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Pontiac Montana



  • w2323w2323 Posts: 60
    If you need to look into extended warrantys, sams has one that has no deductable for about 1100.00 7 years/100k miles most other firms only have 6 years. You can take your car anywhere you want even the dealer no deductable. You have to ask sams about the 7 year/100k and no deductable its not on their site. Just call the 1800 number on your sams card and pick extended warrantys.

    Hope this helps you guys.
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    Dirkdaddy gave you some good advice. I want to elaborate on a couple of things.
    First, if you are really considering letting your Corolla go for only $2000 for a 98 with 70K mi. Respond back to me, I'll give $2,500 right now easy. (Hell I'll even come to Washington to pick it up.) In other words you are taking a beating on that car that you don't need to. Believe me I am currently in the market for a used Corolla/Prizm, and the car should be an easy!!! sell at $5,000 or more depending on condition.
    Check out Edmunds TMV on your Corolla you will be very suprised.
    As far as the Previa vs. Montana debate you are having: I would shop around a little more. I am very confident you can find a GM van that is newer than 97 with less mi for less than $9,500.
    I think that because the one you are considering is a 97 (the first year of production) it is more likely to have some maintenance problems than subsequent years.
    A good resource I have found is MSN carpoint for checking the reliability history of any vehicle. Go to and click on autos, then go to used and find your vehicle. Then just click on reliabilty reports for the year you are considering.
    As far as the Previa is concerned, they are not bad vans, but working on them is difficult at best if you do your own maintenance, the engine is under the floor of the van, lying on its side.
    Also because it is a 93, the A/C system has the old R12 refridgerant. If youe ever have any problems with the AC system it will make the cost of repairs significantly higher.
  • dave231dave231 Posts: 17
    Sorry for the late respnse, I have been busy. No special procedure for depressurizing system just replace filter by squeezing clips and then crank engine. I have not seen any leaking fuel yet. good luck
  • tm666tm666 Posts: 1
    I am thinking of buying the 2002 Reg Length Special Value Model Montana. Don't need a big van and this seems to fit my budget. I like the fact that it comes with standard captains chairs in the second row. Plus lots of rebates now. anybody have any input on the regular length models as to reliability or negative experiences they had with one.
  • dirkdaddydirkdaddy Posts: 313
    The length is really preference, should not effect reliability.

    We only have 1 child but I shopped for and bought the extended, its not THAT much bigger and heck, if you're going to drive a van anyway, the driving experience isn't that much different IMHO, and the room inside is considerably more. you supposedly (haven't tried) have room for a 4x8 sheet of plywood in the extended, that sold me as I'm replacing a pickup.

    Also check the deals on Olds, they have extended warr built in.

  • bcd99bcd99 Posts: 45
    A 4x8 sheet easily fits in my '01 Silo and a 10 or 12 foot long pipe or piece of anything will fit in between the front seats and still allow the rear door to shut. About the only thing you can't haul would be a load of mulch. Unless you have a trailer.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,917
    Did I miss something? I haul mulch in my minivan. Granted, I have to shovel it in. I put a cheap blue tarp in the back and up the sides, and have at it. Slides out easily too when I get home.

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  • bcd99bcd99 Posts: 45
    OK, you can haul small quantities of mulch on a tarp. I meant you can't get 4 scoops of mulch dumped in like you can with a pick-up. But I guess next time I woin't have to borrow my friends F350 dually to get mulch, I'll just throw it in the van. *S*, nah I like driving the F350 with it 8 liter big block.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,917
    lol, the truth comes out :-)

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  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,917
    #5 Pontiac Montana

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  • baveuxbaveux Posts: 175
    the cladding, my Montana have the bottom half unpainted , and I wonder if waxing it will make it turn grey, what is your trick to keep it nice and shiny ??
  • burst80burst80 Posts: 1
    The Montana's have inherent A/C problems with the blower switch and the compressor. I have had 4 repairs. I have had 4 fuel injectors replaced. 4 repairs on my sliding door. There is 37,000 miles on the van now and GM will not help me. Don't make the same mistake I did.
  • mizeumlmizeuml Posts: 50
    Hello burst80. I was wondering if you could give us some more details on the A/C problems you have had. Like you, I have a lemon, '99 Montana, but GM forgot to paint it yellow.

    I had the A/C compressor replaced because it made a rattle noise when the A/C kicked in. The new A/C compressor has been fine.

    The other problem we have had intermittently is the A/C blower will quit for no reason. If you turn the blower switch to the off position and then back on, the blower will start running again. This problem comes and goes, but has been a while since we last experienced it. Have you had this problem? If so, what was done to fix it? We have the rear A/C unit also with the Ext. version van.

  • I had a similar problem with my Pontiac Transport. The A/C blower will stop to work without reason and after turning the A/C off and back on (sometimes) it will work. Or it will start working just by itself. At the end it just died. I replaced it (pretty easy to do BTW). No more problems after that.
  • drobin59drobin59 Posts: 26
    I've got a 99 montana that has 55,000 miles on it. In just the past two weeks, the manifold cracked, an emissions sensor went out and now the A/C compressor went out. Needless to say, this all adds up to a $2,000 bill! I don't think these things should fail in a car that's 2.5 years old! Anyone else have any problems like that?

    Thanks for any help you can give me!
  • dirkdaddydirkdaddy Posts: 313
    if it makes you feel better, my 2000 maxima lost a O2 sensor at 12,000 miles / 10 months, and now is getting hard to start. The manifold cracking is bizzare. A/c compressors can fail if you run out of r132 freon. have them check for leaks for sure. with other makes you would probably be due for a transmission, so i guess pick your poison. The GM vans don't usually have that sort of trouble, i'd fix it and move on.

  • I have a 2001 Montana and since day 1 it has been making what sounds like a belt rattling noise in the engine. This mainly occurs when you come to a stop (like at red light), the rattle will happen anywhere from 5-25 seconds and stop. The A/C is not running when this happens. Every time I take this to the dealer the sound never usual. Any input/comments out there?
  • dirkdaddydirkdaddy Posts: 313
    On your rattle, you don't really give enough information to go on, but since it rattles after the vehicle is stopped, that rules out some things. I'd have to guess a exhaust heat sheild is loose or something like that. I'm not sure what you mean by belt rattleing sound, as they usually only squeal if loose.

    One thing you could try is to kill the motor or take it out of gear right after coming to stop and see if that kills the noise.

    Also check Trans. fluid.

  • gmfornowgmfornow Posts: 2
    Hello folks. First let me say that this is an excellent message board, full of great tips. I have a 97 Transport LWB 4DR with 80 km / 50 miles. We have been mostly happy with it for 5 front brakes/rotors, new rack&pinion steering column, new tires (two of them had blown radials), a pain in the #$@^%! rattle in both sliding doors (finally solved), and a few other minor problems here and there. However, over a period of the first 3 years we would notice our expansion tank level down about an inch (not alot of fluid, but), usually just prior to an oil change. The dealer explained that it was caused by evaporation because the expansion tank was not sealed. The usual top up and we were on our way. On two seperate occasions we had the coolant light illuminate while driving on the we took it to the nearest dealer and had it topped up. I never saw any coolant under the engine during this period. Just prior to the almighty Warranty expiring I took it in to the dealer and demanded they look for a leak. The van had 59 km / 35 miles at the time. They couldn't find a leak using the pressure test method, so they decided to put dye in the coolant and take another look. Nothing found after 1.5 days. Finally they told me there may be a leak at the water pump seal, so they replaced the pump and seal and off I went semi-satisfied. Two years later I am still topping up coolant occasionally (read 2/3 times a year) when once again the coolant light comes on. This time I go to top it up and I put nearly 2 pints in...not good. So I take it in to have it looked at, naturally at my expense and they tell me I have an internal leak and they think it might be bad, but will have to take off the intake manifold and have a look...probably a gasket or worse a cracked head if no gasket damage is evident. If I'm lucky, with a head pressure check and polish, plus new gasket, I'm good to go at about 1 g note. Well, no such luck...after removing the intake it looks like my engine has been idling for 5 years. A lot of gunk (read: Preston and oil mixed and burnt on to the heads and valve assembly). Only good news is it is pretty clear that the upper head gasket was the least two seperate cracks. Soooo a new estimate $2000 + cost of crank/cam/head inspection/polish - independently of course at my request. Basically, they have to remove the entire engine out of the van and disassemble, clean, inspect as above and try and remove all traces of the gunk, reassemble and hope all is well. Then generously offer a 90 day warranty. So far I have been able to convince GM Canada to foot half the bill, whatever that may finally be and fork out for a courtesy car. ( which I am currently driving while I decide whether or not to give them the green light. Any ideas or suggestions on what to do? The van has been running loss of power, no knocking, cold am valve tick sound (probably caused by loss of oil lube/pressure from gasket crack), otherwise the van seems really good. Should I push GM to offer more on the repair? Are there any hidden warranties? Quick cleanup/fix and sell? If repair, anything special to look for to ensure its done right?
    Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance. gmfornow
  • missedbassmissedbass Posts: 47
    there seems to be a lot of vans out there with the mysterious coolant leak and most of the leaks come from the intake manifold gasket. How did the oil look when you changed the oil or checked the dipstick?
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