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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • sabdulsabdul Posts: 10
    I got my discount before tax.
  • rehmanaurehmanau Posts: 1
    Hi Sabdul,
    Congrats on new car. Could you please share with me whether you paid MD tax or VA tax. Also what was the total out of the door price including TTL you paid. Thanks for your help!
  • dchevdchev Posts: 38
    Hi econfused and sabdul,
    Your 2012 Toyota Corolas do not have auto headlights.
    Starting the engine will turn your daytime running lights on; however, your headlights will not turn on automatically at dark space.
    Look at the switch on your steering wheel, and you will see no auto option.
    Toyota stopped installing auto headlights with 2011 Toyota Corolla.
    2010 Corolla has them, but not 2011-12 Corollas.
    Sorry about that!
  • rynick2rynick2 Posts: 9

    Purchased @ Claremont Toyota. $15777 plus TTL
  • Thanks rynick - $15777 is before the $500 rebate or including?
  • ariknycariknyc Posts: 12
    I went to purchase a Toyota at Route 22 Toyota in Hillside NJ and the experience was really bad. I do not recommend this dealer and caution all forum readers to stay away. Even if you could get a good deal from them, I doubt they would provide good service in the future. There are a lot of negative reviews about this dealership.
  • Bought a white 2012 Corolla S with Auto tranny for my 18 year old daughter going to college. Net price $16,975 and drive out $18,064. MSRP was close to $20K. Great deal and the time from walk in to drive out was around 90 min.

    Best car buying experience of my life. Cobb County Toyota in Kennesaw, GA in the suburbs north of Atlanta. Highly recommend.
  • miapoppymiapoppy Posts: 15
    Thank you very clear and helpful. Lots of BS on this forum from dealers who don't want true prices out. THANKS AGAIN
  • asca2asca2 Posts: 7
    I went to Claremont and asked about this deal. They did the classic bait and switch and said they only had 2 cars available for that price and they are gone. Not only that, the manager was the biggest jerk I have ever dealt with. DO NOT go there.
  • rynick2rynick2 Posts: 9
    Yes. This was an adverstised "All LE's at this price" in the LA Times. Can't really bait and switch that. I have been on the other end where the cars are no longer available as well. Good luck. $15,777 plus TTL. Then the 500 rebate came off.
  • asca2asca2 Posts: 7
    I was able to buy a Corolla LE for $18000, with all taxes, licenses and fees included, basically out the door, from DCH Toyota in Simi Valley, CA. It was the best price I could find after looking almost at all the dealerships in Southern California.
  • meche31meche31 Posts: 3
    Got an L Auto with mats, dealer installed cruise and tint MSRP just over $18000+cruise and tint. Selling price was 13,999 + 300 for cruise and tint + 599 dealer fee + TTL for and OTD right around $16000.
  • Purchased a corolla in the Bay Area last week.
    2013 Corolla LE
    $16,998 + TTL
    - $500 Rebate
    = $18,404.54 OTD
    -$1500 College Grad rebate
  • I was wondering if any one around Norther VA have bought a 2013 Corolla LE or S in near past. I was wondering what was the price paid and which dealer. I am in the market for a Corolla and would like to know what the current prices look like. Its surprising that no one has posted their experience in over a month.
  • For what it is worth. Bought a 2013 Corolla S 17225+TTL.
  • Picked up my new 2013 Corolla L today at Cobb County Toyota in Kennesaw, GA. $14,972 + TTL. $16,111 OTD. Drove down from Nashville as there was not a single L model in the area. Got 38 mpg on the 225 mile drive back to Nashville. They offered me a LE for 15,865 + TTL but I didn't really need the extra features. They couldn't have been nicer.
  • Is this best, good or fair or worst price if I pay full amount upfront in cash? Any comments? I am getting the quote from Toyota dealer in Chicago area for 2013 Corolla LE 4Dr Auto Sedan in Magnetic Gray Color: 16845.00
    -500.00 Rebate
    219.00 Plates& Title
    161.38 Doc fee
    1420.09 Taxes
    18145.47 OTD price
    incl carpet mats/trunk mat
  • who bought 2013 corolla recently in south florida area? how about 2012 corolla Le $16000+TTL?
  • somanssomans Posts: 10
    I want to buy a new corolla and I live in NJ. Can someone tell me which is a hassle free dealer and what is the price for a LE
  • That looks like a great price , would go for it if they offered in north NJ, don't see anything close to that here.
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