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Toyota Venza Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Shopping for '09 Venza ..same as your features, but adding
    desire leather package seats
    internet price $34,664.00...discounted to $31,450.00
    plus tax....
    live in southern california..Ventura..

    where did you pushase your Venza and do you like it.
    thanks again.
    RCC. Ojai, California 93023
  • I am going to check out the Venza (maybe wait until the 4 cyl is here) and am also outside Boston, would you mind passing along the name of your sales person (who you mentioned isn't pushy)?
  • Were you looking for the glass break sensor and remote start engine? If not, the leather package adds another $1280 to the invoice cost, which would put the car's invoice price to about $29,000 even; this means the dealer buys it for $29,000. I think if they can discount it to $30,500 or so that would be a good offer and they would still be making a considerable profit if you are getting the same options as me.

    I am getting my Venza from a Northern California dealership near Vallejo, it seems dealers in that region have some of the most competitive pricing. Maybe you should email them? It may be worth the drive if they can get you a good enough deal. :confuse:
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    Interesting thoughts! I guess it remains to be seen, then what with all the layoffs, whether potential buyers and the market will continue to bear a $30K+ car or not. Happy driving!
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    Excellent! Well done! Making them sell below $30K is great. Still costs too much, but well below what they wanted for it. This will make the fleet or program car prices very reasonable. This is where a broker's services would be invaluable, for those potential buyers who don't want to play games.
  • Thanks for all post of prices, great to have knowledge to go into battle. Since we are costco members, going through auto program, just starting to get into choices of packages before I can strike deal..Dealer must show 1.Member only price sheet.
    2.MSRP. 3. Manufacturer's invoice.
    My question to owners of Venza, Options. Package #2
    Is it worth the extra charge? I do have to have leather, but the camera, sound system and etc.?

    thanks again. Customer with a mission. Totalied my honda accord last week, so also without car..cracked 2 not in any hurry. On my knees with thanksgiving to God.
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    Package 1 gives me everything I want & need, including leather & the bu camera.
    Initially thought the camera was a little bit of a gimick; but after driving a Venza & seeing what it does for rear vision & safety I won't buy a car without it.
  • macpromacpro Posts: 52
    I agree I would not by another vehicle if it didn't offer a rear camera.

    We purchased our Venza about two months ago and are really loving it!
  • carlupicarlupi Posts: 52
    The back up cameras are a necessity but only because most SUVs, and many cars, today have terrible rear vision and dangerous blind spots.
  • For anyone who lives in the Bay area of California, I would HIGHLY recommend buying from Antioch Toyota:|/|Directions

    I just bought my Venza from them yesterday, and the whole process was just flawlessly smooth... From start to finish, they were the ones who were able to get me the lowest price (as I stated before, $73 over invoice), and the salesperson and finance person I worked with didn't pressure me at all... They were friendly and informative, and laid the options all out on the table. If I said I didn't want something, that was that.

    I told them when I was coming in to buy the car, and when I got there all of the paperwork on their end was already done, all I had to do was inspect the car and sign my name on the lines. The whole process took just about 45 minutes, would have only taken 30 if I opted to not let them teach me a few cool things about the car and sync my phone via bluetooth, but that was helpful as well.

    As far as discounts, I got the initial discount of $3,458 off of retail price, + an extra $100 discount for paying in all cash, + discounts on the maintenance and extended warranty since this is the first model of the Venza... basically a discount for being the first to take that leap and try something new.

    If you are interested in buying a Venza (I believe they sell Toyota, Scion, Nissan and Lexus there as well), feel free to send me a message here and I will give you the name of the person to work with to ensure you get the same great experience I did. :D
  • How much are the above 2 items go (what kind of coverage/term) for and is it by Toyota or 3rd party warranty?
  • ghtrapghtrap Posts: 26

    I just purchased my Venza yesterday and didn't buy the extended warranty, but while with the F&I guy, he said because it was the last day of the month, the Toyota (not 3rd party) warranty was on sale. I don't know if it ever sells for more or less than the "sale" price, but we were talking about an extention to 7 years or 75,000 miles and the price was $985. The 7yr/100,000mi one was $1280.

    I've never bought an extedned warranty for anything in my life, so I wasn't particularly interested - even though with a brand new product, some may want to consider it. It would be intersting to see what others have paid for a similar extended warranty to see if those prices are reasonable.
  • Looking at my paperwork, I got the 7yr 75,000 mile warranty for $1007.10, and the 4yr 55,000 mile prepaid maintenance for $875. So it doesnt look like they were giving TOO much of a discount off normal pricing. My dealer did inform me, though, that since the Venza is a 1st year new Toyota model, all Venza get warranty discounts (as opposed to a Camry, which is now 2-3 years from its "redux" new version).
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    If they paid the prices you quoted they've been had! If those were the sale prices I hate to think what the regular prices are.
  • Ok, consider me shocked. I followed the launch of the Venza from concept to car, thinking it might work for my family. It is a Camry wagon with AWD, nothing more, nothing less. So why does it cost several thousand more than a similar Camry? The prices for this thing are insane. The Highlander is everything the Venza is, with a third row seat added, and costs less. I expected the Venza to come in priced under the Highlander. I'm certainly not going to pay more for a Venza than for a Volvo XC70, or even close to as much.

    If Honda comes out with an Accord wagon with AWD, and prices it correctly at about $1000 or so more than an Accord, you'll see Venza prices drop or the sales will.
  • Here Here,

    This vehicle is grossly overpriced compared to others in the Toyota product line as well as the competition...Of course, that is just an opinion based on my own research. I have been comparing it to the RAV4, CRV, Forrester and the upcoming 2010 equinox. What I don't understand is why toyota, nissan, and honda do not offer all wheel drive versions of their sedans or (ok, I'm dreaming now) an awd wagon version of the camry, accord or altima. I realize the Venza is basicly a wagon camry but as you state the price differential is not justified.
  • I'll give these guys a call ........ the dealers in silicon valley just won't move off of MSRP. Best offer I have gotten is $500 off ........... I was much more motivated a few weeks ago before putting another $1000 into an 88 corolla. I was going to wait for year end but if there willing to make deal , I am still interested.
  • go outside of the valley for pricing and the show the valley dealers the pricing
  • stevecarstevecar Posts: 148
    The wall street journal reviewer agrees with you. His article in this past saturday's paper is clearly one of the least favorable reviews I have ever read.
  • The 75k or 100k miles warranty is that the same as bumper to bumper 36k miles or a reduced items after the 36k miles? Is the warranty from Toyota or 3rd party?

    Also how much would be the normal maint. cost for 55k miles ($875), is that good for any dealerships, and for 5k miles oil changes or other interval?
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