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Pontiac Montana

wlhwlh Posts: 1
I have a 1992 Pontiac Transsport. Despite all the
dustbuster comments and the mediocre Consumer
Reports reviews, I am really happy with the van and
have had virtually no costs except for routine
maintenance. The van has 67k miles and now I'm in
the market for a new one. I really like the 34
pound seats for easy removal when I need to take
them out so I am first focussing in GM minivans.

Has nayone made the switch from the pre-1997 GMs
to the redisgn? Any experience, comments?


  • PeggyPeggy Posts: 8
    Hi wlh! Welcome! Glad to see that you've joined us in the Vans conference. I'm Peggy, your host in this area. Although I don't have the personal experience that you're looking for, I'm sure that someone will come along who has. Be sure to check in for an update.
  • I am in the process of buying an 1997 Pontiac Transsport 4 door extended minivan. I like to hear from the current owners' comments regarding the reliability and performance. Thank you very much.
  • PeggyPeggy Posts: 8
    Welcome Juliuslaw!

    It is nice to hear such a positive comment on the '92 Transport's reliability from wlh. It would be great to find out if more recent purchasers of that van have had the same experience on good reliability and performance.
  • Hi everyone! I'm in the market for a mini-van and have always owned pontiac's. Can anyone tell me about the new Montana's vs the Pontiac transport. Is the only difference the all weather traction? I haven't had much of an opportunity to get feedback from other mini-van owners. I'm only 27 with a husband and 20 month old and it seems a little yuppyish but we travel to the in-laws and turning around to take care of the baby gets really old for three hours. Please give me some feed back about the pontiac transport & montana.
    We also are considering a Plymouth or Dodge grand caravan. Info is appreciated on any
  • JeffTJeffT Posts: 2
    We are considering the 97 or 98 Pontiac Trans Sport and would be interested to hear from any current owners.
  • Hi, I am in trying to decide between a used Pontiac TransSport and a Ford Windstar. If anyone has any opinions about how the two cars compare, I would be grateful.

    Reliability, comfort, power, handling, are important to me. Thanks.
  • LarryLarry Posts: 2
    My family had a Transsport for 5 years now. We travelled with two kids (now 7 and 10). The individual seats allows for real convenient seating arrangements, especially if you bring a lot of kid supplies. I would recommend the individual seat arrangement,
  • I'm looking at minivans now, in particular the Pontiac Transport Montana. On visuals alone, it has the best looks, Chyrslers are blobs, and the Ford is just vanilla looking.

    Test drove it and the Astro/Safari - what a huge difference. The Safari bounced us all over the road while the Pontiac handled the rough smoothly. I still havn't driven the Chrysler's or Ford's and would be interested in other's handling comparisons.

    One complaint on the Montana, why the heck do they require dark-tint windows with some options. The whole purpose of a window is to be able to see out, not feel like your inside a panel van!
  • I am looking at the Chevrolet counterpart, the
    Venture. The Venture, Oldsmobile Silouhette
    and the Pontiac Transport are all made at the
    same factory (I believe I am correct on that.
    Please let me know if you know different).

    Please realize that the 97 Transport and Silouheete are completely difference cars/vans than the year models before this. I don't think it would be wise to compare.
  • PeggyPeggy Posts: 8
    Not knowing how much information you already have I thought that I would add an Edmund's link in here which will allow you to do a little research on the
    various models which you mention. Not only will you have access to articles about '98s, but you can also look into 97s for a little comparison.
  • FredFred Posts: 1
    Just bought a 97 4dr extended Montana. The Montana is just an option pakage of the Trans Sport. Dark windows? My engineering background tells me they're first to jack up the price a little bit and second to help the AC system keep up with the heat load...more sunlight through the windows means more heat energy inside the van. Very satisfied with the power of the 3.4L V6...plenty of juice to move around when needed, not like the wimpy engine on the Venture we drove. I like the load leveling suspension and the traction control systems. The wife likes the set-up of the whole interior, especially with the captain's chair seating option we got. Late year deals from the dealers trying to sell the 97s are getting good...getting to invoice before taxes and fees is very easy (look in Auburn if you're near Sacramento, CA). Overall, the best van on the market right now...even good enough to lure the wife away from a SUV. What else do you want to know?
  • I am looking into a Transsport basicaly because I need 8 seats and like the power sliding door. Two questions:

    1) Do I have any other 8-seat options in any other TRUE minivans?

    2) The Middle row of seats (3 seperate modular "buckets")were VERY uncomfortable when I checked out 1997 model. Has this been addressed for 1998? Has anyone else noticed this problem?
  • As was mentioned earlier, the Silhoutte, Transport, and Venture are identical vans - in regard to the interior, options, powertrain, etc...the only differences are outer cosmetics and the different equipment packages. They all have 8-seating options.

    Lousy seats.....they're still the same for '98. Unless you go for the Captain's chairs - but then you limit yourself to 7 seats. I am considering buying either a Venture or Transport, but am extremely bothered by how uncomfortable the back seats are.
  • Ok...let's scratch that last comment of mine. I just read Edmund's review of the '97 Transport and it said that is the only minivan on the market that offers 8-passenger seating.....I regress !

    It's likely nothing has changed for '98....but I guess reading the '98 reviews might answer that one !
  • JamezJamez Posts: 1
    Can the integrated child seats be moved to the back row? (So I could put the younger kids in middle and older kids in back) Thanks.
  • I read with interest on the UNCOMFORTABLE rear seats in the GM Minivans, including the TransSport. Consumer Reports claims that GM raised the seats higher in the 1998 versions, and the improvement IS noticeable. I'm 6' 1" and the low, flat seats were uncomfortable in the 97 version, and tolerable in the 98 TransSport. I STRONGLY agree that the 7 passenger captains chairs are still the BEST seating option!

    Additionally, I've driven three Montanas and two of the three had MANY squeaks and rattles. ALso, the plastic looks pretty cheap, but then I'm used to Hondas, so my expectations are very high.

    By the way, check out for the 40 mph offset Crash Test of the GM Minivans - pretty awlful results! The TransSport folded up in that crash test.

    Also, you may want to consider the reliability issue of the GM minivans... According to Consumer Reports, the GM minivans have a very dismal Much Worse than Average repair record.

    MY VERDICT: The styling may be nice (especially the Montana), but the POOR (!) Crash Tests and Reliability Record makes me VERY cautious!

    Hope these opinions help out...
  • 3mmms3mmms Posts: 3
    Does anyone out there have any opinions and specific information/experience with the reliability, maintenance and safety of the Transport or Silhouette. If there has been a history of reliability or maintenance problems could you detail. I have found general reference as consider "the reliability" factor but nothing specific....(Look at the Dodge Caravan/Chrysler comments for comparison). The specifics help.... And I need feedback information.) I drove the Silhouette and liked its handling... I'll probable test the Transport, today. I also drove the Sienna and like the assumably Toyota reliability factor. But, Siennas' are either non-available around here (LA, So-Cal.) or dealers have attitude, are nonnegotiable and price Siennas at "premium prices" $1700-$2000 above "their" dealer invoice. (another story, unless the internet invoice prices are wrong as the dealer(s) insisted). Thanks.
  • I am in the process of negotiating a 97 Transport SE 3 door. Has quad seating, Cd, power everything--only missing the rear heating and air controls. can anyone give me an idea of how imperative the back controls are for an extended van? The salesman says we should have them, but of course, they cost... Also, they are quoting me a price of $21,700. Does that seem like a goo deal for the end of the year? Any help (preferably quickly) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • 3mmm's

    i posted for you on the Sienna board.

    NOTE:: Microsoft is having major problems with the auto-pricer. I've been in constant contact with them and they tell me it should be fixed this week. You will not get an accurate price on AP, trust me I know!

    I have never seen "GM buying power". Any refence to "CMI" packages? Look in Kelly Bluebook ( prices for CMI package Transports. CMI means (i think) "consumer marketing ______"

    KBB has two CMI paackages for the 98 Transport. Maybe this is it??

    The 3400 you are referring to is in options. Copy and paste this URL and it will get you to what I think you have. Just add up the options you mentioned and see if it adds up to the MSRP:

    We like the Venture over the Montana ONLY because of the front seats. They are a bit too short for us. I wish the went about 2" closer to my knee. See the Sienna board for more comments.

    I added the CMI package plus what you listed and came up with MSRP = 26330...darn..I tried.

    SOODIEN---sounds high. a local dealer has a loaded 97 Montana 4 door that i should be able to get for 22000, remember, it's already 1-1/2 model yrs old already

    just my .02 worth

  • 3mmm's


    go to and start from scratch. the zip code in which you live may have some effect on the pricing..i'm not sure

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