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VW Golf vs Honda Civic



  • If I'm correct they don't offer a tach in a US Civic DX. Not even the coupe or Sedan. (Only1harry) Am I right about this?
  • rfruthrfruth Posts: 630
    Here is my 2 cents worth, when I was in the market for something new last year went to a couple VW dealerships cause I at least wanted to look at a
    Golf, there was none (plenty of other high dollar models but no Golf's) in stock and thought to myself if their having trouble taking my money now what happens down the road when I need parts and or service ? Went to a local Honda dealer and there were several Civic's ready to go, guess what I ended up with ? ((Not so good VW dealerships ?))

    Rob Fruth - Houston, Tx

    1981 Raleigh for commuting, errands & fun
    1997 Trek 2300 for real fun !
    2000 Civic DX hatch (no OEM tach available in US)
  • qwordqword Posts: 20
    Maybe in some parts of the states the Golfs are hard to come by. I own a 2000 Golf GLS TDI that was purchased back in November of 1999. At that particular time there were a total of three TDI's on the lot. Just last week I took my girl friend to that same lot to look at the 1.8t Golf and to my surprise they didn't have a single TDI Golf. Plenty of base model Golfs, and GLS models but no TDI's. Since then I've visited three other VW dealers here in the Dallas Fort Worth area and again have found plenty of base and GLS model Golfs but no TDI's.. Maybe they just can't build them fast enough..
  • goopgoop Posts: 23
    Well, another perspective on this is that there were plenty of boring Civics because it's a common car, and demand for the cool Golf makes them harder to come by. :) Or if I leave a plate out with chocolate candy and liver sandwiches, guess which one is going to be gone first. :)

    Sorry, couldn't resist, and before the flames come, it's all in good fun.

    Saw your page - cool bike. I've got a Specialized Rockhopper that I need to use more. I'll check some of those links you have since I'm looking for a low key night riding club.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Yep, NO tac on Civic CX & DX hatch and coupes. That's the only thing I don't like about my DX HB but you get used to it quickly. The manual gives you the top speed of each gear up to 3d (4th achieves top speed, not 5th in a Civic) so if I need to push it I know exactly where to shift. I 've actually tested the REV limiter in 1st,2nd and 3d so I know what my speedometer reads just before the fuel cutoff kicks in. Top speed is always around 115mph in 4th gear - drag limited (not ECU).
    As far as model availability (VW TDI, etc.) most of the time the manufacturer has a predetermined # that they will build for each model. When the '00 Celica came out, Toyota announced that 69% of all Celicas will be automatic and that less that about 16% of all Celicas will be the GT-S model. They already have all that stuff figured out and planned out. I guess they look at previous year sales, trends, etc. and will adjust manufacturing for the next year if their figures are off.. I too had a tough time finding an Integra GSR only because 1 out of 8-9 Integras are GSRs. When I found a couple they didn't have my color, and so on..
    And finally to repeat what I 've said before for the umpteenth time, this is not a fair comparison between the Golf and Civic HB because of the many reasons that have been mentioned.
  • What springs would work well with our '97 GSR?
    We currently have the Skunk Works coil-overs. We are not happy with them. Do you know of anyone that runs H&R/Neuspeed Race Springs? Are they to hard? We don't trailor the car to events so would we be able to stand the stiff ride for 2 hours 1-way?
  • Where would you get them? Nopi, Summit Racing, etc.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Although I have the H&R Sports and like them a lot, I 'd recommend the Neuspeed Sports because they 're stiffer and have higher spring rates.
    I don't recommend Racing springs for any street driving. They 're so stiff that when you go over some bumps, especially on a turn the car changes direction! The H&R & Neuspeed racing springs are way too stiff. The spring rates are 583lbs (F) and 450lbs (Rear)! Knowing how stiff my ride is now with the H&R Sports, I 'd never touch these springs.
    The H&R Sports are softer but still a lot stiffer than stock GSR springs. H&R Sports are
    276(F)/220(R). However I think for auto-x, if I had to do it all over again, I 'd get the Neuspeed Sports: Their spring rates are: 350F/280R. These spring rates are very similar to what most auto-x'ers order from Ground Controls when they specify the stiffness of the GC coilovers they 're buying. Your most common spring rate of an auto-xer with coilovers is 350F/300R. The Neuspeed Sports best matches this figure and they 're much cheaper than coilovers.
    I know many people that have them as well as 2 Type-R's. My friend dropped his times by at least 1 sec. with the Neuspeed Sports on his ITR. My brother hasn't been able to come close to him with his stock Type-R since.
    Anyway, if you must go with Racing Springs, go with Neuspeed again, only because I heard they have a little better ride than the H&R racing ones. I 'm a big H&R fan and love my H&R Sports, but I hear when it comes to racing springs, Neuspeed's are a little easier on your spine :-)
    PS. This is actually no joke, I know one guy that after 3 years on racing springs, he 's having all kinds of back problems and there's something with 2 of his discs, not sure. Your spine takes a lot of pounding with Racing springs.
    At least make sure you set those Konis for the softest setting on the way to the track.
  • qkrielqkriel Posts: 1
    Does anywone have an option on whether the extra cash for the Jetta over the Golf would be worthwhile.
  • rfruthrfruth Posts: 630
    Should have known I was leaving myself wide open to a boring Civic cool Golf comment when I said there were no Golf's on the dealers lots around here so I got a Civic, there all boring to me once the novelty has worn off, I've never owned or
    even ridden in a Golf maybe need to ? Hey Rockhopper night riding, I can't believe how much good bicycle lightning costs ! Course cars
    & the like come with a lightning system, wonder what that adds to the cost ?

    Rob Fruth - Houston, Tx

    1981 Raleigh for commuting, errands & fun
    1997 Trek 2300 for real fun !
    2000 Civic DX hatchback when I have to
  • goopgoop Posts: 23

    Depends on if you want a hatch or a 4 door sedan, really. I have a hatch because the cargo space is pretty darn good, and that's why I picked the GTI over the Jetta. Not to say that you can't fit a lot of stuff in a Jetta, but I think the hatch is more versatile.

    Also the Golf/GTI is a tad bit faster since it weighs less than the Jetta, but I'd say this isn't too huge of a deal for most folks.


    Fortunately I have a friend that works at Bike Barn so I can swing some deals. I've got a 15w halogen headlight that I love - I never worry about cars not seeing me at night, although I try to avoid them when at all possible. I'm thinking about hitting the Village tonight for a quick beer - it's a good excuse for a ride. :)
  • chimaerachimaera Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2000 Civic Hatchback DX automatic. Does anyone know the maximum speed for each gear (auto)? Also, I recently noticed that the lock-up torque converter does not lock up until the car reaches approx above 55mph. At lower speed, no matter how smooth the car is running on a flat straight road, I just couldn't get the converter to lock up. Or it is too subtle to be noticed?

    Any opinions will be greatly appreciated.
  • plush1plush1 Posts: 12
    I'll have to agree with what one guy said earlier, there's no comparison between a Civic DX Hatchback and a VW Golf. I own a 2000 Civic DX Hatch and I must say that it's a good car - it serves its purpose and I'm more than happy with it. I have a friend who own a 1999 VW Golf and it's a more impressive ride. I almost bought one myself but I just couldn't sacrifice that Honda reliability for anything. I think a Civic Si is a better comparison for a VW Golf. VW sure knows how to put together a car, I gotta say, but they're too damn expensive! The way I see it, the novelty always wears off, no matter what you drive. I've owned a lot of cars over the years (i.e., VW Beetles, BMW, Datsun, Toyota, Acura) and for some reason I always lose interest real fast. I guess that's why I've been through so many cars. Anyhow, the 2001 Civic is coming out sometime this fall, we'll see how that generation will do against the VW Golf...
  • I drove my wifes '95 Jetta GLS 5-speed this weekend on a long road trip. It was hot and the AC was always on. The 2.0L eight valve doesn't even let you notice that the AC is on. The 2.0l makes plenty of power between the 2500-5000rpm range where the engine is majority of the time. Later that day I got in my friends '98 Civic EX (127hp VTEC)Coupe with a 5-speed. The car runs great, but it is not happy until the tach reaches 5000rpm. Otherwise the car feels really under powered. The AC kills the Civic. Both are ok cars, but I would rather stick with the VW. The 2.0L's power is more suited for normal driving and it got 35mpg on the highway to boot. I'm not how much heavier the new VW's are, but the 115hp 2.0L is great with a 5-speed in the MK3 models. my .02 cents
  • qwordqword Posts: 20
    Like I've said in my earlier post, I absolutely loved my mk3 Golf which was a 94 model. The 2.0L 115 hp @ 122 ft. lbs. of torque was perfect for my little car. It was only a mere 2200 pound car. I was happy with the stock performance of the car even before I added a few goodies to it. I really don't know the specs of the mk3 Golf in stock trim but it sure felt faster than any Civic I've ever ridden in which includes the Si, which I know it's not as fast as.....
  • rskipk1rskipk1 Posts: 4
    Just checked out this topic for the first time and read most of the posts. I have a 96 jetta with the 2.0l engine, not a Golf but close enough. My best fried drives a Civic Hatch and there just wasn't anything about his car that made me even LOOK at a Civic over the VW. The standard features alone that come with the VW are excellent, the Honda DX is stripped, just like the skimpy Corolla from Toyota. Driving the VW, regardless of the sophistication of the engines, is so different from the Honda because you are just more connected to the road, better handling and better feel through the steering. VW's engine may not be the most advanced but it is "Bulletproof" as was quoated in Car and Driver and I trust those guys, been reading their stuff for years. I guess for my two cents I just want to say that it definetly comes down to personal preference. I know a lot of friends who rive Hondas and love them, I know reliability is a word thrown around alot in this forum and the people who trash VW don't always own one. I do, it has over 70k on it, absolutely no problems and it gives so much back in character and feels glued to the road. I'm happy we're all different and someone's junk is someone else's treasure. Peace.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,599
    On a VW, the engines seem to be pretty good...It's everything else that falls apart...
  • gtiman1gtiman1 Posts: 4
    WOW! Strong words from somebody who apparently sells "tin cans" on wheels for a living!
  • davidmasdavidmas Posts: 12
    got a price quote of $17635 for a golf gls tdi 5 speed. Any comparisons out there? Hear anything about changes in the 2001 model year? I understand pricing remains the same.
  • plush1plush1 Posts: 12
    Hey man, let's cut out the trash talking! Of course everyone out there thinks that what they drive is the best thing on four wheels. Hondas and VWs are both decent cars! I've owned both and never had any problems with any of them, especially the Hondas. I think that import car lovers oughtta stick together. You wanna talk about "tin cans on wheels," then let's talk about domestic cars...!
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