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Pontiac Montana



  • bkjohnsonbkjohnson Posts: 17
    We are in the market for a used minivan. We were considering a Transport/Montana, but now I'm not so sure after reading several pages of this board. For those of you that bought used or even new, would you recommend this minivan?

    Right now, our choices for used minivan have been narrowed down to the Chevy Venture and Pontiac Montana. The Dodge minivans are everywhere, though after owning a Dodge a few years ago, I'm not sure I want to own a Chrysler again. Foreign minivans are out - too expensive and husband would kill me.
  • rbb2rbb2 Posts: 70
    We have a 2001 Extended Montana w/ 29000+ miles and are very happy with it. We love the dual power sliding doors and it suits us very well with two small children. We have had it in a few times for rattles and such but no major mechanicals.
  • willie340willie340 Posts: 59
    i had a transport 1998 with the montana package.power sliding side door,second row captain chairs,separate rear stereo system,self leveling suspension,air shocks,a/c,power this &that,aluminum rims,cruise,tilt,alarm,cd player, all sounds nice ,right? well it was THE worst vehicle i have ever owned.i don't know if it was a monday morning or friday afternoon van on the assembly line.the heart of the van,the engine&transmission,were 40,000km it developed a marble like sound in the motor only in the morning,it was quite loud.i found out there was a service bulletin only sent to the dealers.because it was not safety related it was not a recall.only customers that complained about that noise would get it involved replacing the pistons and connecting rods.apparently some parts were over sized,some were under sized and the noise i heard was piston slap.ever since then the engine had other major problems.some of the push rods were bent(yes this engine is an old push rod type),the lifters needed replacing,some of the fuel injecters wore out.the tranny also needed repairs .the power sliding door had to be repaired no less than 15 times(after that i switched off the power to that door and we never used it again)the brakes wore out way too early,some front end parts gave up too.then the safety record of this van compared to other vans.i have two kids and when i found out about the safety of this van coupled with all the problems i've had since day one,i traded it in. i lost alot of money on it but i lost all the problems blood pressures back to normal.i bought japanese,it's a little more but you get what you pay's amazing the difference in build quality .have a good look at any japanese vehicle again.look at the ratings in any magazines,the top cars are all foriegn.don't be fooled they still use the same engine/tranny combination in all their montana's
  • scozimscozim Posts: 10
    We purchased a used 2000 Montana 2 1/2 weeks ago. So far we're completely happy, especially with the mpg. My wife is averaging about 25 of mostly highway driving which is better than our Outback. We looked at all the vans out there and like you the Japanese makes were out of our price range. The Windstars and the Dodge's had too many drivetrain problems as far as I was concerned. For the most part my biggest concern was the leaking gaskets on the GM vans. Despite that We narrowed it down to the Venture/Montana.

    Our search was at least a month to find the right one at a really good price. The dealership replaced a coolant sensor and bad window switch and also recoded a key for us that wouldn't work. For piece of mind we bought an extended warranty up to 100,000 miles.

    Bottom line is we are extremely happy as are the kids. And, the mute button on the steering wheel for the stereo comes in handy when the kids are being a challenge.
  • owenm1owenm1 Posts: 29
    Anyone have the roof rack weight capacities?

    Any failures?

  • inuvikinuvik Posts: 131
    The roof rack weight limit is 125 pounds. I've had probably close to a 100 pounds in a car top carrier with no problems.
  • denjonesdenjones Posts: 7
    I tried searching this forum for day time running lights and it came up empty so I'll ask my question. My 2000 Montana is suppose to be equipped with day time running lights but the head lights don't come on unless it's dark. The only lights that come on are the parking lights. Is this normal? In my 2000 Blazer, the head lights came on unless the vehicle was in park.
  • inuvikinuvik Posts: 131
    My 2002 Montana is the same way. The front parking lights are the DRL's. If I want to run with something more than the park lights I'll turn the fog lights on and turn the light switch to the park position. The fog lights will come on without the headlights.
  • artgpoartgpo Posts: 483
    The GM Triplet Vans have the parking/turn signal lights as their DRL.
  • pop88pop88 Posts: 13
    The Montana has their park lights(signals) as their driving lights. But be careful because soon one of the lights will blowout and you would think it was a shortige but it just needs a bulb. you would know if you turn on your signal lights and they start going fast when you turn it on. Your clock might go out too.
  • balichbalich Posts: 62
    Anybody out there with a Pontiac Transport with
    a loud fuel pump ... We hear a loud humming noise
    and it was determined to be the fuel pump .. I hear the part is very expensive and the gas tank
    needs to be removed .. if anybody has had one
    replaced .. what did you pay for the fuel pump
    to be replaced ?

    The van has 65000 miles on it.
  • aralpharalph Posts: 1
    Your flasher relay canshould be by your steering column, all right. Remove the trim panel(s) under the left side of your dash and feel for the physical click to find the can. But you may have a 2 trick issue - some relays are affected by the emergency flasher relay,which is a totally separate, and differently located, identical relay on my '90. Cheap enough to change both, but do not until you have checked all bulb filaments first. A broken filament can screw up things, too.
       To be sure, go to Auto Zone or similar, and buy a Haynes manual ($12-18) for your rig. Then look it up. Haynes manuals are valuable because they deal with only 1 model in a limited range of years. These are arguably the finest manual for the general public and independent mechanics. My mechanic uses them.
        Good luck!
  • cigsmhcigsmh Posts: 16
    Hi everybody,

    Just to let you know. I bought Montana 2000 5 month ago. Since then I have got following problems: Broken wipers (do not park), broken fuel tank sensor (gauge shows full tank constantly), leak from one of the break cylinders, coolant leak from intake manifold, high oil consumption
    I have an extended warranty (most expensive one) so yesterday I brought the car to North York Chevy dealership to fix all the problems. They gave me a loan car to get to work. It was yesterday. Today they called me and told that coolant and break leeks are fixed, by my Wipers and Gas Tank Sensor are not covered by the extended warranty so I will have to pay for it. So they want me to pay 200$ to fix wipers and 465$ to replace Gas Tank Sensor. I just wonder whether this sensor made from GOLD….
    I will shop around to find better deal and I know I will. I think they trying to compensate somehow the work they spend fixing parts under the warranty. The never lose.

    Just to let you know that this car is amazing on the road, but I will never buy it again.
    I still have 2.5 years of extended warranty and then I will sell it and buy Sienna.
    I have enough worries in my life, I don’t need another one
    Good luck with your vehicles.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,927
    2005 Pontiac Montana

    Seemed to be a good time to drop the "Transport" in the discussion title too. It'll still show up in searches for Transport.

    More HP anyone?

    Steve, Host
  • balichbalich Posts: 62
    '97 Pontiac Transport wiper problem ...

    My wife's transport wiper blades do not close (point down under the windshield ....
    They work fine in all speeds but when you shut
    them off .. they appear to go down under the windshield but then go straight up and shut off in a full straight up position (both blades do the same thing.... we had this problem 4 years ago under warrranty but the dealer won't fix it again .. we called Pontiac .. they said same thing .. has anybody else had this problem and is there a easy fix ? Under warranty - they said
    they replaced the wiper motor ?? I would think their should be a less expensive fix ?
  • baveuxbaveux Posts: 175
    I cannot help you, but that seems to be a problem on a lot of those van.
    I,ve seen a lot of those van with the wiper in the upper position, samething with the Grand-Prix, there is a flaw in their design, you shouldn't have to pay for that
  • willie340willie340 Posts: 59
    look in the section GM's triplets...they talk about wiper problems there..
  • mivesmives Posts: 1
    I am really lost. We are looking for a vehicle to suit our family of 4. Would like a van, would settle for an inexpensive SUV. We are limiting ourselves to GM because buying with GM card earnings and my father's GM employee discount. Thinking about the Montana or Vue. I know completely different, but need alternative if Montana is as bad as all the postings say. Any thoughts? Lots of long distance travel and like the idea of putting the kids in the way back.
  • ronsmith38ronsmith38 Posts: 228
    The GM vans are a good bet in my opinion. Their reliability is not as good as Honda or Toyota, but not that far behind. I have a 2000 Olds Silo, and am quit pleased with it. Has 47k miles, and no serious problems so far. Because Olds is being phased out by GM, you can get better deals than with Pontiac or Chevy. Someone reported getting the top of the line 2003 Silo Premier for about 25K. If you need seating for eight, go with the Pontiac. You don't want a SUV!
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