to deal. My low pressure salesman (who sold my wife's car) said right now he can do $1000 over invoice. He thinks by the time I am ready to order in late January it might be around $200 over invoice. For the fun of it, he did a search for Venzas which a limited amount of options and the lowest tended to have at least $3000-$4000 worth of extras. Since I only want the Comfort Package (LS) and Tow Prep (TO) he said that a special order would not be a problem and not cost any more, Special orders will take from 6 to 8 weeks which is fine for me since I don't want the car until mid-March when most of the snow will end around here (Boston area). Seems like the closer to spring you can wait, the deeper the discounts will become.
  • chadxchadx Posts: 153
    If I may say so, who in the real world buys their tires online?!

    I, and lot's of people I know, use tirerack all the time. I've lived in quite a few cities/states and have ordered from tirerack more times than I haven't. That is including when I lived in downtown Chicago and had them shipped to my high-rise.

    I did, however, just replace my Michelin pickup tires at Costco. There happened to be a big Michelin sale on at the time that I was in for a price comparison. 85,000 miles on the current tires (same model), and could have gone another 5,000 but it's dead of winter and the snowstorms are moving in (Montana) and I wasn't looking forward to driving up the ski mountain, every weekend, on that amount of tread.

    Back on the subject, I am holding off on a Venza test drive until I can do it in a 4 cylinder AWD since that is the only model in which I'm interested. I don't want to get used to V6 power when I am only considering the I4. Heck, 182hp should be plenty. My '83 Ford F150 only had 185 (though more torque) and that was plenty. The Venza weighs almost 4,000lbs and that truck was just over that. Amazing how heavy vehicles are nowdays with all the safety and creature comforts adding up.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    What a strange new world this is. Thanks for the info. Apartment dwellers such as myself would have no place to store tires, so this is a revelation. Although, it still seems like a hassle.
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