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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • dr94087dr94087 Posts: 9

    I am looking to buy a New Corolla 09 LE.

    The current promotions going in bay area are 2000 OFF MSRP + 0% APR for 3 Yrs.

    Is this a good deal ??

    The MSRP for Corolla 09 LE is $16,500.

    How much I will have to shell out (OTD) considering this offer?

  • jilliewjilliew Posts: 48
    My XLE was $18,700 and OTD was $20,300 and this was in Auburn, CA at Auburn Toyota so that should sort of give you a ball park figure. Plus, when you finish calling dealers to get the best price they can plug it into DMV and tell you what it will be. Or you can do it yourself on the DMV site:
  • 2009 Toyota Corolla Sport

    Out the Door, tax title - 18580

    I am going to talk to a couple other dealers and see if they can beat it

    What do you guys think
  • jilliewjilliew Posts: 48
    Are you getting any extras for that price. Of course you should keep comparing. You never know who might beat it. Did you try San Jose Toyota. They gave me a pretty good price on a Prius. There are lots of dealers in the Bay, so call them all. There's a recession and dealers are hurting so there are bargains out there.
  • michigan62michigan62 Posts: 5
    which state did you buy your corolla?
  • michigan62michigan62 Posts: 5
    i bought an LE corolla

    car price = 16,855
    includes: Cruise control, 6 cd changer, all weather guard package, keyless entry, carpet and floor mats.

    doc fee = 180.00
    CVR electronic filing = 24.00
    6% sales tax = 1,023.54
    license = 91
    title = 8

    delivered price = 18,181.54
  • Got this deal zipcode 33610 (Tampa, Florida)

    Out the Door Price Corolla
    Sale Price $15,383.00
    Subtotal $15,383.00
    FLA. Tire disposal fee: $5.00
    FLA. Lead-acid battery disposal fee: $1.50
    Dealer fee $599.00
    Amount taxable on vehicle $15,988.50
    Sales tax = 6% $959.31
    $50 sales tax fee $50.00
    New tag $252.00
    Cash balance due on vehicle: $17,249.81
    Rebate $750.00
    Total $16,499.81
  • To corolla in michigan - What dealer/city? Looks like a nice deal, I'd like to follow suite.
  • michigan62michigan62 Posts: 5
    dealer is fox toyota in rochester hills, michigan
  • muchocatsmuchocats Posts: 1
    Hi tbarry

    What state / dealership did you purchase from ?

  • tarheel87tarheel87 Posts: 1
    Just paid $17000 plus $900 fees, tax, doc on an LE with cruise, keyless, and tinted windows. Saved about -200 below invoice.

    Good Luck.
  • mnfmnf Posts: 404
    I purchased a Auto 2009 LE with the normal options Stability Control, six speaker system mats ect , MSRP was $18,644 picked it up for $16,200.It was a couple of weeks of shopping and e-mailing but in the end it was worth the wait.

  • hannainnchannainnc Posts: 2
    Just purchased a 2009 CorollaS (automatic) - with sport package, power everything...alloy wheels - $17k out the door....that's it- only $17k. Yay! We had to drive from NC to Atlanta to get the deal, but it was worth the drive. Sticker price was $19,563.30. We paid less than invoice because of the $750 rebate.
  • dr94087dr94087 Posts: 9
    Hi Hannnainnc,

    I never heard about the 750 rebate for 2009 corolla?
    Where have you seen this? Will you pls send me the link?

  • hannainnchannainnc Posts: 2
    750 cash back on all new 2009 Corolla Sedan models. May use cash back toward down payment or receive a check from Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC. Must complete retail sale and delivery between 05/01/08 - 06/02/08. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

    I think it might depend on your region, but I'm not positive - our dealer was marietta toyota in GA.

    you can also go to carsdirect and enter your zip to see if the rebate applies to your area.
  • jkh713jkh713 Posts: 4
    2009 Corolla LE Automatic
    Gray Cloth

    Cruise Control
    Color-Keyed Outside Rear View Mirror
    50 State Emissions
    Remote Keyless Entry w/Key Transmitter
    Power Windows with Driver's Side
    One-Touch Down and Shift Activated Powe
    Door Locks
    Carpet Mat Set

    Vehicle Shield Package
    Lusterizing Sealant
    Sound Shield
    Sealant Cleaner
    Rental Car Assistance

    $16,798 Plus T,T,l
    After rebate
  • Wondering if anyone bought a Corolla S w/sport package (rear wing, 16" alloy rims, etc.) in the S.F. Bay Area ? If you did...what was your OTD price paid. So far the best deal I can get is $19,500.00 OTD.

    Can anyone beat this ?

    Thanks for the help everyone !
    :surprise: :confuse: :shades:
  • yossarian3yossarian3 Posts: 30
    I made an online offer of $15,800 that was accepted for 2009 Corolla with cruise control, 6 CD changed, all weather package and remote keyless entry. MSRP for the car is $18,394. Is this a good deal or can I do better?
  • michatimichati Posts: 2
    im in the LA area, bought mine at 19,4..sounds like the same deal to me i got everything but the sunroof
  • Michati,

    $19,400.00 seems to be the best deal so far. No sunroof too on this Corolla S. $100.00 bucks isn't enough for me to fly or drive down. It would cost me more now with gas breaking the $4.50 / gal. mark !

    I still hit up my sale rep. and see if he will match...worst he can say is "no" .

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