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Pontiac Montana



  • If as you state the vehicle operates normaly when its not under a heavy load at low rpm, i.e. acceleration in overdrive, then the most likely cause is a weak spark, normally due to one or more weak coil packs, however could be plugs or plug wires. This is a known issue with 3.8l GM engines and will caues the chug that you describe. Good luck.
  • No. The front display/control panel is held on by ears that can be popped out with a little pressure. The display also has two plugs that must be removed from inside the radio. But the repair is not simply a bulb replacement - the display must be replaced. So it has to be sent off to a repair facility for replacement with a repaired unit.
    See the dealer.
  • I posted a message early and already got a reply. But i just wanted to add the latest findings. Just yesterday i was checking my fluids like have to do every other day and found a strong smell of gas in the oil. The smell was so strong you could smell it like 10 feet from the van. I don't know if this will change your thought on the problem. I was thinking maybe fuel injector. Please help i am getting desperate. I also have a 94 Grand Prix that is dieing so i need this van.
  • I had a 1997 Transport Montana, and it was the worst vehicle I ever owned. We nicknamed it Elmer, because we had to carry a tube of glue to glue the parts back on as they fell off. We live in New Mexico, and travel a lot on rough dirt mountain trails. The Pontiac was worthless. We actually stopped one time to walk around the van and see if anything had fallen off. It developed a horrible tappet noise at 110,000 miles... I poured some chemicals in it to shut it up, and promptly drove it to the dealer to trade it off! Lost a lot of money on that piece of crap, too. Went back to the Ford Aerostar, which is an indestructible tank. Will drive it forever.
  • headachheadach Posts: 17
    thank you burns5907, i heard that was a problem but i wasn't sure. I just wanted to double check. I also heard and was wondering if it has anything with the (boch)? Spelling,. pligsa that i put in it. I don't have the money to do a tune up right now but i will try.
  • headachheadach Posts: 17
    i have had some more fun! This time not as major as the other ones. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about window problems. My drivers side window only sometimes goes down and it is hard getting it closed again. I thought it was the motor but recently my passenger window won't go up. so i tired the control on the passenger side and it works fine. I think it is the window buttons on the drivers side. However i saw there is a thing called a Window Regulator. Please can anyone tell me what part it is.
  • ckunichckunich Posts: 2
    I don't know if you are still checking this message board but I have been trying to fight with Gm over the paint on my 2001 silhoutte---same thing as a montana. It started to mildly bubble at 3 years-they said I was past my warranty. Now it is doing it all over the hood. I have met strangers in parking lots with the same problem. This is crazy.
  • bikeralbikeral Posts: 6
    i have a simular problem with the paint on my hood bubbling
    up but, my problem was with a poor paint job after a small fender bender.
  • Had a similar problem....minor fender bender....GM dealer repainted it. The paint came off. We discovered the dealer failed to primeer before the painting, so they did it again, and failed to primer it again! This happened 3 times. I gave up on the dealed.
    Jack in Colorado
    PS: Looked at a new Toyota Highlander today...I'm sick of GM crap!
  • frymanfryman Posts: 19
    I have a 98 Pontiac Transport with 160K on it and occasionally the check engine light comes on. The only code showing is P0420 which is Catalytic Efficiency. This happened this summer and I replaced the catalytic converter and it stopped for about 6 months. It has started back up, coming on every 100 miles or so. Suspect that the next thing to replace would be the post converter O2 sensor but was looking for any guidance.
    I will probably never sell the van so if I remove the converter (dont live in a state with smog check), will that stop the check engine light or will it now continue to report catalytic efficiency problems because the converter is gone.

    By the way, this has been a very good car. Other than warped intake gasket at 127k and blown head gasket at 149K, it has rock solid.

  • frymanfryman Posts: 19
    I have a similar problem with LCD display, two radios now have experience the same problem. It appears to be heat related, when its cold, the display works fine. I have heard its a design problem with that particular radio, anyone have further insight or ways to resolve the problem. No worth replacing the radio but a cheap, easy fix would be appreciated if someone knows of one.

  • frymanfryman Posts: 19
    Had the same problem with our 98. Removed the gate panel and greased the mecanism and it works fine now. Used WED40 and sprayed the mechanism and as much of the cable as possible. The panel is held on by plastic inserts which may break when you pull them off. YOu can get a set of inserts at the dealer if they break. The same ones are used on door panels as well.
  • frymanfryman Posts: 19
    I have a 98 and the lower two speeds on the blower motor do not work, is this a result of the resistor being bad or is it something else?

  • frymanfryman Posts: 19
    Our 98 had the same problem which was result of blown head gasket. After repair, it did the same thing until I bled the air out of the cooling system. I did not drive it so I dont know if it had loss of power but it definitely had spikes in temperature. Have been driving it for 12K miles with no problems after bleeding air from coolant system.
  • jservicejservice Posts: 11

    My fan had exactly the same symptoms; after I replaced the blower motor resistor it worked fine!
  • frymanfryman Posts: 19
    Thanks, I will try the replacement of the resistor assembly.
  • bgallionbgallion Posts: 1
    I'm working on my Dad's 1999 Montana. It has an intermittent starting problem. One day it starts and runs just fine time after time, the next day it will start and die time after time after just a second or two of running. Has anyone dealt with this problem before? I've troubleshot the fuel system and it seems to be working fine with plenty of pressure. Any help would be appreciated.
  • moc64moc64 Posts: 1
    Hi, Rear hatch on 2004 Montana won't unlock. Only way that I can see to unlock is with power door locks. No key access on rear hatch. Is there a way to "unlock" the door from inside the vehicle(if I crawl back there) or is there a way to remove the plastic panel with the hatch closed so I can get to the lock mechanism to see what is happening? Or am I making this more complicated than it is(which I have a tendency to do)

    Thanks for any responses
  • jim77kjim77k Posts: 1
    I realize this is long after the fact but my drivers window would go down but then stay down. (2000 Montana)
    They had to replace the complete sub assembly including even the radio speaker. It cost me $850.00 for parts and labor.
    The idiot that designed this probably got some kind of award for saving the company money.
    No wonder the U.S. car companies are in the shape they are.
  • richardp2richardp2 Posts: 4
    relatively few problems until lately. The oil pump quit and I had to replace the engine. I am also having a A/C problem with no air blowing out of the vents even though I can hear the A/C blower fan working. As usual you should pay to have the vehicle checked by a reputable mechanic.
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