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Volkswagen Passat CC Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Im working on a CC Lux now with B.tooth, rubber mat kit, and chrome exhaust tips for $30533 + 6% tax with 4.9% financing. How did you get 3.9%?
  • davelja1davelja1 Posts: 12
    I got Owner's Loyalty and the dealer can get special rates.
  • davelja1davelja1 Posts: 12
    At the time, as well as right now, 36 months was 0%. Extending the payments takes you up to an actual interest rate that's pretty low at longer payment terms.
  • thorsthors Posts: 35
    Looking at the 2009 CC Luxury, but dealer has a 2009 V6 4Motion in a color we like, interior we want, loaded (except bluetooth looks like which we really do want and says tech pkg no camera ?? I thought that was part of the tech pkg??) ....sticker says $41,988 sale price $32, car..... :confuse:

    Quote on a Luxury 2.0 turbo CC with Tech Pkg/Bluetooth/ipod conn - $32,386..yea or nay?
    Same without Tech Pkg is $30,697....yea or nay on that one?
    Really do want the backup camera and bluetooth....... :confuse:

    Is there currently a $1000 incentive? Dealer also says 3 years free maintenance....

    We are looking to purchase.....

    Please help - advice needed asap!!

  • davelja1davelja1 Posts: 12
    Incentive is at least $500. 3 years maintenance is standard.

    The 2.0 turbo is the superior engine. The 4 Mo. w/V-6 is a beautiful car to look at and sit in, but really is going to prove to be less satisfying over the long haul.

    If the Lux 2.0 has what you want, I'd do it. I'd do the tech package.

    Piece of advice: Don't listen to the dealer's training/delivery talk if they offer one. Read the Owner's Manual on the tech gear.
  • thorsthors Posts: 35
    thanks for the quick reply and advice.....

    I'm thinking maybe I need to try to go another $1000 off the price on the Luxury with tech pkg.....I checked out a website called someone suggested and love that site......

    Besides better mileage, what makes the turbo superior? Some slight differences in what's included......

    Thanks for the help!!
  • I have a 2.0T Lux, Tech/BT/iPod. The camera is really cool, it washes out in certain lighting conditions but really helps with backing in to a parallel parking spot.

    If you really need more power than the 2.0 (I've decided I don't), APR will flash your computer and give you +/- 230hp/280tq for $600, and the mileage stays much better than the VR6. You can even reset it temporarily to stock if you go to the dealer.

    I originally went in to buy a black manual trans sport, but was able to get the lux with all the goodies for about $15 a month more. Well worth the extra cost, people can't believe how low my lease is.

    Good luck!
  • davelja1davelja1 Posts: 12
    Horsepower isn't the true measure of a vehicle's abilities. Torque propels you forward from stops and allows superior passing abilities.

    The 2.0T is a super-torquey engine. It's VW's bread-and-butter engine, and goes into all GTI and GLI models and is the mainstay of the Audi A4.

    The V-6 is an older engine. Try them both side by side, but NOT in your average test drive. Take both out on the highway, back-to-back test drives. Punch it! Hard!
    The 2.0T will blow you away with it's gutsiness. It also makes the CC more fun to drive.

    The first time my 18-year-old son was in the car with me, I had to punch it. The car shot forward, pinning us to the seat, and the engine roared as it went through it's shifts. He looked at me and said, "What the hell is THAT? Is that YOUR engine? That is so COOL sounding!"

    Consider the fact that I lived with an automotive mistake for 7 months before the CC. I had a Buick Lucerne with a 190 hp dog of a 3.8. Now, you're toodling in a car with a 1,000 pounds less weight, superior road-handling, and 200 hp.

    Most auto writers will back the 2.0T as well. Apart from the looks and that the car is German, you're buying a car that offers a little fun on demand. If that's not what any of us wanted, we'd all drive Toyotas or Hondas.

    Buy what you like, and enjoy it. But in my opinion, the 2.0T is tops.
  • thorsthors Posts: 35

    I think the 2.0T is enough, but wanted opinions.....It's a deal that's $7900 off original price, so thought to maybe consider for $34,000...

    surfwagon56 - what is your lease out of curiosity? Thinking of purchasing, but haven't rules out leasing......what was the final sales figure...sounds like exactly the same I'm looking for....quote I have is $32,386 and w/o tech $30,697.....

    Thanks for the help! ;)
  • davelja1davelja1 Posts: 12
    I didn't lease, I bought. A year more in payments, about $50 more a month, I own the car. Dealer discounted car to $28,016 from $29,964, then I got $500 owner loyalty, and a 3.9% rate from VW. Payment is $403/mo for 60. For the heck of it, I checked the trade-in price today for the car - $26,840 at Kelly Blue Book. I made 4 payments and owe only $22,900 (I put money down of course.)
  • '09 Lux (auto of course, unfortunately): Original sticker price: $36,135 (tech w/ camera, BT, exhaust tips)

    Leased April 16th in CA (8.25% tax rate)

    $2000 down, $408/month for 36 months, 30K miles (I live 2.7 miles from work so miles will be plenty)

    Gross cap cost $31,158
    Cap. cost reductions 1193.17 (part of the $2000 down)
    Adjusted cap cost $29,964

    $32.3 sounds a little high, I think you can do better. I was going to purchase a black manual Sport, but the lease deal on the Lux was killer and I tire of cars quickly, we leased the CC.

    Good luck!
  • chris_txchris_tx Posts: 15
    I bought my 09 CC VR6 with tech package last week for $8750 off MSRP. Added bluetooth (Volk-L, which is what the dealer can install) for $450. Note that there was an early 2009 change in the tech package that added the backup camera and something like $1000 to the price (combined with price increase all models saw). So if you don't need the backup camera, you can save quite a bit. Mine was a 12/08 build, so doesn't have the camera, and I don't miss it. With the backup sensors and tilt-down passenger mirror, I'm not sure what else is needed to help park the car, LOL.

    My previous car was an 06 VW GLI, which has the 2.0T engine. I really liked that engine, it was fantastic in the GLI. I didn't even bother with test driving a CC with the 2.0T because I wanted the 18" wheels and HIDs, and you can't get those with the smaller engine. I really like the smoothness of the V6, and my gas mileage (car has 300 miles on it now) has been decent, with highway in the mid 20's.

    Let me add that the selection is dwindling fast. I didn't have much in the way of color selection (in Houston), nor build date (later=better, IMO), so you don't want to think about it too long. The car was far too expensive at MSRP, but these are incredible deals!
  • thorsthors Posts: 35
    Very much appreciate the info ...... I had a back-up camera and do like that feature, so thinking to go w/ the tech....will research a little more if the $32... sounds high for the 2.0T Lux w/ BT/iPod conn/ that $403 payment...what was your final financed price after your ownership loyalty and $ down? Since we're coming to the end of the month, how much do you think they would be willing to go?
  • chris_txchris_tx Posts: 15
    Before taxes and fees, I paid 32,750 for the VR6 with old tech package. If you are close with the 2.0T, then the extra features of the VR6 should be enough to justify it over the 2.0T, IMO.

    I didn't finance, so it wasn't an issue. My credit union was offering 3.7% for up to 66 months, though, so that would be hard for any dealer to beat. You won't get the cash off the MRSP AND good financing from the dealer, it is one or the other.
  • thorsthors Posts: 35

    Thanks for the I realize about the 2 different tech packages, so guess this is the older one as their current offer of $34 and change is too high.....figured as much on the either or for the cash back / credit union is a bit higher than yours, but still lower than what I have heard so far, so will double check that......

    Thanks!! ;)
  • chris_txchris_tx Posts: 15
    $34k for the VR6 is only a ~$7500 reduction from MSRP. They need to add $500-1000 to that number. Shop around as I found some dealers had better deals than others.
  • thorsthors Posts: 35
    From reading, gathered that so will definitely shop around......

  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,952
    Was walking the lots today and noticed that the '10 CC Sport sticker said 22city/31hwy. The '09 Sport was 19city/29hwy. That is a huge difference. Same engine and tranny. EPA didn't change computations since '08. Does anyone know why this would be???
  • davelja1davelja1 Posts: 12
    Yep. Go back and check the '09 against the '10. According to my dealer, the '10 has these changes: badging where there was none; a touch screen radio vs. buttons; AND the DSG transmission in place of the 6 speed automatic.

    However, there is one other possibility. It got retested. Following other forums, the average combined mileage is about 29 mpg. Some have gotten highway of upwards of 37 mpg with 26 mpg around town for '09 models. I've had an ongoing similar experience where I'm getting a tank rang reading of 585 miles at fill up. If it's 18 gallons of fuel, dividing 585 by 18 gets me 32.5 mpg average.

    I'm guessing you looked at auto trannies. So, I'm going with my first shot. As for the DSG tranny, based on all of the recent recalls, no thanks. I would kind of like the badges though as I'm bloody well sick of people standing by my car asking me what the heck it is.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,952
    Aha. It's probably the DSG as you point out. I did notice the DSG as an option listed on the sticker and forgot that the 09 had the 6 speed auto. Didn't realize it would make that big of difference in MPG. I kind of agree about the DSG. Concerns about it's long term viability have been voiced quite a bit even before the recent recall.
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