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Toyota Venza Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Live in the NYC area and looking for a new Toyota Venza I4 FWD. Anyone have any idea when the 2012s will be on the lots?

    Any suggestions for tri-state area dealerships and suggested pricing? In terms of options, we really only need the Security Package and maybe the Panoramic Glass Roof. Is the roof worth the extra $1K?

    So far the pricing I've gotten from 1 dealer in Queens, carsdirect, and Amex for the I4 FWD with Security Package are all in the $28K region including destination charge and tax. Is that much cheaper than the 2012s?

    Do you recommend using a car buying service like carsdirect, Amex, or Costco?

  • adi4adi4 Posts: 1
    Which dealership and your OTD was 32999?
  • I purchased the car at McGeorge Toyota in Richmond, VA. As my message stated, the price of the car was $32,999 (33K) PLUS 3% sales tax, registration (22.00) and dealer processing fee (395.00). They had another similar car but it was in the showroom and had a build date of 6/11 so the one I bought was a later build (10/11) and they had just received the unit a week before I purchased it. The pickings are slim for the leftover 2011's with mostly 4-cyl FWD for about 28K and loaded up V6/AWD models w/msrp of nearly 40K!! The car is nice but not worth that lofty price so the 33K I paid for my loaded FWD V6 was a good price.

    I calculated the price of a similar 2012 model and the MSRP is about $410.00 less than what mine listed for but since I got a good discount plus zero percent interest on the balance (12K) I am pleased.

    The 2012 production began on 12/5 so the 2012's should be arriving at dealerships near the end of the month.
  • jdc47jdc47 Posts: 4
    edited December 2011
    Hello, I am dealing on a 2011 V6 AWD Blizzard Snow ext/ Tan Leather int. ( build/ ship date of 12/5/11 ) that is loaded with Nav, JBL stero, Panoramic MR, VIP Remote Start, Option Pac #2, Floor and Cargo mats, Rear Bumper Cover, Side Molding, Mud Flaps, and Tow Prep Package . Sticker is about $41500, and I offered $39000 out the door including TTL and all other cost. I am putting $21000 down, and financing $18000 at 0.0% from Toyota. Sales Tax here in PA. is 6 %, so with that and the other cost, I figure I am paying $36500 or a little less for the Venza, is this a good deal?
  • I just bought an identical, white, V6 AWD @ Peruzzi Toyota in SE PA, save the bumper protector, side molding, mud flaps, remote start, and tow pkg. Sticker = $39.6k; settled = $34.6k. I think you're getting a quite fair deal.
  • 2011 FWD, I4
    Panoramic Sunroof
    Conenience package (pushbutton start, power lift gate, etc)
    Carpet Floor Mats
    $27,000.00 total.
    (add 6% sales tax, $200 MD allowable dealer free money, $20.00 tag transfer)
  • looking at used venza how would i know if it's awd or fwd? is there something i look for under the vehicle?
  • The AWD models have a "AWD" badge on the right rear of the hatch door.

    OR, you could look underneath and see if you spot a drive going to the rear wheels.
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