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Pontiac Montana



  • My 2001 montana is doing the same thing did you fix yours
  • Any luck with getting your gas gauge fixed or your power locks
  • I had the same problem with my 98 with 100k miles on it. I just replaced the lower intake gasket, had the head machined and it works great. I've put 14000 miles on it since. The parts weren't that expensive, but I bet labor would be.
  • wandakwandak Posts: 1
    Listening to your story brings back so many memories. I have a 2000 Pontiac Montana Extended as well. I purchased this vehicle new so there are no previous owners except the dealership ofcourse. Your doors I totally forgot that my van use to do this. My van did this back in 2002-2003 somewhere in there. I took it to the dealership but they had no clue what was going on, because the problem was not present when they were looking for it, eventually the problem just stopped. And the jerking in the van I noticed this recently started in the rear of the van like something was holding the van back when we would be at a complete stop and begin moving, then there would be a little jerk and we would be on our way, this also went undetected when I tried to get a mechanic to look at this. Well now that the warranty is warn out the problem with the jerking is very present and noticable. I just paid 480 to get this problem fixed on 10/14/05, and here we are 10/17/05 the problem is still there. I have a gut feeling that it is a transmission problem. Not fun, I have my luck with vehicles going to trash right as soon as the warranty runs out. When I take my van to the dealership I feel like I am the only person who sees the "pink elephant" and no one else sees what I am talking about. That is only when the warranty is in effect of course. That all changes when the warranty doesnt pose a problem.
  • Thanks Beccaboo -
    Sounds like the exact same thing.
    I understand the aluminum thing - and realize that is why we are not rusting, but I haven't come across some of the other rust issues either.

    Beccaboo - are you in Ontario and who did you contact at GM, can you give me a number??

    Thanks for everyone's help - I am working on this issue and I will let you know the results. ;)
  • Did you ever get a responsea? Yes, a backyarder can replace the hub. The only special tool you need the axle lug nut socket which can be found at most auto parts stores. I believe it is a 34mm. If you can replace the brakes, this is really not much more difficult. I used a wheel puller to push the axle back through the hub but there wasn't much pressure needed. The hub assembly cost me about $175 at NAPA and the socket was about$10 if I remember correctly. If the brake pads are worn it's a good time to replace them because you have to take the caliper off anyway.
  • Hi-My 2002 Montana just started doing your problem. I called dealer service manager who never heard of it(in big city-big dealership). Ever get it fixed? Mine started a frying noise mid-dash. The lock receiver is about there.

  • tan1tan1 Posts: 3
    I am trying to flush the cooling system to replace the coolant as its now more than 5 years on my 2000 montana van. The drain plug at the bottom of the radiator is really weared, I don't know how to open it, does it need a special tool? I tried with nose plyer but it didn't work. if any body knows please let me know.

  • As I"> know, the original coolant is good for 150k miles or 240k KM and not number of years<img src="
  • Does anybody know how to fix it--any fuse etc..
    The console is just dead blank
  • I have a 2000 model and had the same problem. I had the connector that plugs into the gas tank cleaned and that fixed it for a while, but eventually had to have the connector replaced. Water was getting into the connection and corroded the pins. Works good as new now.
  • tan1tan1 Posts: 3
    thanks for the response, the GM owners manual says coolant replacement 150,000 miles or 60 months which ever comes first. any one knows how to open the drain plug of the radiator to drain the coolant situated at the bottom of the radiator.
  • rogeroge Posts: 1
    Nothing but trouble with this car. Bought new in 2000.
    - Head gasket was fixed under warranty
    - same with ABS
    - roof was rusted thru and was completely replaced under "extended warranty". It took 8 months of calling GM Canada, but it finally got done last week.
    - paint on hood is peeling and GM won't do anything about it.
    - radio lights are gone and will be fixed on our own.
    - rear wiper stop functionning
    - rear driver side door won't open (fixed on our own)

    Love the car, but hate the GM service. I also have a 2003 Toyota Corolla and the service is 10 times better. This is not my 1st GM, but will probably be my last one. Traded my old Chevrolet with 360,000 km for the Montana and that car was great (original engine and transmission). GM should wake up and treat customers better...
  • We bought it used w/ 85,000 miles and almost 4 years later w/ 138,000 miles it still runs great. Only tires & breaks have been replaced.I'd love to hear feedback on how many more troublefree miles can be expected. It will be paid off at the end of the year & would like to keep it another year or two w/o a payment. :)
  • I have noticed on Pontiac that 2 montanas out of 10 have problems. So it is all luck.. GM service also needs a lot of improvement. Since you already had all conceivable problems, probably now it will give you a good service once these are all fixed.

    The best thing with Montana is that one should by a used Montana with about 130 to 150 k KMS, it will run OK upto 300k KMS since all the problems are resolved within first 150 k
  • we have a 1999 montana there is a metal on metal sound when you turn sharply to the left or right took off the tire there is a .5 inch groove around the inside of the rim on both tires! any ideas or experience with this?
  • you will have to remove face of radio. remove top cover of radio unplug wireing harness that goes to faceplate (they plug in to main circuit board) so face can be removed. after you un plug. remove faceplate from radio snaps into place with plastic tabs all around radio after you remove faceplate. ( the circuit board must be removed from faceplate) .5 or 6 small screws.once you separate circuit board from faceplate. there is a lcd display unit that has to be removed from circuit board by straighting the metal tabs from behind.straighten tabs remove display you will see bulbs on board they are solderd in the board.desolder and remove bulbs. I hope this helps
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    We have a 2004 (now 1 1/2 years old) and have had zero issues aside from a crack in the washer fluid cap from the cold. It's been a fantastic van but it's also 4 years later in improvements. I hear the new vans are even better.
  • My 00 Montana has 2 brown cloth captian chairs. I would prefer the 3 across arrangement. Anyone in the DC area like to swap?
  • Hi there. My ABS light just sent on in my 2001 Pontiac van as well. I have 65,000KM on it. Can you tell me where you found this speed sendor wire? Is this also referred to as the ABS harness? What did you pay for your sensor?
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