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Pontiac Montana



  • mygrayvanmygrayvan Posts: 4
    Hi, I had a problem that started out with "Check engine light" on, me smelling anti-freeze and the temp gauge went from pining the needle to 100 and back up. I took it to a GM Dealer and he told me that the input gasket was bad as well as a injector.He "said" It was "fixed" after spending $1280. I picked it up and drove 2 miles with it and the same thing all over again. Drove it right back and now he claims it was the water pump. I told him it's the same thing I took it to them in the 1st place. Anyway I only paid for the part...another $80. After that I still smelt the anti-freeze and called GM's and reported all me actions with them. Less then 2000 miles later the "check engine soon" light came on and guage was up & down again and now was told by 3 places it was misdiag the 1st time and it was the Head Gasket. That job would have ran over $2000 but I went back to the GM Dealer who 1st did the work and told the Manager what I was going to tell everyone about their workmanship and the Dealer I bought the car from ended up doing it for $550. This is my 1st GM car I purchased new and it only has 49k miles on it and I upkeep it very good but I will never buy another GM car/van again. I hope you have good luck with your but there are alot of reports between the heads and dexcool used in the van.It's less that 2000 miles since it was repaired and my "Check Engine Soon" light came on again.Dealer said it will cost another $100 just to put it on the machine and see what the light came on for. Good Luck..
  • mygrayvanmygrayvan Posts: 4
    Thank you, I will be sure to let you know what I find. I just sent a update to #1063. The dealer which I bought the van from new ended up rebuilding the engine and replacing the head gasket. My van only has 49k miles on it, now less then 2k miles since it was rebuilt, the "check engine soon" light came back on. I just left a R&S and was talking to the mechinc in there asking them "How many times do you need to start the van before the light goes out if it is due to the fuel cap being placed back incorrect?" He told me that it take 50 start/drive/stops, for the system to reset itself. Or I could pay them $75 to hook it up to their computer and see if thats what it is.
  • dougivksdougivks Posts: 3
    well as it turns out, upon further inspection, the seal on the compressor has gone out, causing it to spit oil everywhere on the belt side of the motor (normally the front). anyway, looking at replacement compressors, which would be the better way to go? A reman factory, or a reman Vistean compressor? they're is only a 5 dollar price difference, but i thought i saw something about a design flaw in the factory compressors.
  • tkirk8tkirk8 Posts: 2
    The brake lights on my 2000 Pontiac Montana quit working. The upper light in the middle of the rear window still works, but the two associated with the 4 bulb assemblies (one on each side) don't work. The bulbs illuminate when the headlights are on, however, when the brakes are applied the lights don't change, i.e. get brighter. Is there an easy fix for this? Thanks for your help
  • marty5898marty5898 Posts: 6
    Have you tried to change the light bulbs. My van brake lights were working but when I tried the cruise (tied into brake lights) it only worked intermittenly. Try replacing the bulbs, they are only a few bucks and may solve your problem. If this does not work, it could be the "curcuit board" in the lights or the switch on your brake pedal.
  • tkirk8tkirk8 Posts: 2
    I have replaced the bulbs several times, so thats not the problem. Where is the circuit board? I replaced the fuses on the passenger side console, I didn't know there was anything else.
  • marty5898marty5898 Posts: 6
    This circuit board is where you plug all of your light bulbs into at the back of your van. Check out the following posts:1034, 1037, 1039.
  • jamesherbjamesherb Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Montana which has been at the dealer for 2 weeks because they cant find the problem. After I drive for a while and come to a stop of slow down almost to a stop the A/C stops blowing cold, the blower still puts out the same. I have opened the hood to see if the clutch was engaged and it is not. After I start moving again it may come on after a while. The dealer has changed the control head in the dash and the cycle switch, still having this problem. I call the dealer and they really dont want the van back in their shop because they say it is working correctly and they see no problems. My extended warranty runs out in a little over 5000 miles. WHAT TIMING! Has anyone else seen or had this problem? Please Help!!!!

  • can someone tell me where they pressure bypass switch is for the AC system on the montana? I need to bypass it so I can engage the compressor to refill the system.
  • helnwlshelnwls Posts: 3

    Just wondering if anyone has had the experience of the bubbling and peeling of paint from their Montana's?? Mine is a 2002 Montana that I just took to the dealership, as it has extended warranty, to see if they could do anything for me. The dealership said they have to send it to their bodyshop and it would cost me money. I believe this is probably a GM problem, but haven't come across anything yet. If anyone knows anything, or has any comments I would certainly welcome them. Thanks.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Never heard of a peeling paint issue. Did something maybe drip on your van?
  • helnwlshelnwls Posts: 3
    Nothing has dripped on the van - it is outside though. Just started in the last month or so just at the hood closest to the windshield.

    Just waiting to see if anyone has had the same problems.

  • Hi,

    Some time ago maybe a year the lights on the right side of the radio display went dark. Now the climate control dial doesn't blow air unless it is on 3. And my daughter broke the cassette player. So I will probably spend the money to replace the entire unit.

    Our gas float gauge also stopped working about a year ago and the thermometer also only works occasionally.

    Don't know if it helps you to know that you are not alone!

    Have a good day!
  • This is a very common on these vehicles. The next time you walk through a parking lot take a look at how common in is. BTW, the hood is aluminum and will not rust, it just looks kind of crappy. I have a copy if a service bulletin dated Jan 2003 that I found on the web. It outlines the vehicles that are covered and your 2002 is included on the list. It is bulletin 01-08-51-004A.
  • baveuxbaveux Posts: 175
    Samething here,( Montana 2002) the rear door hatch paint is bubling and paint is flaking on the inside bottom of it. Its a strip of about 1 " wide starting right at the bottom of the hatch.

    The bottom right side door is the same. I have the same problem on my Century 2002 . I fill a complaint to GM and I am waiting for an offer .
  • andyn1andyn1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Montana. The driver side far back power window will not close. There is no motor noise on this side.

    The far back passenger window works fine.

    Has anyone had this problem?
  • OK, so looks like my problems are pretty common with other Montana's - Gas gauge, and the friggin cooling thing- A/C and leaky gaskets, SO, my question is this.....why the heck is there not a recall on vehicles with these problems? I am sure that it must be brutal on the enviornment...leaking out all over. Isn't it illegal to dump antifreeze and A/C coolant on the ground. I have spent thousands on my problems.
  • cwesleygcwesleyg Posts: 64
    Our 2001 has this problem and I've seen it on many others. The hood on ours is blistered and flaking alsmost all the way across the top edge. It is frustrating watching this happen all across a hood that has zero rust. The paint just doesn't want to stick to that metal. It does appear that the metal has deteriorated somewhat. I've seen worse examples on some other GM cars with galvanized body panels. I have heighbor with a late 90's Bonneville that is missing about 1/3 of its paint. GM will only do something about it if there is rust through. Our Montana doesn't have any rust at all... just blistered paint or metal showing...

    What I really hate is the way all the black rubber door edging has fallen off... it actually caused the edge of the passenger side sliding door to bend over. Also the corrigated tube that goes from the roof to the back door comes lose all the time and encourages leaks into the interior of the van... but that all said, we have 75k on this van now, and it runs like a champ and we have had no AC issues. I do have a neighbor that had to have a head gasket done with low miles though.
  • The reason your hood is not rusting is because it is made of aluminum and aluminum does not rust. Your 2001 might be under warranty for this still or not?
  • Hi

    If your still in the basic warranty period of 36 months/60,000 kms (whichever comes first) then GM will cover the peeling paint, rust and/or corrosion. I actually have my 2002 Montana in at the moment for paint repairs on the rear hatch(inside lip rusty), both rocker panels(peeling paint) and for the hood(inside and out peeling paint/corroding). Mind you the Pontiac dealer i'm dealing with wasn't too happy to do the repair work but a phone call to GM changed that fairly fast. I'm from Canada though so not sure if it would be different for the United States. Hope this helps. Good luck with your van. :)
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