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Toyota Venza Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • agie1agie1 Posts: 23
    I bought my extended warranty for $1695 and I recently cancelled it.
    I am going to purchase it from other dealer which cost me only $710 for 7yr/75k with no deductible.
  • I live in Connecticut. Today I test drove a 2010 Black V6 Venza. The only option I requested was a sunroof. I was given a MSRP of $31730, and sales price of $28995 PLUS $1195 for the sunroof, for a TOTAL of $30,190. Any thoughts??
  • wheeler21wheeler21 Posts: 3
    How does $24445 before tax and title fee sound for a 2010 4cyl FWD Venza? Only options would be 5 piece carpet mats. We almost went for it today but they weren't giving us quite enough for our trade-in (2009 Camry).
  • marvin6marvin6 Posts: 72
    edited June 2010
    For comparison I checked the USAA website (other buying services offer similar pricing). The 4 cyl Venza including shipping, but no options is listed at $23,255. If you belong to USAA or Costco or perhaps even a credit union, you could likely get a better price than what you were offered. Good luck. You may think $1,000 is insignificant, but it means a lot on a monthly payment or it can buy a lot of gasoline.
  • wheeler21wheeler21 Posts: 3
    I just checked USAA and I came up with $24,269 for the price with no options. Is it possible there are different prices depending on your zip? Also when I added in the mats, the USAA price is $24445.
  • alan226alan226 Posts: 7
    FYI, there is a large volume (Boch) area dealer that just advertised $4000 off sticker on ANY 2010 Venza, AWD, 4 or 6 cyl.
    When I bought my 2010 in March, the sticker for 4cyl AWD was $28900 and I got it for around $25500 if I remember correctly.
  • alan226alan226 Posts: 7
    I think you can do ALOT better on the price. You should be able to get at least $4000 off the sticker....
  • wheeler21wheeler21 Posts: 3
    Actually the price of $24445 was from I'm in Western Mass and that's the best price they found for my area. I put in a Boston area zip and the best price was slightly higher. I can only guess that dealers in other areas are offering lower prices. I'm not sure how far is feasible to travel for a car purchase. I guess it depends on the savings. I made a $4000 off sticker offer to Boch on a similar model...still waiting to hear. I've also tried BJs and upromise auto buying services. Both price out higher than $24445 for a base model with 5 piece carpet mats.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    Always make the Dealer make the first offer and shop OTD... because we all pay it.
  • andrei44andrei44 Posts: 2
    Just purchased 2010 V6, AWL Venza in NJ.
    Color: metallic grey
    Packages: fully loaded (HID headlamps and roof rack)
    MSRP: 38300+
    Additional items purchased/negotiated:
    Genuine Toyota remote stater (dealer will install for $200)
    Rear bumper protector (dealer will install for free)
    Cargo net (for free)
    Vehicle Protection Program (window etch) $199 fee is included
    Amount paid: $33500(included destination)
    Fees: taxes and registration/title, $250 documentation fee, $200 for the remote starter.

    Email all dealers in 40 miles radius to NYC and by far this was a best deal i got. Also paid $1200 for Platinum Extended Warranty.

    Please let me know what u think about my deal.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    If $33,500 is OTD you made a good deal.
  • aaasupr1aaasupr1 Posts: 3
    Here was the deal we got today, we were either going with this or a Ford Edge.
    Vehicle was 32500 on the window. There were no rebates. Once they knew that we wanted it, they without hesitation went to invoice. Invoice was 31000. We ended up about 5000 apart, and explained that Ford was offering us 3500 in rebates. We were about to walk out when they committed to a price of 27500. We bought. This was a fully loaded V6, except for no leather. All the other upgrades, even the really nice 20in wheels.
  • rash1rash1 Posts: 1
    What dealer did you go?

    Thanx a bunch.
  • kyrptokyrpto Posts: 216
    edited July 2010
    The $27,500 was the sticker before the incentives ($2K). We paid Virginia's 3% tax on the $25,500 purchase price. I missed the 2 yr free service package.
  • MSRP $33,174 - FWD 4 cylinder, with JBL, conv. package, comfort package, security package, sun roof and floor mats.

    Price paid $29,000 plus $500 doc fee and taxes. Is this a good deal?
  • xtenixxtenix Posts: 3
    Anyone know the current residual value for the Venza 4-cyl AWD in NJ?
  • xtenixxtenix Posts: 3
    Possible to share the dealership info?
  • hi guys,

    I recently went to a couple dealers here in CA and wanted to buy the standard 4 cyl. 2010 Venza and was trying to see if 25,500 is too low for the card OTD. I went to 4 dealers around my area they are giving it to me 28-29k OTD. What do you guys suggest. Am I asking for too much cause 2011 are not here yet. please help
  • marvin6marvin6 Posts: 72
    edited July 2010
    I'd suggest you look into a buying service. I know fees/taxes are different everywhere, but for the 6 cyl venza with option pkg 2, tow prep kit, rear bumper protector, mud guards, rear carpet mat plus a few other things I paid just over $30k OTD. With the toyota incentives at this point, I can buy the same care at the same dealership in GA for $600 less than when I bought it in April (wud make it about $29,500 or so. Through USAA, I paid $1,600 under invoice. I looked the last week and it was $2,200 under invoice.
  • thnx for the suggestion. but logistically what would you think i can get the car OTD the cost for TTL here is 11.5%. Im thinking if there invoices are around 22-23k, is even $26k out the door too little because im not getting anyting else.
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