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Toyota Venza Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • marvin6marvin6 Posts: 72
    edited July 2010
    I just looked at the USAA website. For my area the venza is still $2,200 below invoice. I bought mine for $1,600 below invoice. IF it were me, I'd probably settle on a number between 1600 and 2000 below invoice and not go over that. The taxes and fees will be what they will be. If they don't want to deal with you, check some of the buying services. I believe AAA has one, costco, some credit unions, etc. Good luck.
  • njpilotnjpilot Posts: 1
    What is your location and zip code? I tried the USAA website and the model is only $725 under invoice in my zip code.
  • xbjxxbjx Posts: 1
    Bought a Silver 4 Cyl with Conv Package and Tow Prep.

    Retail: $26,275
    Conv Pkg: $860
    Tow: $220
    Delivery: $795
    Dealer Options: $499 (nitrogen, srtipes, floormats, pure profit)

    Total Sticker: $28,649

    Paid: $26,100 + $2500 trade on a 99 camry = $23,600

    Feel pretty good about it, first new car I have ever bought. Maybe could have haggled some more but I really wanted to be in and out and not waste a whole day. Good deal?
  • florcalflorcal Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    For anyone looking to buy a used Venza, in November 2009 we bought a used one with 12K miles at San Francisco Toyota for $26,300 ($29,000 out the door). V6, leather, Panoramic roof, JBL Sound, integrated Bluetooth, Smart Key System, rear bumper protector, chrome accent door handles, floor mats. The car was in excellent condition.

    We looked at new models with the same features and it was going to be around $33K using USAA car buying service. We couldn't be happier buying "almost new" and got all the goodies we wanted. Buying from San Francisco Toyota was the best car buying experience we have ever had. No BS when negotiating with them.
  • dagger4dagger4 Posts: 1
    I read thru every forum I could find, read all the reviews and looked at all the competitors before deciding on the Venza.
    Just picked up:
    Red V-6 AWD
    Panoramic Roof
    Tow PKG
    Floor Mats
    Sticker was: 36449
    Paid: 30449
    That is 2383 below invoice and 1483 below the USAA price. No trade involved, end of the month, and a hungry dealer looking to make me a customer for life. I'm exremely satisfied with the deal and now just hope the vehicle does not disappoint.
  • venza2venza2 Posts: 3
    Purchased July 28 2010 Found out Friday is was sold with recalls ,that have not been performed. Dealer sales manager stated the thought it was completed? Gas petal and override. Check before you buy
  • skyybcskyybc Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    Hey guys,

    Im looking for some feedback on this deal I have lined up for a 2010 Venza V6 fully loaded but no entertainment packages. MSRP is $36k my price is $32.3k

    I was planning on buying, but they arent running any special finance deals this month. So instead, Im looking at leasing at the .00050 money factor. Then if/when I decide to buy it out, I will do that.

    So first, Im looking for feedback on the price. Second, any thoughts on my plan to lease now to take advantage of the great money factor?

  • Guys,

    My first time... just purchased blizzard pearl/ivory V6 Venza w/ navi,pano roof,leather,smart key, back up camera, power lift gate. Sticker was $36K. Price Paid was $30,900 plus tax & reg. I talked to several dealers and they could not match the price. Few offered $31,900. I was lucky in that the dealer only had 3 venza's left and were looking to move them.

    contacted few dealers after using true car and amex.. but the best deal I got was from a dealer I contacted directly.
  • actionjhactionjh Posts: 20
    I would imagine Toyota should be offering a much more aggressive deal on the Venza by now. I took delivery of mine on 12/31/09 when the dealer was packed with people trying to get in for the last day of tax incentive. There's literally no Venza on the lot and the shipment just landed the dealership on 12/30/09. Seriously, not the best time to deal on a car. Well, I did. I know the dealer has room to throw in more discount. But knowing there's limited inventory, I had no bargaining leaverage.

    The best price I landed was $315xx (MSRP $357xx). 2010 Pearl White V6 FWD with Premium package #1 (leather, smart key, power liftgate, HID Xeon, Auto High beam, back up camera..etc), with Navigation.

    Just FYI for people shopping for a Venza.
  • Paid $22,500 for a 2009 Venza, V6, leather, FWD, 5700 miles, everything else base in Egg Harbor NJ. The car was practically brand new. I would have liked the sunroof and upgraded stereo but I couldn't pass up on this price without.
  • Got a 2010 Venza V6 AWD, navigation, leather, luxury premium pkg 2, back up cam, panoramic moonroof, smart key, seat warmer, etc..... MSRP $38777.
    Got it out the door $37500
    $33900 + tax and fees.
    Sacramento, CA
    Good deal?
  • misterdregsmisterdregs Posts: 1
    edited September 2010
    2010 White V6 AWD, Comfort, Convenience, JBL, Leather, Glass roof, Security, Tow prep, Floor mats

    MSRP $36459
    Invoice $32780
    USAA price $32030
    Cash price $31560
    Rebate -$750
    Title and delivery +$296
    Net $31106

    Very positive dealership experience. Worth a 40 mile drive to Lincoln, NE. Supposedly the USAA price included all rebates, but they applied the $750 Toyota rebate. : )
  • mgoldsteinmgoldstein Posts: 47
    edited September 2010
    We have a choice between a new 2010 (demo with 4000 miles) AWD or a certified used 2009 FWD with 13000 miles at a different dealer.

    The new car is V6, AWD, Comfort, Convenience, JBL upgrade, 5 pc Floor Mats. Sticker is $34,609. Dealer is offering it for $29,900.

    The used car is the same V6 and options, except it is FWD, a 2009, and 13000 miles. Sales prices is $27,000.

    Any suggestions? Is the new/demo price a good one?

    I am leaning toward new because the difference is not that great when factoring in the new car warranty (e.g. I get a full 36 months), AWD, 2 years free maintenance, and USB port (we are ipod'ers).

    Any thoughts?
  • I just looked at the USAA site for the V6 AWD with the items you listed. The invoice was about $200 higher than yours (included the 5 piece carpet not just the floormats). The sale price was $28,800. But price is based on zip code. I believe credit unions and some other buying services offer the same prices. With that said, if with the choices you presented I would go with the V6. It will still be tagged as new and you get the warranty.
  • I think you are over paying for the demo. Even though it has never been officially registered, it is a used car. I live in eastern MA and for some comparisons:

    I purchased a AWD 4cyl in Jan sicker $28900 got it for around $25400.
    At the time of the purchase I was also looking at 6cyl AWD. Sticker was $31900, offered to me for $28200.

    There is a dealer in Eastern MA that is advertising $4400 off sticker on ANY Venza, 4 or 6 cyl, FWD or AWD.

    I would think that you could get the used demo for for under $28k
    For basically the same price I would buy new. The is alot of inventory around right now with the 2011's starting to hit. For example, IRA Toyota in Eastern MA has 80 2011 Venza's in stock.
  • I have a Acura TL coming up on lease.
    I like the Venza. Have $2000 stipend as down payment from work. I see the current offer (link on this site) as:
    Lease a new 2010 VENZA for only $249 a month for 36 months!
    $249.00 per month for 36 months
    $2699.00 due at signing
    I am in NJ and will need 12K miles (offer is .15 ea after 12K)
    Thoughts????? If no good what are you all paying out there
  • got it from Prestige in Mahawah/Ramsey. Had same deals all over NJ. My advice to everyone is to get a deals from dealers via emails. While they compete with each other, you get a best deal possible without actually going to dealership.

    I started with emailing every dealer in NY/NJ with exact description of what i'm looking for. Once i start getting quotes, elimination process kicked in to weed out "bad dealerships" and then narrowed the search to 2-3 dealers. At first Prestige said no to the proposed deal and i was going to go with another dealer, then they called me a week later with accepted offer.
  • srk12srk12 Posts: 5
    thinking abt buying a venza...
    what to aim for in the bargaining process (OTD price) for 4 cyl-everything without navigation+panoramic roof and 6 cyl-everything without navigation+panoramic?

  • I just got offered a FWD 4 cyl with Premium Package 2, Navigation, Panoramic Roof, Tow Package, and Toyoguard
    Total MSRP 35,964
    Selling Price 30,990 before taxes etc.

    Is that a good deal or should I try and make them go lower?
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