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Mercury Cougar



  • arn09arn09 Posts: 1
    I was wondering if anyone can help me with this one. My local dealer has a 1999 Cougar still on his lot and has had it in stock since at least the beginning of September. It is a V6 with every option except ATX. The original sticker price was approx. 22,500. He has it marked down to 19,300, but I have a feeling that since it is a 1999, it's getting close to tax time, and he's had it on the lot for close to 6 months, that I can get it for significantly less. Anyone had any experience with a situation like this?
  • fredlyfredly Posts: 201
    Arn, you should be paying about 1000 less than invoice for it.
    Mercury Dealers are offerring $1000 cash back on 99 left overs
    take all the options and figure out what the invoice is for the car.
    I got my 99 in Feb/April for 400 under invoice.
    Don't go by sticker price, not many cougars sell for sticker...
    my sticker said something like 21-22k, I only paid around 18
  • I'm looking into a sports style coupe and am looking at the Cougar and Sebring. I've been a Mercury/Ford fan for a LONG time and have had no problems with any of their products. I want a coupe with power but have heard that the Cougar V6 is gutless compared to the Sebring. I've test drove only the Cougar and seems sluggish from a stop light or sign and when trying to pass or merge, you have to make it scream to just barely inch pass. I haven't driven a Sebring yet and am wondering if anyone has had the same feelings on the 2000 Cougar V6.
  • stageleftstageleft Posts: 391
    I own a Cougar and have driven the Sebring (coupe and convertible), and believe me, when dealing with the Sebring, the only thing you'll notice with the new ones is the auto-stick transmission with the V6. They don't offer a manual with the Sebring. However, if you're looking at the Automatic in each, you may find the Sebring to be a little smoother, but I've got no experience with a Cougar automatic. You'll be surprised at how slow and lagging the Sebring is too, if power is your major deciding factor.

    Test drive each, good luck.
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    I also own a Cougar and I would challenge anyone who called it "Gutless". Yes the ATX is not the fastest in the world, but is slightly faster than the Sebring's 0-60mph times (9.6 seconds).

    I would also question the build quality of the Sebring. Although I have owned several Dodge vehicles without any problems, I have herd of major build problems with the Avenger, which I believe is just about the same car as the Sebring. If i'm wrong about this, please correct me.

  • stageleftstageleft Posts: 391
    The Sebring Coupe and the Avenger come off the same assembly line, while the Sebring Convertible is it's own animal, built from the ground up as a convertible rather than a coupe which has had it's top cut off.
  • roadroachroadroach Posts: 131
    If you test drove a Cougar and thought it lacked power, you will probably not like the Sebring either. (I'm assuming you will be comparing apples to apples ie. both cars a V6/auto, Sebring doen't have manual w/ V6). If you want more grunt, and can afford it, you may want to look at the new Mitsubishi GT. If you are looking at a manual (not clear in your post), you have more options available.
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    Thanks for clearing that up. I wasn't sure about that.

    My final suggestion would be to test drive both cars back to back. Then make a decision.
  • stageleftstageleft Posts: 391
    You're welcome. (Sounded "brochure-like", huh?)
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I test drove a Cougar back in 1999. Liked it, but it felt like I was sitting on the floor driving the car. Also, the power could have been better for a V6 as well. I was still thinking about a purchase, but am waiting for reliability to pan out. Has anyone here had trouble with the Cougar V6 automatic? And how do you like your cars? I would greatly appreciate some insight. Also, how is fuel economy with this combination and does it require premium fuel (don't think it does, but want to make sure)? Thanks in advance for everyone's help.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Most of these questions can probably be answered in the Sports Car/ Coupe section under Cougar Support Group. We are on our 8th(I think) session. There are thousands of previous posts that would help in answering your questions. But, I will give you my opinions and comments:

    I have a '99 Cougar V6 w/ conv group and Automatic(I got in June of '99). I have had NO problems with the transmission. Fuel economy: city - 21-22mpg and Highway- 26-27. The best I ever got was about 28 mpg.

    No, the v6 Cougar requires 87 octane only. I think it is a waste to get any higher octane. If your new car knocks or pings with 87, get it checked by your dealer.

    Reliability: Pretty good. The only problems I have run into are: back hatch did not want to open all the time. This was fixed by dealer. I also have noticed rattles in my dash and hatch. The dealer has been unable to find (or hear) these so I have learned to live with them. Other than that, it have been a wonderful car. I would totally recommend the Cougar. You will also hear some individuals that have had numerous problems with their Cougars. I believe these are LIMITED cases and the car should not be judged solely on these instances.

    Why I like this car: Where do I start. It is the best car for the money. Great handleing, great touring car and comfortable. The styling is also awesome. I am sure my other cougar friends will fill in the blanks.

    Also, if you want more power, look at the new and coming Cougar S!!!! 200hp.
  • I'm asking $350.00 for the complete set.
  • Well, I hate to disappoint you but I do own a new cougar, or what is considered new. It now has 7000 miles on it and has been in the shop 8 times. all for different problems. do i expect a first year model to have some issues, yes, but not like this. Ford is currently giving me a full refund for my car. I also mentioned the asking price is usually around 19000. did i pay even close to that, hell no. plus, that's what they are asking in my area. I also have a signed form from for itself, stating that 1999 cougars have issues with brakes. so am i sorry i bought one, not at all. they are sharp looking with sleek styling, but lack many areas. so i am more then happy to be driving my new, different car and taking my refund check to the bank.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Sorry about your experience. What kind of car do you plan to get? Obviously not a Ford product!!!

    What year and month was your Cougar built in?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    My friend and I are proud owners of a 2000 Celica GT. We have 3700 miles and no problems yet. The Cougar probably has more low-end power, but the Cougar cannot TOUCH it in the handling department. The flattest cornering I ever experienced! Try one, you might like it. They go from $21K for a loaded GT with everything to about $24K for a loaded GT-S with everything. Also, you should have no problems because, afterall, it is a Toyota.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    You think you got looked at when you had the Cougar... HUH! EVRRYONE's head turns when they see a Celica coming. I know from experience. I have gotten so many compliments and questions that I do not even go to the gas station any more (a crowd ALWAYS appears and has many, many questions). You will definitely turn heads and be on your way with Toyota reliability.
  • Whereas the Celica is named a GT, the Cougar V6 IS more of a true GT car, ie "gran Tourismo" , IMO. Smooth power from the V6, comfortable fast cross country machine. Will cruise nicely at 90-100 and above (if you have the opportunity) and still feel solid and the engine is relaxed. Top speed for the MTX, 140mph in stock form. It is also eats up twisty roads. It is widely recognized as one of the best handling FWD cars on the planet. To me the Celica is more of a boy-racer car. No doubt very competent and a blast with the 6speed and all, but a somewhat different type of vehicle.
    $.02 please...
  • sergeissergeis Posts: 133
    I would buy a Cougar, if there would not be Celica out there. I guess Cougar accelerates somewhat faster than Celica GT, but its handling is not as good (it is still much better than Mustang).
    BTW, when I parked Celica once in front of Mercury dealer the guy thought that this is a cougar.
    If you need a bigger trunk then Cougar would be better, but I already have Grand Marquis for the trunk and interstate ride.
    At a time I bought Celica it was only ~$500 more than similarily equipped Cougar.
  • Whats the deal with the Mercuty Cougar S? I ahve never heard about it until reading the review about the S edition on edmonds. Anyone know anything??? Thanks
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    The "S" will be released this spring,but in limited numbers (only about 3000). It will produce 200 horse power and 170 pounds of torque. The 2.5 Duratech will be used but the following will be changed/Modified:
    - Intake
    - Throttle Body
    - Injectors
    - Intake Manifold
    - Exhaust Manifold
    - Exhaust System (Borla dual tip cat-back system)
    - Modified computer program
    - Stiffer suspension
    - Standard leather/heated seats
    - Different instrument panel
    - Racing type pedals
    - Different rear wing
    - Different center hubs on wheels
    - "S" badging

    The limited numbers will make it difficult to get. On average each dealer will only get one. SO that means they will be unwilling to budge on the sticker price, which should be around $23,000.
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