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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • carpedrewumcarpedrewum Posts: 17
    edited August 2011
    My uncle needed a new toyota, crazy guy first wanted the boat look alike Cressida second hand thinking that that was the cheapest he would, and remembering how cool the car was in his youth. I eventually managed to convince him otherwise and save him (and myself) some embarassment by showing him an online site listing . Managed to find a very nice 2007 Corolla with low mileage. Safe to say he is a happy man now.
  • jesmc1jesmc1 Posts: 3
    I have started the shopping process and have a question: when is the cash incentive supposed to be deducted? One sales guy told me it gets deducted after everything is added: price + tax + dmv costs, then - $500 cash back.

    Is this right?

  • Virginia has very high sales tax.
  • Did you end up buying one yet?? You missed out, they were selling for 13,900 earlier this year (before the earthquake). I'd say at this point 16,660 is more than fair considering that is pretty much invoice minus holdback...
  • Went to dealership to look at 2011 corolla s automatic. On way out the sales person tells my wife the sr sales manager would sell it for 16,000 if we bought that day (msrp 19, 450, invoice 17,xxx). We call back to discuss and sr sales manager says " oh, that was just what if I could sale it for that price" would we buy. Lowest he would go was 18,000. We call his boss to tell them that what he did was very deceptive, now finance manager is very responsive to us because of this and is offering us a 2011 corolla s for 16,900 plus TT&T. This appears to be below invoice and near dealer hold back fee.
  • niharnihar Posts: 1

    I have purchased a used Toyota from a dealer and went on loan, today I received the documents and I am surprised to see a Toyota Charge for 7 years and 100K warranty of $1690.

    Here are the details

    Make - 2010
    Sales Tax 985
    Other Charges - 200
    Toyota Charge for 7 years and 100K warranty - 1690

    Is the 1690 charge is correct or they duped me ?

    Please suggest.

  • Corolla LE with mats - 16990 OTD inc. title and registration for 4 yrs
    Portland, OR so I didnt pay any sales tax...
    I could have gotten 750$ lower i.e., 16250 had I opted out of the Toyota finance option....and financed through a credit union/paid cash
    I got a 0% for my a lil over avg credit score which is why I went for it.... I did 1k down....
    I think I did ok....regardless, it's a nice car to drive for a commuter car....and I know i'll get a decent money amount back even if I were to sell it after a few yrs

    I read a lot of your posts and would like to thanks Edmunds and all of you for this forum....All you prospective buyers should share your experiences and prices as well :)
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 2,578
    How much more was this model? I think the new Corolla will look like a littler 2012 Camry...a nice looking ride. Hoping the new Corolla will debut as a 2013 model.

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2014 Hyundai Tuscon SE/2005 Mazda 3s/2008 Hyundai Accent GLS/2009 Nissan Versa SL hatch

  • Yesterday, I bought Toyota Corolla 2011 new Auto, with ex package (xm radio, usb port and bluetooth). The MRSP =19130. I got it for 16600 OTD with 0% for 36 months. I`m from VA and I bought from MD.
  • Is it the Toyota Corolla 2011 base or LX? Can you give the dealer name?
  • James,

    Did you have that college rebate? Which dealer did you go? A MD dealer gave me OTD$15500 but just base LE.

  • whoosierdaddywhoosierdaddy Posts: 76
    edited November 2011
    Yeah, they gotcha. When you buy a car bring a financial calculator to check all their numbers, and read everything before you sign it. Keep one hand on your wallet at all times (metaphorically speaking). They don't see it as cheating you, they see it as maximizing gross margin on every deal.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 2,578
    If y'all didn't ask for it, did ya at least have them take the charge off? Did at any time anyone in your party agree to this policy? If not, refuse it and move on. This is why folks need to be educated and read the documents. Hopefully y'all did what was necessary in your case. Just amazing!!!

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2014 Hyundai Tuscon SE/2005 Mazda 3s/2008 Hyundai Accent GLS/2009 Nissan Versa SL hatch

  • Just bought a 2011 Corolla S with options FE, EX, and CF for $16,900 + tax and license and fees after $1,000 rebate. Did I get a good deal?
  • Hi All,

    Looking to buy a 2011 Corolla S in Magnetic Gray Metallic. Please share your price breakdown and dealership.

  • what is your residual? (buy out price)
  • Charles/ultfamcar - Did you buy that Corolla S? If so, what kind of deal did you get?

    I am going to be buying next week.

    Mary K
  • Price : 16K + TTL (this price supposed to take of $500 incentive)
    Invoice for this car happens to be 17044 + Dealer advertising fees (306 in CA)

    I ended up getting 0% financing also. Further I took advantage of Shareathon campaign that would net $600 to 700 (1000 - taxes)

    This is the best I could pull based on time constraints and vehicle availability (we wanted Grey). Happy hunting.

    Is it a good deal?
  • What dealership gave you this care for that price?
  • perma88perma88 Posts: 22
    edited January 2012
    yayar, which dealership in MD give you the $15,500 quote for the base model LE............I am interested
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