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Pontiac Montana



  • veestarveestar Posts: 16
    I just installed new wheel cylinders, brake shoes, and new brake drums on my '97 Montana. I noticed that the manual says to mark the location of your old brake drums if you are going to re-use them. Can someone tell me why this is and is there a certain way that new ones should be put on, other than the obvious? After putting on my new shoes and drums, I'm now getting some pulsation from the rear brakes. I thought that it may be connected to the drum position. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Looking to possibly pick up a 2004 Montana this year. I figure with it being the last year there should be some great deals coming.

    Do people generally like their vans? How are they for rattles after a few years? Any major issues? We have had 3 GM cars lately and all have been very good but I really don't know much about vans. We have #2 kid on the way so we need a hauler.

    Any help would be great. We are thinking of an SE short wheel base as I want it to fit in the garage and I want the alloys ect.
  • jeberjeber Posts: 91
    Just scroll through and read a bunch of messages on this discussion, and also the Silhouette, Venture, and "gm triplets" discussions (all are pretty much identical, mechanically). You're gonna find a mix of people who love their vans and sing their praises, and people who think they have the biggest piece of &#*% lemon ever built...and everything in between! I did a bunch of research into minivans before getting a used 01 silo, and really the only (potential) thing that commonly affects these vans (with 3.4 V-6) is a tendency for the intake manifold gasket to start leaking coolant. GM won't, as far as I know, take care of that if out of warranty, even though IMO it is an obvious flaw/defect.

    I was pretty much leaning towards a toyota or honda minivan, but I weighed the tradeoffs, and decided the gm's would suit my purpose perfectly, for way, way less $. After driving a few gm's, toyotas, and hondas, I determined that performance, ride, interior space, etc. etc. were pretty comparable to the toy & honda, and I haven't been disappointed. I have about 55000 miles now, with no problems. I plan to keep until 125 or 150K miles, so resale ain't a big factor there. I know it won't be much! Oh, and don't be too put off by the "horrible/dismal offset crash test results" that some people will argue makes these vans rolling deathtraps...these vans are proven to be quite safe in a "real world" accident, IMO.

    mine hasn't developed any strange rattles or squeaks yet! good luck
  • baveuxbaveux Posts: 175
    I bought a Montana in 2002 and I would do the same again.
    There not perfect but they are a good value.
  • I believe what you are referring to is where you need to mark the lug nuts studs in reference to the drum before removing it. This way it gets put back on at the same spot. Why this is that critical I am not 100 percent sure. You would think with new shoes and hardware it would not matter that much. As far as why the brakes are pulsating I am not sure if this is related or not. Sounds like another issue.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    jber : Ya, I know about the possible intake manifold gasket on the 3.4L. I guess that has not been addressed for 04? Is it covered by the powertrian warranty? I see than GM is offering 5 years for Montana powertrains in Canada now.

    baveux : Ya, I think they are a great value, they look sporty (for a van) and they seem to drive really well. I will wait for the deals to hit up in the spring / summer. Baby is due in June so it can wait.
  • c11166c11166 Posts: 4
    What is happening here is related to the drum itself and how it sits in relation to the studs(and the studholes in the drum itself). This will cause the pulsation of the pads to some degree. I find you get what you pay for. Go for expensive pads and rotors and if this doesn't work, replace the drums--if the car is over three years old.
  • c11166c11166 Posts: 4
    It is probably the computer chip on the wiper motor that is the culprit. You can replace these separately--look around for a good price.
  • c11166c11166 Posts: 4
    Can somebody tell me if these vans will really injure driver and passengers in a crash. Offset crash scores and scores in general indicate this
  • jeberjeber Posts: 91
    Re. 883, above: "Thanks for the link. Now that's what they should have in the manual."

    Uhhh, I must have missed something?!? what's the link? I'll probably do plugs/wires this spring or summer; I, too would like to see how to best access those back sparkplugs. thanks
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,991
    I think there was a link to a competing forum that was removed. Free ads for the competition drives our beancounters nuts and doesn't add to the knowledge base around here.

    Steve, Host

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  • veestarveestar Posts: 16
    Here is the method for rocking the engine.
    (1) Block the rear wheels and put the transaxle in neutral(Remove the negetive battery terminal)
    (2) Remove the air cleaner duct, the air cleaner, and the accelerator and cruise control cables from the throttle body.
    (3) Remove the driver side torque strut by removing the two bolts. Remove one bolt from the passenger side torque strut and pivot the strut towards the engine.
    (4) Attach a ratcheting strap to the engine removal eye bolt on the drivers side and the other end to the radiator support. Slowly ratchet the engine forward.

    I hope this will be of some help.
  • We have a 98 transport, the power door is forever needing to be reset (fuse under the hood). I understand about the recall for the latch but the latch is not our problem the continuous failure of the door and the door handle (from the outside) has broken off so it is a real problem. We are not covered under warranty does anyone know if GM has a recall on this? If not anybody have an idea how much it cost to repair?
  • jeberjeber Posts: 91
    veestar, thanks for the info!

    when connecting the throttle & cruisecontrol cables after you've taken them off, do you have to adjust or calibrate them, or just put 'em back together and its good to go?
  • veestarveestar Posts: 16
    The info I posted is what I found listed in the Haynes manual under Rotating The Engine Forward, however, I haven't actually done this myself. As for your concerns about adjustments, I would think that marking the position of what has to be taken loose would work. (That's just my opinion)
    Hopefully someone with actual experience will post
    a reply.
  • anybody have problems with a 2001 pontiac montana transmission slipping!!
  • How many miles on the car.? You should have the transmission filter changed and transmission oil flushed--complete not just drop the pan and drain. This helped my 1998 Transport at 53K miles greatly. Had some slippage and after the transmission flush was just like new. Car now has 73K miles.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    How do people find their Montanas in the winter snow? Just wondering.
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