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Toyota Venza Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • km38iakm38ia Posts: 16
    I want to get a 2010 v6 w/ a sticker of 31249. think it had a panoramic and jbl package.
    with a 1000 driveoff, what type of payment am i looking at?

    what lease deals have other people gotten?

  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    Just bought a 2011 Venza 3.5L AWD with Premium Package #2 (LX - essentially everything minus tow package), Navigation, (NV) and Panoramic Sunroof (SR). MSRP was $38,485. My final price was $34,375 or approx. 11% off MSRP. That's pretty close to the best deal I've seen on a new Venza.

    Just used email to find dealerships that were looking to make a deal. Got the best price and then checked with a few more dealers to see if anyone wanted the sale by beating my best price. The final price I got is about $400-500 under the Dealer's Factory Invoice. What do others think?
  • Hello,
    I am shopping for a 2011 Venza v6 AWD. I am asking this forum to tell me what is the lowest price we can get for a fully loaded Venza v6 in CT. The dealer we went to yesterday gave us a quote of $38,283 including taxes, registration and dealership fee. This also includes floor mats/cargo mat, convenience package, comfort package, DVD Navigation System, Security Package, Panoramic Glass roof, tow package and wheel locks. How should we bargain to get the best price, should we use the invoice price or MSRP price? What have everyone paid for a 2011 fully loaded v6? How do we know if the price is fair? Is dealership fee a necessary fee to charge to us as customers or we can waive that? any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you very much!
  • gtmtgtmt Posts: 1
    Am I crazy to think I can get a 2011 V6 2WD w/ Prem pkg #2, Nav, DVD, & some small add-ons features (i.e. door guard molding, etc...) for $33K? $33K includes TTL. Not sure if this is realistic or not. Any advice is appreciated.
  • I honestly feel the Venza is way overpriced for what it offers. If I had wanted the larger display screen (this should be standard by now??), leather interior, and larger wheels it amounted to $37K. I can have the same options on a Murano for $5k less. For the base price of the vehicle it seems very underwhelming. Does anyone else feel that way?
  • billqsbillqs Posts: 1
    A dealership has offered us a 2009 Venza with only 6000 miles for $23299, clean Carfax and all standard equipment. We asked to negotiate with them on price but they stood firm so we walked. Is this a good deal?
  • kartdadkartdad Posts: 26
    I shopped prices in both Washington and Oregon. We picked up our Bacelona Red with Gray Leather interior, Premium Pkg 2, Nav, sunroof, tow package, rear bumper protector, floor mats, All weather rear cargo mat, and a few other things for $38000 out the door and that included sales tax and license of around 10%. Purchase price was well into the dealer holdback. Probably at least $1000 under invoice. I think invoice was around $36,200 and sticker was over $40k. Also got the Toyotacare as well. But I think that is included with all new toyotas.

    We looked at the Accord Crosstour, the Acura RDX, and the Ford Edge and Flex. The Edge drops like a rock in terms of resale and is more SUV than car, the Accord Crosstour has terrible blind spots, back seat room is average at best, and rear visibility is a joke, and the RDX has terrible fuel economy and it runs on premium fuel, and maintenence costs are not cheap. The Venza had more room, better MPG, and the resale has been quite strong up in this area. Sure, the plastic use is not the best inside, but the audio, nav and Ipod system is better than many higher end cars, kids have more than enough legroom and shoulder room, and the motor pulls pretty good for a V6.....not super peppy but enough to at least feel like you have something under the hood. Another big selling point is that the V6 needs virtually no maintenence until 120k miles. Just change the oil and filter and get it inspected. Then at 120k the spark plugs need to be changed. Much less replacing of this and that then the other vehicles. No timing belts, etc.

    I tried to get two used 2009's that were AWD and V6, both with nav and they were listed around $30k and both were sold.
  • bg18947bg18947 Posts: 183
    edited September 2011
    I'm shopping for a Venza V6 with AWD. What price did you pay and what options/packages did you get? Also, who is a good dealer in the area? I just got back from a bad shopping experience at Prestige Toyota in Ramsey, NJ, where they refused to give me price quote because I was not ready to buy yet. They gave me reasons such as when you are ready to buy, the price will vary with different incentive programs. Like duh, other brands and dealers also have incentives and they all gave me a price quote before I was ready to buy.

    I'm comparing a Venza against other AWD alternatives to replace my 00 Subaru Legacy GT. I have driven the Audi A4; Volvo S60 T6; Ford Edge; and Subaru Legacy, and I did get price quotes from those dealerships. Obviously, there are differences between the cars in terms of driving dynamics, performance, reliability, size, etc... The Venza appears to be a reasonably good value, but it would help if the dealership had provided me with a quote so that I could compare to the other brands and models, both objectively and subjectively.

    I would be curious to hear from those who also compared the current A4 and S60.
  • Hi ..I just ordered a 2011 Venza. I live in Northwest Indiana about 35 miles from Chicago. I drove so many smaller SUV and crossovers for the last 6 weeks. I decided on a Venza. I now have a 2006 Trailblazer that understandably does not get the best gas mileage. I had to order as I wanted everything and added a remote start from the factory. Premium package and tow prep package. They were quoting me $40,000 ! I ended up after much going back and forth for $36,000. They were building it and added my name woo hoo ! LOL It also has the lower door molding rear bumper protector with several floor mats. It had everything from my list of must haves. What really did it for me was the weekend of the 17th ! My favorite team Michigan State played Notre Dame in South Bend. Tradition to tailgate for hours before. Several Venzas were there and I talked to all the owners. They ABSOLUTELY loved their Venzas. To me that said it all. My favorite team lost but 3rd party feedback was priceless ! I should have my Venza the 3rd week of October will repost then !
  • I'll keep it quick. They are getting rid of the old Venzas for the new incoming 2012 models. My MSRP was 39k, fully loaded. I negotiated and got it down to 32.8k. What trick I used? Just told them I'm getting the same Venza for 32k with another dealer and I'm here for better service. Just bought it three weeks ago. Hope that helps!
  • Just closed a deal for 2011 Toyota Venza AWD V4, Comfort Pckg 2, Nav system, mats at 32400, best deal at least among the northeastohio dealers I was working with!
  • It it out the door(including the tax's) ?
  • Greetings:

    I took delivery of my Classic Silver 2011 FWD V6 Venza (build date 10/11) yesterday and feel I got a great deal on a very nice car. MSRP was $37,954 which included Preimum Package #2, DVD-Nav w/JBL, Panoramic Roof and Floor mats. Dealer offered car at $32,999.95 (30K) plus 3% VA sales tax, registration & title fees ($22.00) and that dreaded dealer processing fee ($395.00) which is a rip!! Their offer on my trade-in (2007 Highlander Hybrid) was way low so I took the HH to Carmax and they gave me 5K more! I applied that amount (22K) to the Venza plus took advantage of zero percent financing for the balance.

    The car is very nice but has a somewhat firm ride because of the low profile tires and large wheels. I had read that the interior is mostly hard plastics but found that the dash and upper front door panels that run along the bottom of the glass are soft touch as are the armrests. The rear upper door panels are hard plastic so only the front seat occupant and driver are treated to the soft touch treatment. The engine is extremely quiet even under brisk acceleration and the transmission is super smooth. My HH had a CVT and I liked it but this 6-speed unit is very slick.

    I was waiting for the 2012's to hit the lots (December I think) but the only changes are the 3 trim level lineup (LE, XLE, Limited). I sure hope they didn't make any visual changes which Toyota usually does in a vehicles mid-life cycle. Maybe just the trim levels are all that's really changed. Since my car is optioned like a 2012 FWD Limited I guess got a late 2011 sans the Limited badge that will come on the 2012's.

    One more thing - have any of you Venza owners gotten/installed the mud/splash guards on your Venza? I ordered a set and hope to have them within a week. I noticed there are no screws at the back of the rear wheel wells where the read guards would attach like on the rear of the front wheel wells.

    Regards - M. J. McCloskey
  • Hi All,

    Need some suggestion for me.. I am planning to Buy New Venza 2011 this is my first new car. I got the quote from my dealer for $32582 V6 AWD with out JBL and Navigation is this price good to go. It includes the following Packages:
    FE, CQ, LS, SA, SR, TO, CF,EJ , GN,

    Thanks In advance...
  • srikanthqsk - Sorry for the late reply, No without taxes
  • Then what would be the better price i can negotiate with the dealer.
  • I guess I was trying to say the price w/out taxes is a good one! If you can get a even lower price then more power to you, maybe there is an opportunity with the year end approaching
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
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  • I purchased a new 2011 Venza last week and installed the mud guards myself. I had to drill three holes on the edge of the side panel to properly align the holes for the installation. I had to jack up the car and remove the rear tire to drill the holes because I didn't have a right angle drill. After removing the tire it's easy to install the mud guards but don't try to do it without removing the tire.
  • mmccloskeymmccloskey Posts: 168
    edited November 2011
    Thanks for your reply and info on the Venza mud/splash guards. I ordered a pair the same day I got my 2011 Venza. The guards arrived 4 days later and I installed them w/o issue. The front ones were a snap - just turn the wheel away to clear the rear of the front wheel wells to install. The rear guards (as you noted) were more of a challenge. They fit/look great and will provide that extra protection to the lower portion of the car.

    I've got about 750 miles on my 2011 FWD V6 after 4 weeks of ownership and the mileage is averaging 24.5mpg which I calculate manually. This is with mostly rural 2 lane roads and divided highway driving. I hope it will improve and achieve the 26mpg that is advertised.
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