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Pontiac Montana



  • vickimvickim Posts: 1
    I also am having a problem with the heater on my 2000 Montana. When you turn it on heat, the windows fog up completely and almost immediately. I have to run it on defrost all the time & it doesn't warm up at all. It worked fine last year & the AC worked last summer.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?
  • I am looking for replacement jack for Pontiac Montana, 1999. Where can I get it ?
  • Try a nearby junk yard. (Go during the day as those dogs can be bad news.) ;)
  • I was having the same trouble on my 2001 montana. Thankfully it was not the window motor but the switch. Cost about $150 w/parts and labor to get it fixed. That was in June and window is starting to stick again so go figure!
  • I'm new to this board so let me first thank everyone for their invaluable advice on the problems with this junky van. I've been able to fix it for low cost on several occasions because of other people's woes, so thanks. Let me list all the problems I've had with this thing. Power sliding door works intermittently, brake lights don't work, cruise shuts off if you turn on a blinker, ox sensors went bad and burnt out 3 catalytic converters (GM covered them), bad EGR, bad throttle body, warped rotors, heated seats don't work, radio lights burnt out, and other minor things.

    The problem I'm having right now is with the brake lights again, I read about the circuit board being bad in the taillight assembly and checked it out, fried. I have a bigger problem with it now though. The little cannon plug assembly that connects to the circuit board is fried also. I was hoping that the top of the assembly popped off so I could just connect a new plug but the grey piece on top of the cannon plug only holds the wiring in straight. I'm no electrician so I'm not clipping wires, did anybody else have this happen also? Did they just bring it to a mechanic? Any advice on this would be appreciated.

  • mushmush Posts: 1
    I had a problem with my driver's window (97 Montana) and it turned out to be the weather stripping was pinched at the exit from the door, right beside the driver's mirror...the binding slowed the window movement and even though I corrected it, I eventually lost the window motor.
  • Sorry for the delay, I haven't checked this site in a while. I had a mechanic working on the van, but he had it up on a lift and reached up on top of the gas tank to access the connector. Hope that helps.
  • tanjotanjo Posts: 6
    I just wanted to let you know that I did indeed end up replacing the ABS motor (second hand), and the spongy brake feeling is gone, and is working good as new!
  • I am so stressed out about this van! About a week ago my service engine light started flashing, then go off. Took it in, and they could not find anything wrong (nothing on the history either). O.k. two days later service engine light comes on again and my temp gage maxed out and I get the message of coolent temp too hot. Take it back they said I probably need a flush and fill. O.K. I don't even get out of the parking lot when service engine light flashes at me. Turn right around go back in by the time they come out to look at's fine! O.k. next day taking the kids to school and the temp goes up again and the service engine light comes back on and the van loses power (press on the gas to the floor and cant go above 10 mph) come home to pick my husband up to go to the service shop and it drives perfectly for him (of course :mad: ). Well at the end of the day we get a call that we have a craked head gasket!!! We could either pay $1,400 to repair it $1,800 for a used engine (that will more than likely do the same thing) or for $3,000 get a brand new one. :cry: OUCH it hurt't just to write it out. What do you all think? Has anyone had this problem? I talked with GM and they were no help (surprise :surprise: ). All they said was they had no complaints on the Montana engines (I told her to come and take a look at this site). Any input would be head is just spinning :sick: .......

    Thanks all.
  • I tried following the instructions on programming a remote for my 98 silo (i believe it's identical to the montana), it seems I'm doing something wrong, but I can't figure out what.
    I remove the plug (yes, the bcm prgrm one), get in the car (all doors including liftgate are shut), I turn to ACC, off and back on again (within a sec.), open a door (chime) close it (chime - seems because there's a key in the ingnition), wait 14 secs, nothing. hold lock/unlock for 30 secs, nothing. Somebody help! what am I doing wrong?
  • Hi All,

    Well, after reading all of the problems about this vehicle as indicated by members of this forum, I cannot help but think I ended up with a GEM. I've had virtually no problems once the warranty expired (in warranty, like 6 seat heaters, an intake gasket at 32,000km, tie rod end, new rim, seat cushion, steering rack gear assembly, insulator bars, and a few other things). Now with 100,000km fast approaching... hard to decide whether or not to buy it out at the end of the lease or turn it back and get something new. All in all, this vehicle has been a dream to own. Not to mention all of the frazzled looks I get from people when they see the chrome rims, and how decked out the vehicle is on the interior. Don't know... it is certainly a tough call!!

    Thoughts, Opinions?? mind you this was a $40,000.00 vehicle PLUS taxes (Canadian Dollars) when brand new.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Tuff call. What's the buy out?

    The Thunder is a nice Montana (I think I have only seen one or two of them before) but the new SV6 Montana is also quite nice. The engine (now that it's fixed) and transmission should be fine for another 100K kms ++.

    I would compare the cost of a new one vs. the buy out and the corresponding borrowing rates.
  • Buyout is roughly $14,000 plus taxes, and about $1500 ish for a GM extended warranty. Definately a tough call though... thinking about buying it OR returning it and buying a full-load 2006 Pontiac Torrent. The fact that the Thunder is rare and a real looker is the tough call.. also the fact that is has been and proven itself to be a solid & reliable performer day in & day out. But the mileage is also a bit high for an 02... low 90,000s
  • Well I called and complained to GM Service center a few days ago and then I took it into the dealer and low and behold, they are going to put in a brand new engine plus some for free...well not really we have to pay labor, but hey I would rather be out $1,000 rather than the $3,000 plus we were looking at. I guess a lot of bitching does do some good sometimes! Now we are debating about keeping it or trading it in for a different car (we are looking at the pontiac vibes only because they are actually made by Toyota). When I was complaining to GM I referenced this site often and made it known that I am not the only one with this problem. So if anyone runs into this problem and COMPLAIN!
  • :mad: Hi there, I too have the same problem with my climate control dial. It does not blow air unless it is at 3 or above. Do you know if it is just a relay switch that is the problem? My fan did not work on my ford escort and it was a $15.00 part an could put it in myself. I don't want to take it in because it will probably cost an arm and a leg for these guys to look at it. So if you found the problem or the fix could you let me know. :mad:
  • That would be the blower motor resistor. Minor issue and it is common on many kinds of cars (not just Montanas or GMs specifically) The part itself is realtively inexpensive, the majority of the repair will come from labour.
  • My 2000 Pontiac Montana had an intake gasket changed 3 days ago. The vehicle had 55,000 miles on it. I paid the
    dealer $750.00 to change it. Today when I started it there was a very loud tapping sound. I can't get in touch with the dealer until Monday. I was hoping maybe I could get some advice from some of you guys on what that loud tapping sound could be. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank You.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Ya, thats a lot of bucks to buy it. Have you put any money into it over the last year (brakes / tires ect)?

    I think I might go new unless you really love the van. If I kept it I would probably skip the EXT warranty, they are almost always profit for the seller IMO.

    Good luck.
  • :sick: Indeed it's been a tough life as a Pontiac Montana.

    Purchased new May 2001.
    :lemon: November 2001 - The first snowfall I discovered the tires and whole traction ability of the Montana was horrible! It just so happened that I had to travel up a small hill right past my dealer and it took me almost 10 minutes to get up with the tires spinning on the thin film of snow.

    I went into the dealer immediately to complain that my UPGRADED equip package that was to have inclued tires for better snow and wet traction must have been missed - but they, and GM several times refused any fault. I continue to have great difficulty in low (or high) snow conditions - even with good Michelins on this Montana EX (Extended model.)

    :mad: The front right wheel bearing went at 76000km - expensive replacement.

    **The front wipers would colide every so often with the right wiper becoming bent at the top 5 inches, requiring replacement. The Dealers says nothing wrong with the wiper motor. This has continued almost every year, including yesterday - which has finally prompted me to submit some opinions on our fair "home grown" GM product and lack of support and service. Upon today's visit to the dealer they say these vehicles (even current models) are prone to this problem and all they can do is re-adjust the timing of the motor sensor - for a fee of course!

    The rear wiper spray has never really worked correctly - poor spray and often clogged.

    :lemon: Evidence of the poor, disolving head gasket was evident with the coolant level reducing and the low coolant light displaying. This began around 90,000km and I didn't discover/hear about the gasket issue until neat 110,000km - which of course was beyond basic warranty. Why in the world would I want to keep a vehicle past the basic warranty period - hmmm...had my '91 Jeep Laredo for 9 years! - with no trouble - only the front Ujoints went finally at 240,000km!

    The front hood has been bubbling with corrosion since ~100,000km, now to the point where all the paint is off all the way across 2-3 inches deep on the underside and a few spots on the top side, all showing a nice contrasting light grey alloy! Apparently this is not covered by the corrosion warranty to 160,000km as the hood is an aluminium alloy and will not perforate ALL the way through to a hole - therefore it is not covered! - right. But we can pay $700-1,000 to fix it ourselves!

    The driver seat heater stopped working after ~120,000km.

    ~120,000km the Air Bag light would come on and remain on. We were advised the air bags would not deploy in this state and had to pay $100 to have this serviced.

    ~125,000km the Keyless remotes stopped working - no resolution yet.

    The air conditioning went at ~150,000km and will cost over $1,000 but they can't guarantee it will work afterwards!

    Did I say the traction is absolutely terrible in thin, slushy snow?

    Overall the comfort, usability and design of the Montana is good.

    The overall quality and and GM's lack of support to stand behind their product is extremely poor. When will they get the message - before it's too late? After last week's GM news for the quarter - maybe it IS late?

    :confuse: Why would I ever consider a GM product again?
  • I did tires (Michelin Harmonys around 50,000km and brakes at 43,000km) and off warranty (so from 60,000-present.. 95,000km) just a driver-side tie rod and alignment which was a whopping $190.00. I'm going to assume that its time for brakes again, in addition to spark plugs/wires, and maybe an induction/fuel injector purge & new fuel filter. However, that is all routine maintenance as with any vehicle. It is a VERY tough call on whether to keep it or give it back and get something brand spankin new. I know that a few things NEED to be fixed though: passenger side seat heater, lights burnt out on bottom left corner of HVAC control panel, and lights burnt out around half of tachometer on gauge cluster. (extended warranty would pay for itself in just those three repairs)

    In response to the person with traction problems? are you kidding me?... If the traction like is coming on alot.. well perhaps you should lift your foot off the gas. Also, you have Michelin tires on it? I do too.. NO complaints at all.. AND I'm driving the van in the winter with the 16" chrome rims on it. I can relate about the seat heaters though:S
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