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Pontiac Montana



  • I have had a problem with my 04 Montana in that when I am driving through the parking lot of a store at around 5-10 mph, the van will sometimes die. It has happened around 6-7 times since we have owned the van. When it dies, I stop and put it into neutral and it starts right back up. I have taken the van to the dealer and they dont know what is causing the problem and cannot reproduce the problem. Any suggestions, tune-up maybe? The van has 46K miles on it (I am in the Navy, living in VA with family in WI, KY, and GA we visit).
  • boga228boga228 Posts: 50
    can you be more specfic? Like when you press the brakes doe's it die? Engine running rough when dieing, doe's it feel like the transmission not down shifting into lower gear? because if it doe's not downshift into lower gear the engine will die. is your transmission running smoothy?
  • bikeralbikeral Posts: 6
    have you had any problems with the tranny? with my 99 montana i had to have the tranny rebuilt and about 6 months later my problem started. intermitten at first maybe once every 3 or 4 weeks it would happen. now about 3 or 4 times a week. it always happens as i slow down and step on the brake the motor shut off as if i turned the key to the off position. i changed both crank sensors but still it happens. there is an ignition module that can be changed but it cost about $300 and if is not the cause i would rather not spend it. i have had responses to my inquiry one thought was that it might be a leak in the brake booster and the sensor is shutting the motor down, but i don't see why it would. if you do find out the cause of the trouble i would appreciate a shout at and if i find the culprit i'll do the same for you. biker al
  • I havent had any problems as of yet with my tranny....It seems to only happen when I am cruising through the parking lot of a store like Wally world or the grocery store. The van runs fine with no missing or hesitation and we are still getting decent gas mileage. I am normally doing like 5 mph and idling. It just doesnt happen on a regular basis.
  • I am stumped by the problem I am having now with my lower brake lights. I just replace the lens cover and the circuit board/sockets on the driver's side because I had cracked the lens cover and water was getting into the cover. I have no lower brake lights but my third brake light is working fine. Turn signals and tail lights are working just fine as well. I replaced all the bulbs with brand spanking new ones as well. Any suggestions before I go and spend a bunch of money at the dealer? Thanks in advance. :confuse:
  • bikeralbikeral Posts: 6
    the reason it's only happining in parking lots might be because you are driving slow. it happens to me also when i slow down to about 5 mph. i have been told alot of different possibilitys. i'm leaning towards a possible problem with the tranny not shifting down to the low gear. i had the tranny rebuilt by aamco and still have the warranty from them. i spoke to their rep and he said it's not the tranny but i think he doesn't want to admit to it being the tranny.
  • An update to my problem....I bought a new socket/circuit board for the driver's side from a Chevy dealer (Pontiac wanted $79 and I got it from the Chevy guy for $42..same part number and all) The passenger side brake lights now work but the driver's side still do not come on. I have replaced the bulbs. What would cause this type of problem? :confuse:
  • We had a 2001 Montana about a year ago. The head gasket was about to go on it after having numerous problems. Got rid of it and bought a brand new 2005 Kia Sportage. Have had no problems anymore. Will never buy GM crap anymore, nor American crap! The Koreans are the way to go, quality, value, performance, and low prices!
  • mztaknmztakn Posts: 1
    bought it in 2003....replaced the tranny 4 months 65000 miles...replaced the rear window washer motor twice..drivers side window went down and not back up three different occasions...windshield wiper motor replaced and the timing is off...the vcr/tv stopped working after a year...the automatic sliding door was fixed twice and still won't work....ball joints replaced last month....went through three sets of brakes....must I go on?
  • pjk2pjk2 Posts: 7
    You must have bought it from someone who didn't take care of it .. like a lease my brother who leases vehicles... he doesn't care .. he only drives it for three years .. beats it and no oil changes who cares.. he's getting rid of it any way.
    I've owned my 99 Montana since new... as reliable as any vehicle ... very little problems... my sisters Honda cost her more in one year in maint than my Montana did in the first 5 years. You are taking chances when buying used cars... it all depends on how they took care of it.. it's hard to know.
  • tweetntamtweetntam Posts: 1
    My girlfriend Tammy has a '99 Montana that just rolled over 100,000 miles. She's had this van for 3 years now and it's been nothing but easy the whole time. She replaced the driver-side window switch when it stopped working-$75 at the dealer, and she installed it herself in about 20 mins. It runs and shifts great, and doesn't experience nearly as much body-roll as you would think in the corners. I guess mztaken got a friday afternoon car, 'cause ours is great.
    Now if I can just talk her into a few upgrades......
  • jservicejservice Posts: 11
    Hi there. Just thought I would share my similar experience. Recently I noticed that when I applied the brakes on my 1997 Trans Sport, the Driving Lights / Fog Lights would illuminate.

    Noticed that the Driver's Side brake light wasn't working, so removed the L/R lamp assembly. 3057 bulb was melted at the base - managed to removed melted / burnt bulb, and replaced it. Everything is back to normal now.
  • jservicejservice Posts: 11
    I have the same problem with my 1997 Trans Sport. Does anyone have the part number and description? Is it a heater resistor? a blower motor resistor? Do I access it through the glove box access door, or from under the dash?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • jservicejservice Posts: 11
    I also have this problem. Maybe a dumb question(I haven't started to tackle this job yet) but does the radio assembly need to be removed in order to perform the bulb replacement?
  • jservicejservice Posts: 11
    My power sliding door has stopped working (again!) Instead of paying someone to "reset" it, can someone help me out with how to do this myself?

    I'm dealing with a 4 and 5 year old, and my wife, who are all disappointed that the power door no longer works. You married guys can understand what I'm going through. HELP!
  • Ok, im new to this forum so ill try to explain everything all the way thru.
    my mother has a 99 Pontiac Montana That has almost 90,000 Miles on it and has had electrical problems for a long time but no motor problems. until now. she was driving,and all the sudden all dash lights came on at once and the van jerked and i pulled over,shut it off, turned it back on, and it just shook. so i shut it off again, had it towed to a mechanic who was supposed to be one of the best.

    He now has had it a little over 2 and a half months, and cant figure out whats wrong. he has tried everything he can think of, ask everyone he knows, and even spent his day off at a nascar race asking everyone he could about it. Now its no longer a job, its an obsession. he has paid all the labor to the other mechanics,isnt charging for any parts except for the 2 injectors he first thought it was and is working alone on it night and day. :sick: :mad: :cry:

    and as to the guy who posted above. our quit working soon after they put the "saftey recall" on it....figures...if u hear anything..pass it on please!..thanks

    If anyone has any suggestions or needs more details feel free to email me at
    or reply on here. ANYTHING WOULD BE APPRICIATED!!! :confuse: i need anything anyone can think of..

    Thank you,
  • sbrazeausbrazeau Posts: 1
    Beware Of Pontiac Montana’s

    I own a 2003 Montana with 57 000kms (what a piece of crap) let me explain the problems I had with this van.

    1. Filter cracked inside the transmission
    2. Catalytic converter shielding came apart
    3. Left and right ball joints had to be replaced
    4. Intake gasket had to replaced at 48 000kms
    5. Wiper motor has to be replaced
    6. Right side power window motor needs to be replaced
    7. Rear brake cylinders had to replace because they seized and leaked at 41 000kms

    Now I still have 1 year to go on my lease with no warranty. What’s next!!!!!!!
  • q1001001q1001001 Posts: 1
    You guys and this forum are awesome. I too saved alot of money by fixing my tail light problem with the information shared here. Keep it going. Who knows how many other people have been helped.
  • moommoommoommoom Posts: 2
    I had similar problems with my Montana 2000, when slowing in traffic or in parallel parking, if I wouldn’t continue given gas, the car would stale, I replaced the “TPS sensor”, since, I have no more this problem.
  • moommoommoommoom Posts: 2
    Have a look at following url, and then tell me, if they had no complain?
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