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Toyota Venza Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    Hi linnett,
    First off, it looks like your pricing is for two different cars: one with MSRP of $31,915 while the other dealer is offering a Venza with MSRP of $34,999. So there is $3K difference right there. That USAA price cannot be for a V6 Venza with Nav. Comfort, Convenience & Security Packages - the $34,999 is much more realistic. Having said that, you should go to and run the numbers for yourself. You will find that a Venza with an MSRP of $35K has an invoice of around $31K. So your target price of $500 over invoice should be $31,500. Also, be careful with dealer no. 2: Leather is part of the Comfort Package and the JBL Sound System is part of the Navigation package, so be careful that they aren't telling you there are more options on the car then there really are - though the $35K MSRP looks to be accurate. So print out your results from and go back to the dealer and see if you can get another $800 off his price. Or, just go online and request email quotes from several Toyota dealers - both local and some that are a few hours drive (maybe in larger cities). Go with the best deal or have your nearest dealer match the best offer. And skip the extended warranties (unless you plan to abuse the car) and special paint treatments and all that other junk they'll try to sell you - just say NO. Good luck.
  • linnettlinnett Posts: 19
    Thank you! I was up until five stewing about this and the fact that the ride is not as cushioned or "soft" in the test drive vehicle as I had hoped. We have a Railroad track through my little city and it's unavoidable, but still seriously bumpy in the Venza. Older coastal city and older infrastructure.

    I read one opinion where a person found the "ride" of his test drive vehicle and the one he ordered to be very different.
  • xualumxualum Posts: 4
    Thanks for all the posts here on Edmunds, it has been a tremendous help. We purchased a Black 6 cyl. FWD Venza with the following:
    leather package; convenience package; JBL sound system (comes w/bluetooth); tow prep package; panoramic roof; all mats -- did not have the Toyoguard - as many of them already come with it here in the Southeast (We live in Metro Atlanta)
    Price:$32,400 out the door.

    A few things that we've learned: You may have specific extras in mind - but be prepared to expect that they're usually loaded with more features than what you may want, or are really stripped down -- at least that's what we're seeing right now. Didn't necessarily want/need JBL sound nor the tow prep package - but this model had the leather, convenience package and pano roof we were wanting, I'm sure that Toyota planned on this, but sometimes it felt overwhelming with all the options. Perhaps because we've driven Hondas in the past (Odyssey/Accord - both 9 years old!) and while there are always "extras" to be had - it seemed more cut and dry with the trim levels, etc. But, I enjoyed doing the research, and with these Edmunds Forums being so helpful, we felt that this was a decent deal. Thanks again for all your valuable tips and advice!

    We pick up our Venza on Wednesday -- I cannot wait!

    One little question to pose ---- do you think the Venza looks like a station wagon? I do not think so - but my son does, as do a few others. I was just wondering.
  • linnettlinnett Posts: 19
    I think the Venza is a handsome Camry wagon myself. How was your test drive as far as comfort????

    I have a V6 now for a (longer than average) test drive. I live in an older coastal community with old infrastructure. Some roads are smooth as glass, others have bumpy seams every eight feet and the railroad tracks are always bumpy. I had expected to feel more cushioned from all of that than I have. Edmunds discussion of the "ride" was encouraging but I'm fairly bummed. I'm really enthusiastic about everything else about the Venza. Could I have a test drive vehicle that provides a rougher ride than another Venza will? Are :confuse: the roads in my community just too bumpy to bear?
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    One little question to pose ---- do you think the Venza looks like a station wagon?

    From certain angles, it looks like a station wagon to me. Other angles look almost sedan-like, while yet others look like an SUV. It's an enigma that has puzzled many in my office parking lot.

    So far, the people I work with have said my Venza reminds them of the:
    - Lexus RX
    - Dodge Magnum
    - Audi Q7 and Q5
    - Camry

    At first I really did not like the fact that the Venza really leans towards "station wagon." However, I've come to realize (and maybe notice more) that there are a lot of premium mid-size station wagons on the road. Nice ones. Audi A4s, BMW 3 and 5-series, Saab 9-3, Volvo V-series, etc. The Venza may not be as fancy (or expensive) as those European models, but it certainly holds its own in the "station wagon" category.

    Regarding options, I still prefer Toyota's approach to Honda's. With Honda, it's all-or-nothing within the trim-lines. Want larger wheels, Bluetooth or a rear-view camera? You have to get the EX-L or Touring model.

    Toyota's approach is more complicated and frustrating at times, but at least you're not always forced into a higher trim level just to get a certain option.

    Congratulations on your Venza!
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    I think the Venza is a "cool-looking" station wagon!!! :shades:
  • pacpark4pacpark4 Posts: 3
    My 2009 Venza V6 Automatic FWD had a MSRP of $35,404 including:

    Comfort Package
    DVD Navigation Package
    Security Package
    Panoramic Glass Power Moonroof
    Tow Prep Package
    Floor Mats & Cargo Mat
    Rear Bumper Protector

    Color: Magnetic Gray with Gray Leather.

    I paid $32,454 + tax & license.

    I thought it was a pretty good deal given the dealership only had two Venza's in stock and only 5 in the entire city.

    I recommend installing the 3M Protection Package that covers the entire front end from rock chips. My experience in my area, (Northwest), rock chips are common and this film is fantastic from preventing chips on the front painted areas.

    Love the car and it definitely turns heads and is a conversation piece!

    Looking forward to years of trouble free driving.
  • david_k1david_k1 Posts: 39
    In the works soon...
    A RED with grey leather, FWD V6, Premium #2, Pano Roof, JBL Audio, Mats and Bumper protector for $32,400.
    From a very nice Kitsap County, WA dealer.
    Now the wait!!
    THIS will be the tough part...

    Looking for a tubular dog/pet barrier for the rear end - Any leads???

  • Will appreciate anyone who has purchased a 4-cyl variant to post his/her final price before TTL and location of purchase. Thanks, Benny
  • soonercatsoonercat Posts: 48
    Google fitzmall--

    Here are some no haggle prices that will make you hate your local dealer.
  • Terrific tip. I might not make a trip to Maryland for my Venza but I can reference their price to negotiate in Atlanta. Much appreciated...
  • gluckgluck Posts: 23
    I test drove the 4cyl. and to my surprise it driver pretty good. The car is heavy but the new 4 cyl. engine does a decent job. I drove the base model which had no bells and whistles. The thing that bugged me was the noise. The engine was pretty loud. I was expecting a sluggish ride but it wasn't the car. I hear the V6 is smoother.
    Anyway the dealers are keeping the inventory low and the ones out there aren't coming with many options. The dealer was ready to give me $100 over invoice right away. The MSRP was $27K and he said the invoice was $25K so it was like 10% off MSRP right away. I think I can do better. I am holding out for a one with smart key push button start.
    Has anyone had any better exp. with the ride or price?
  • free2runfree2run Posts: 6
    I just left the Toyota dealership in Westport, CT and was very interested in a 2009 AWD 6 cylinder Venza with leather seats and a rear camera. The dealer stuck to the sticker price like he was attached to it with crazy glue! I'm not a ditzy blonde, so I know there must be a way to get the dealership to give me a better price. PLEASE help!

    ...and thanks for your help!
  • Glad that you left the dealership without buying at MSRP. I got the same car in Maryland for 33,489 plus TTL. Take a look at and compare the prices what you should be paying (in the ballpark).

    Good luck.

    PSP :)
  • deepsouthdeepsouth Posts: 30
    Try this, Contact 3 or 4 dealers by email or phone tell them what you want and ask for there best price and tell them your checking with other dealers and who ever gives you the best price thats where you will buy it. Start the bidding war!!!
    Thats what I did and got evrything I wanted then some. My local dealer wanted to charge me $35000 before ttl with only package 1 v6FWD, Tow prep, mudgaurds,
    I bought for $33508 package 2, Nav, Panoramic roof, mudgaurds, mats,tow prep, tint, toyo gaurd plus, with tax and fees paid $35187
    MSRP was $38112 Bought mine in Alabama
  • jvajnkyjvajnky Posts: 2
    excellent price...can't get the dealers in seattle rocked off of 35+ for the same options.....which dealer did you use in kitsap
  • jvajnkyjvajnky Posts: 2
    oops.....wanted awd......misread....sorry
  • david_k1david_k1 Posts: 39
    Hey jvajnky-
    Heartland Toyota in Bremerton is where I ordered our Venza.
    Nice folks overall. If I remember correctly, the "price" of AWD over FWD was $1450 at the MSRP differential. I got my FWD with options I listed in an earlier post for $32,400 - the same trim in AWD should invoice out around $33,800 or less (I am adding MSRP AWD #s to invoice #s - adjust accordingly!)

    I was almost ready to FLY to Maryland and DRIVE back after looking at the internet pricing from Fitzmall... I used this as a bargaining chip at Heartland...
    Best of luck to you.
  • david_k1david_k1 Posts: 39
    Say - anyone have experience in special ordering AND receiving a Venza?? I'm wondering just how long a wait is acceptable. I feel like I'm getting a wee bit of a run-around from my dealer as to the ETA of our Venza and am wondering what others are experiencing.
  • free2runfree2run Posts: 6
    I just bought the 6 cyl Venza, leather seats, awd, moonroof, back-up camera for $31,900. I think I got a great deal! If I want a choice of color other than silver, I have to pay an extra $500. What do you think?
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