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Toyota Venza Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just picked up my new venza that I ordered a couple of months ago. When I ordered it the dealer said that they always come with tow package and he would try to stop it but if he couldn't I would not have to pay. Everything else was ordered specifically to my likening, but it came in a few weeks ago and there it was with a tow package. I don't mind that I have it and I didn't have to pay for it, but I will never use it. I don't understand why having to have it syncs with a shortage. No wonder there is a shortage.
  • Just curious, which state are you located?
  • It is Fred Haas in Houston Texas. I went into internet negotiations with a few other dealers and am thinking that this is just a sales tactic to have me emotionally buy another vehicle from them since they don't have the exact car I wanted. They are having me believe that this car was customer ordered from Japan and Toyota Japan lacked the parts.
  • You might want to get the VIN for that Venza if they are saying it was manufactured in Japan. If the first position of the VIN is not a 'J' then its made here in the good old USA. If I recall, Venza's are manufactured/assembled somewhere in the Southeast, maybe Tennessee or Georgia. There might be some that are made overseas, but getting the VIN will confirm one way or the other.

    Regards -

    M. J. McCloskey
  • bought a 2010 on 12/5/09 in San Francisco bay area
    v6 FWD with prem pkg #2, Navi, and moonroof plus mats
    MSRP includling freight 37,094
    paid 500 over dlr cost or 33,614 before tax & license
    only had 24 hours but great car
  • I believe venzas are made in kentucky, but definitely in U.S.
  • That sounds like a good deal. Can you tell me where you purchased your Venza? I'm interested in a Venza with similar options and live in the Bay Area. Thanks.
  • Hello, I have an internet offer for an AWD V6 2010 Venza, specifics below - let me know what you think of this:

    2010 V6 AWD with Convenience, Comfort, Security and Tow package, plus the moonroof. MSRP of $35,185. The offer is $31,967.

    Thoughts on my next move/the offer?

    Any help is appreciated.


  • I've been shopping for a Venza since July and came to realize it's difficult to price shop Toyota vehicles comparing apple to apple. Almost impossible to find identical Venza from different dealerships to compare prices. Honda, on the other hand, is ver easy in pricing comparsion from that perspective. For example, all the EX-L trim would carry the same MSRP and dealer invoice. Extremely easy to send out 10 price inquiries for the same vehicle and just hit up on the lowest quote. Since Venza came in different options and packages, I am now using dealer invoice as my guide.
    For the Venza you like, please ask them for the dealer invoice. As a guideline, $500 over invoice is acceptable. if you can get them to do below invoice, say $500 below, then you got yourself an awesome deal. BTW, I am in L.A. area.
  • Sounds like a good deal to me! I traded in my 2007 RAV4 AWD LTD which we owned outright and told them I would not pay more than 15k for the Venza AWD V6 with a sticker of 36,560.
  • Just received an internet quote $29,188+TTL on 2010 Venza V6 FWD with just Comfort, Convieniance & JBL Package. Is this a good deal? I live in Northern Virginia.
  • I'd like to purchase a 2010 Venza V6 Fwd with premium package 2, navigation system and sunroof in magnetic gray or blizzard pearl. The MSRP for this car is $36,835. The dealer cost is $32,970 which includes a $750 destination charge, $521 regional ad fee, minus $562 mfgr's holdback.

    An individual in the Bay Area recently reported purchasing a similar car on 12/6/09 for $33,614 (msrp $37,094). Basically, the car I want plus floor mats. The amount he paid was $500 over dealer's cost, but with no adjustment for holdback.

    Given the demand for Venzas, is it realistic to think I can get this car for $33K before TTL ($500 over dealer's cost after adjustment for holdback)? If not, what would you consider a GREAT price for this car?

    I don't mind ordering and waiting for the car, just want to purchase it before 1/1, so I can deduct the sales tax on my 2009 tax return. Thanks in advance for your help.
  • I just received an internet quote for the exact model I want. 2010 Venza V6 fwd with premium package 2, navigation system and sunroof in magnetic gray with ivory interior. THe MSRP for this car is $37,094 which includes $750 destination charge, $489 TDA, $10 gas, $562 holdback and $281 wholesale financial reserve.

    The dealer is willing to sell me this car for $32,908. I think this is a pretty good deal, but the vehicle inquiry report shows the base price for this car at $24,447 and not the $25,290 I was expecting to see.

    Is the $24,447 indeed the correct amount? Had I known that was the case, I would have obviously offered at least $800 less for the car. Thanks.
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  • Ended up in our Cincinnati dealer on a cold December night without ANYONE else in the showroom - couldn't pass up the deal they were offering to move a car that night.

    V6 FWD
    Comfort Package
    Convienence Package
    Panaramic Sunroof
    Security Package
    Base Carpet Mats

    MSRP: $33,9xx (can't remember the last few digits)
    Price before TLL: $30,000

    Dealer went out of their way to locate the car in Sunset Bronze after the deal was made and we've been happy owners for a week now!
  • This should be your vehicle break down:

    Base: $28100 $25290
    Desti: $750 $750
    LX, #2: $4345 $3476
    NV, navi: $2580 $2085
    SR, roof: $1050 $840
    CF, mat: $269 $174
    Total: $30794 $32615

    $32908 - $32615 = $293 over invoice. GOOD DEAL.
    My best offer now is $300 over invoice.

    I understand what you are saying on the vehicle inquiry report showing $24447 base price as well.
    $24447 was derived taking 3% off the MSRP. $28100 x 3% = $843
    $25290 invoice cost - $843 = $24447
    However, I am not sure why they are taking 3% OFF right off the bat. (Is that in addtion to the 2% holdback + 1% financial reserve?) If so, the dealership has a much lower behind the scene cost.

    Having said that, none of the dealers I talked to was willing to go under $300 below invoice though. Since there's limited supplies of Venza out there, most dealerships don't have Venza on the lot for a very long time. Most Venza were sold before they even get in. Although you can offer $800 less for the vehicle, the dealership probably won't accept your offer. They can easily find another buyer willing to pay higher for the same vehicle. If this was a Camry, it's a total different ball game.

    Longo Toyota offered me $650 below invoice on a red Venza back in July 09 before the cluncker program hit because the car was sitting on the lot for 123 days. They wanted to get rid of it. But now, dealers just don't have enough cars to sell after the cluncker program drained the inventories, so the negotiation process had been tough to get a sweet deal below invoice. I am still trying, but not much luck to get below invoice at this time of the year.
  • very good deal! im living in arizona i recently looking for a venza too. the one that i saw was 2009 venza V6 with comfort, leather,JBL, convenience,security packages. the offer was $33,800. i think it little too much. one more thing, that was a demo too, 1100 miles>.<
  • When I told a competing dealer about the offer below, they immediately offered to sell me the car for $32,800. Problem is that Dealer 1 is having difficulty locating the color I want (magnetic grey with ivory interior) for year-end delivery. This is for a 2010 V6 fwd Venza. I'd prefer to purchase from Dealer 1 (more trust-worthy) than Dealer 2 who has been a total sleeze.

    Alternatively, Dealer 1 offered to get me the 2010 AWD in the color combo I want before year-end, but I'm not willing to pay an add'l $1600 for AWD. It's a "nice to have" but not a "must have" for me. Especially since we already own a car w/AWD.

    No trade-in involved. This is for a brand spanking new car, not demo or loaner. Current (100% cash) offer on the table and accepted by Dealer 1 is as follows:

    Base Price $24,447 - Factory Holdback $562 = $23,885

    Premium #2 (LX) $3,476
    Navigation (NV) $2,085
    Panoramic Roof (SR) $840
    Desired Options $6,401

    Add'l Options: Floor & Cargo Mat $174 + Rear Bumper Protector $52

    Destination Charge $750
    Regional Ad Fee $489
    Gasoline $10
    Whsl Fin Reserve $281

    Neg Price excl TTL = $32,908 + Tax $3,044 + Document Fees $55 + License $504

    Total Drive-Out Price = $36,511
  • Why in the world do you want to offer over invoice? try below invoice and work from there. I often see people offering over invoice... if you are going to offer just offer below invoice.... idealy let the dealer make the first offer and you offer below invoice. At the end of the day OTD is what matters because we all pay it.
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