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VW Golf vs Honda Civic



  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,362
    But, then, so was the VW!
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Re: Stirring The Pot

    In the fifteen years we've owned VWs, we've NEVER had a dead battery. Our block has about 6 VWs on it. I took an informal poll and none of them had ever had a dead battery. You hear the exceptions of course by virtue of the fact that these folks are at a Honda dealership. The other 99% of us are very happy drivers!

  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,362
    I think it happens when they sit for several days or something.

    And, my comments are based strictly on my experiences. Any other salesperson here will agree with me. They quickly learn that VW's have their quirks.

    Engines seem to run OK. It's the little things, mostly electrical that cause trouble. Switches, door handles, stuff like that. These same items rarely cause trouble on a Japanese car. Even domestic models are better.

    In my younger years, I owned many a Volkswagen. I loved my '62 Bug dearly.

    I'm glad your luck has been good. They are very high on my list of cars that make me cringe when we take one in as a trade in.

    Maybe we just get the bad ones?
  • scomoscomo Posts: 39
    I'm looking at a Golf GL and was wondering how $$$ everyone paid? THanks...
  • qwordqword Posts: 20
    Hey Volksnut , congratulations on your recent purchase of the Golf. I know that you'll be able to enjoy it for a long time.
    Before my last purchase of my Y2K Golf TDI, I had a 1994 Golf GL that basically had the same 2.0 engine as yours. Knowing what I do now about aftermarket VW Tuning, I wish that I had kept the car. Before I got rid of it I sank about $425 into it which improved the hp to 140 from 115. That was a P-Chip by Neuspeed, a Weapon R cold air intake w/ a Eurosport heat shield, a Dianichi Turbo Muffler (had plans on forced induction), and a set of Eurosport plugs and plug wires. The car already had EiBach sport springs when I bought it. I also added 16' inch GTR's to improve the looks of the car. After that the car was a total blast to drive, and it didn't sound like a pissed off weed eater like most Honda's, Neons, and other compacts with aftermarket exhaust it had a very deep and strong sound to it.
    The 2.0 is a great engine to build on and I know for a fact that it could easily handle 300 horses. Check out, for information on that.
  • qwordqword Posts: 20
    I've owned three Volkswagens and have never experienced any type of interior problems. Like my current Golf, my 94 Golf didn't have a switch to activate the rear defrost it had a button located next to the radio and it never just fell apart on me. My Scriocco had a switch but it never fell apart. I wouldn't call those typical problems of VW's.
    I know a handful of people with Civics, and Accords that have experienced problems with their Honda's interior features as well. Such things like the buttons for the horns popping off due to big bumps in the roads, rear mirrors flying off due to bumps in the road, and the middle console latch not working properly. Not to mention car paint fading when the car isn't even a year old. ARE THOSE TYPICAL PROBLEMS OF HONDAS??? Must be because all of the above mentioned cars are 1998's and above.
    Also Honda's have tons of road noise compared to VW's, that alone should tell you that VW's are built better. I mean take a ride in a loaded Accord, and then jump right into a base model Golf and go for a ride down that same street.
    Maybe Honda should put more thought into the ride quality of a car and not so much it's looks and prices.
    Like you however; that's just my opinion backed by different experiences with Honda's so it doesn't mean much, because people will still buy both types of cars for a long long time.
  • I am not bragging, in fact I am not really proud of this, but I have owned over 17 new cars in the last 12 years. Including a 95 GTI, a 96 Accord, a 97 Covette, a 97 Camary, a 98 Maxima, a 2000 Vovlo V70 and a 2000 GTI (VR6). The bottom line is that I am not brand loyal, I buy what I like and the best car I have ever owned has been this 2000 GTI (VR6).

    Each of the other cars had plenty of quircks of their own, including the 95 GTI, and the almighty Honda! Yes, folks the Honda, mine was a boring car with problems with the electrical system. So when I went shopping last month I dove everything all over again and read everything I could find. I came back to the GTI car for one reason... For the money there is nothing even close. That is if you want performance, durability, fun, stable, and the list goes on and on.

    VW has packed so much into these cars for a remarkable value and the reason is some of the problems they had in the early 90's. They are out to win back the hearts of driver's and they did it with me. I can afford almost any car I want, and I drove everything before buying this GTI, from the BMW 3 series, to the new Celica GTS, and the hopped up Integra. I even drove the new Eclipse (save some time and skip that one) nothing had the solid, sporty feel and best of all you won't see yourself driving everywhere you go. I have not seen another new GTI since buying mine and that's a great feeling, It's always turning heads and I highly recommend this car. Check out the Road and Track 2000 road tests, the GTI ourperforms all the [non-permissible content removed], but especially the civic.

    As for dealer service, well that's another story. I have never had a car where I actually liked the dealer with the exception of Volvo, they are first class.

    Vvrroomm and have fun!
  • I dunno about what some others may have experienced....and I am kinda biased, sort of, but there's been a few things that have been irritating me throughout all of these posts...

    The one main thing is the "Fun" factor of honda verses VW... and this is where I may be biased.

    For VW...I will does seem to have a little more "creature comforts" that, although nice, aren't really needed! Up here in Canada, it doesn't normally get as hot as it does down south, so personally, I think A/C is overrated, heck...what's the use of a/c when an open window will do! But from my experience, (4 years driving, 5 cars) VW IS the more expensive one for every aspect, (mileage, repairs, etc) so it kinda makes sence that it would have to make up for those factors by being a little more "sportier" than a civic!
    On the performance side of things, I'm not too sure if I can really say that the VW is much better than the civics...the last few VW's that I've been in and drivin,(both being VW Jetta's) but I seemed to have trouble adjusting to the really LOW rpm-to-torque of the TDI and that may be what was wrong, but needles to say no matter how hard I tried, I still had trouble getting the VW's to squeal the tires off a standing start...and shifting up to second had no redeeming factors as it just slid in and started accelerating....up to highway speeds (for me about 95mph) which they both seemed to rev rather high!! (3200 to 3800 5th)

    now for the honda side. I haven't had much experience with these, but I still have come to love them rather unquestionably, mainly for the cost saving mileage, and maintenance! I also like the fact that there's the 7 year 160,000 KM BUMPER-TO-BUMPER warranty that's available! Sure, there's a few less "creature comforts" but for my needs, I don't really need them things like ABS and air conditioning and sunroofs!! Who really would with 9 months of below freezing weather a year!! as for the performance, sure, there may be the fact that the honda's that I'm playing with now are newer(2000 models compared with 91 tdi and 95 base jetta) so that may be another part of my bias, but I do like the fact that i don't have to worry about feeling like the car's gonna pull me off the road in a corner (being lighter) especially since I like taking them corners that are rated at a max safe speed of (pardon my canadian measurements) 30KM/H at about 110km/h!! that combined with the satisfying squeal of the tires from a standstill and another satisfying chirp on shifting to second!, and this is in the smallest performer in the honda line, slightly spruced up!! (dx hatch) which doesn't even hold a candle to the Coupe SiR thats available up here! Another little side note, the RPM levels at highway speeds (95MPH) are a nominal 2800 in 5th!

    LOL....never to make a small impression, I leave this rather long message for you all to peruse, and I shall be glad to answer to anything that may arise whenever I can, as I just discovered edmunds, and really appreciate everything that I have learned and read about here! I consider myself lucky to be able to be one of the relatively few to be able to actually come across such a haven of information in such a chaotic world such as the internet! and will endevor to keep visiting regularly to be able to reply to anything that I may be able to! I figure that I should be able to answer just about anything about the Canadian versions of the Civics that anyone may have, especially since I should be getting my new 2000 hatchback DX here in the next month or so (backordered!! they were really popular, but now that they've been discontinued due to the appearance of the special edition hatchback it's a relativly hard one to come by!) and will try to keep everyone posted on any developments that might deem useful!

    till later...
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    I totally agree. Like I 've said before many times in this topic, the Civic hatchback is cheaper, has better acceleration and costs less to to own (gas, maintenance, etc).
    My '97 hatchback now with 92K mi. can still burn rubber and beat any stock 4cyl. Golf. With some aftermarket wheels, nothing fancy, just some 14x6" and 195-60 HR tires it becomes fun to drive and can take those turns much faster than before.

    So what's this special edition '00 hatchback? What does it come with? does it come with the same 106hp engine? I 'm lucky mine didn't come with power steering 3 years ago so I get a few more horses at the wheels (plus it weighs less)than today's DX htbk that has PS.
  • I just bought a black 2000 Golf GL. I got alloy wheels from the dealer. With the alloys and a cd changer I paid about 15.5k. I have put z rated tires on the car, splash guards, tinted the windows and it looks great. I get alot of questions and comments about it from people when they see it. I really like the way it handles around town and it cruises at 80mph just fine. I looked at Hondas and Focuses but the Honda HB didn't have abs and the Focus just seemed cheap to me...
  • I have all the details for the Civic SE hatch in front of me, but as for the others, I can get them within a few days!! (Might have latched myself a job at one of the local dealerships!!)

    The only real differences between the Civic DX and the Civic SE is:

    -Standard CD Player
    -14" Alloy Wheels
    -Body colored rear spoiler, mirrors, handles, side mouldings, licence garnish
    -"Civic Special" Rear badge (replaces the normal DX or CX)

    and it costs about 500 less!

    Up here in Canada, all I've ever been able to find at any dealership is the Civic Hatch CX, DX, and SE, but today I came across a Type R!! Does anyone know about their availablity up here, or even in the states?
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    They don't export it in the US!! I wish I could buy the Civic Type-R!! It has 185hp and the Integra Type-R suspension, brakes & gearbox!
    It's limited production but will probably be around $5K more than an SE hbk.
    That's the car I was waiting for in '98 & '99 but they never brought it to the US so I got a '99 Integra GSR (170hp). Oh well..
  • quack56kquack56k Posts: 3
    I'm thinking that that one type R that I came across was imported in, cause it wasn't at the dealership for sale!! That's why I'm wondering about it's availablity up here! But ahh....wishfull thinking!
  • shiner2shiner2 Posts: 1
    Howdy Folks,

    This is the first time I've read your group comments and I had a question, or more of a dilemma down here in Texas.

    I've got a 95 Civic CX with 71.5K miles and I'm trying top sell it. Edmunds is giving me a market price of ~ $7500. Is this correct? After looking at other Civic prices (4 door DX,LX,EX)in the classifieds this seems awfully high.

    Another question, I have a dent in the front quarter panel. How much do you usually take off for this? This is the 1st time I've sold a car and I'm not sure what to ask for.

    I wanted to thank you guys for reminding me how fun the Civic is to drive. I just bought a new 99 Isuzu Amigo for $6,500 under MSRP with a convertible soft top(great in central TX). I got the deal of the century but now I am forced to sell my loyal, hard working, great running little Civic CX. I already miss the little guy... I guess I'll give him a spin around the block!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,362
    Are you gone....? O.K.....

    Shiner, instead of looking at Edmunds pricing, go to your local bank. Ask them which book is used in your part of the world. It's probably NADA but it could be Kelly Blue Book.

    You'll find wholesale and retail pricing. you might ask somewhere in between. Be sure to take the deduct if it's a five speed or has no air cond.

    I can't see your dent, but it might be a 300.00 dent or a 2000.00 dent. Have a body shop give you an estimate so you can show that to a prospective buyer.


    No bank or dealership uses Edmunds pricing. I've found these numbers to be all over the board. Sometimes way too high, other times way too low.

    Use the guide that is used in your neck of the woods.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Having a friend who is a dealer and buys and sells used cars, and having brought people to him to buy used cars (I make a few bucks too..) I have a pretty good idea on what cars should go for. I won't see him till the weekend to check his Kelly blue book but I 'd say retail you could get around $5500 at the most for your Civic without a dent.
    I would list it for $5,550 and don't mention the dent in the ad. Tell them on the phone or when they come over to see it take off $400-500 for the dent. Try to get around 4500-5K and don't go to a dealer. They 'll offer you way below blue book, probably around $3K. My friend buys Civics for $3K and gets $5K for them easily.
    71K mi. is nothing for a Civic. I have 93K mi. on my '97 DX htbk and the engine runs like new considering I 'm hard on the car and often cruise at 80-85mph every day with frequent drag racing at the light.
    Have you considered keeping it as a 2nd car? I thought about selling my '97 Civic DX when I bought my '99 GSR and I actually put it in the local paper for 10 days and then I changed my mind. I got many calls and some people even told me that $6900 was too low and they were afraid something was wrong with it! Gas prices had already started rising last July and since the GSR runs on premium gas I decided to keep the CIvic.
    I know trucks don't get good gas mileage at all and you 'll definitely miss the Civic's.
    If your truck says on the sticker that it gets
    20city - 25hwy, figure 17-22 at best. A lot of my friends have SUVs and jeeps and they don't come close to the advertised gas mileage which is bad to begin with. Just something for you to think about..
  • volksnutvolksnut Posts: 2
    I've decided to keep my civic DX instead of selling it because my wife and I both need high mpg cars where we live and with the current gas price hike. While trying to sell the Honda I got one call for my asking price of $6100. The market is flooded with these cars. In case you didn't read my last comment, I bought a new 00 Golf GLS and I compared them slightly although I'd only had a few miles on it. Now with 2,500 more miles of experience with the Golf, I'd like to compare them again. The Golf kicks the Civics butt in every way. No contest.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Yes, the Golf is the better car (you get what you pay for expression comes to mind) but you can't tell me that a 2750lb car with 115hp can accelerate faster than a 2250lbs car with 106!
    I 've never been beaten by a 4cyl. Golf.
    Just look at the magazine accelaration tests. Golf: 10-10.4s and Civic htbk: 8.7-9.1
    That's one of 2 things a Civic htbk is better at than a Golf GL,GLS. The other is gas mileage.
    Show me a Golf that averages 33-34mpg (like mine).. Other than that, the Golf is better in almost every category. If I could 've gotten a Golf for $12.5K (with A/C) I would. At that price range ($13K) the Civic hatchback is definetely worth it. I 'm sure your GLS cost you around 17K..
    Next year though the Golf will have some real competition from the redesigned Civic which will be much more comparable to the VWs.
  • thebbw1thebbw1 Posts: 3
    Well my days as a speed demon are waning and I'm looking for a little comfort in my life now. I have lived with a Civic hatchback VERY happily for the last nine years, and have just finalized the search for a new vehicle. BUT to me, the Golf was just SO much nicer that any slight cost differances were not relevant. ABS, Disc brakes, heated mirrors, sumptuous details, great sound. Now I am still nervous about leaving the wonderful world of Honda reliability, I'll have to get back to you in a few years.
  • focuszx3rfocuszx3r Posts: 92
    If u can find a Civic hatchback, BUY IT! It is a much better car then a VW, but I was recently in the market for a hatch and I bought a Ford Focus ZX3. Its much better in the style and price dept. then these cars!
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