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GMC Jimmy Heating and Air Conditioning Problems



  • That sounds like your blend door motor is the problem. I have replaced it in troubleshooting my heater issues. On the climate control models this motor is located up behind your glove box. It can be replaced without removing the dash but takes a little patience to get it in. Cost me 80 bucks for one.
  • jminingjmining Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 GMC Jimmy. I read that the problem is that there is no vacuum pressure to control the vent selector (its not an electrical control). The fix: typically when this happens it is simply a vacuum line that has disconnected; the problem with these vacuum lines is that they are very easy to remove from the connector nozzles, they're just like the tubing you use for fish tank air pumps.
    Another reason could be that the vacuum lines are cracked, you should be able to tell by feeling the rubber, if it is not supple and feels hard or brittle it might be time to replace the lines. Should be easy enough, just buy a few yards of vacuum line tubing and replace each line one by one, cutting each to the proper length and reconnect
    Does anyone else agree with this assessment of the problem?
  • gyakegyake Posts: 2
    edited July 2010
    re: #81 ziggysanderson, by anothercup1 were right on. I did exactly what you said and problem is fixed, no more clicking sound, no more blowing hot air, and the a/c is working great. the plastic gear was broken in the cold /hot air door actuator. saved me hundreds of $$$ .gmc mechanics cculdn't even figure it out. I see there are a lot of people with the same problem. hope they read this. thanks again guys!
  • so when i cycle through ac max,norm, ac blend, vent,blend, defrost it wont change. just blows through the defrost and floor. i was reading some where else and i think it might be the blend door accuator (i think thats what it was called. also when everything is off and im driving down the road i get air still coming through. would that be because its the vents are stuck open?

    i have a late model 95 Jimmy 4x4
  • The air on my Jimmy is only blowing out the front vents. The temperature is correct and I the air/defrost work - I can hear the compressor kick in when I flip it to defrost - but the air only blows out the front vents. I can move the control to all the positions but it's stuck blowing on the front vents. Any suggestions.
  • where are these vacuum lines located? How do you find and get to them?
  • Also check your HVAC fuse (30amp) onnthe drivers side ebgine compartment.Those small fuses are hard to spot so pull it out to check or use a circuit tester.
  • Looking for anothercup1. Would like to know where he bought his air blend motor for his jimmy.
  • I can fill up my air condition system but only lasts a couple weeks or mor then goes empty. Replaced compressor and all oil seals. Cant find out where its leaking .maybe it's the evaporator under the dash compartment or in the coil nest to the radiator. How can I get this checked. Would appreciate any suggestions.
  • ula72650ula72650 Posts: 1
    After adding Freon to my 2000 Jimmy my compressor kicks on and off all the time even with I don't run my ac. I have the climate control setting but I didn't run my ac but one time before all the freon was gone. It only took about a week maybe 2 weeks at most and I didn't have any freon left. We put more freon in and put in some stop leak with it and it did the same thing. Can anyone tell me how to go about having this fixed. Thanks for all the help.
  • eeareear Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 Jimmy. After replacing the stereo in my dash today, I noticed the climate control has no effect on the temperature of the vented air. Switching from defrost to dash to floor works as expected, just the temperature is stuck on heat. I suspect I did something in the dash when replacing the stereo, I would be surprised if the heat actuator went out at the exact same time I was moving things around.
  • mpastormpastor Posts: 1
    edited March 2012
    Blend door keeps moving from hot to cold, tried replacing blend door actuator, and the unit in the dash, tried to rest the computer as well, still doing the same thing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Thanks
  • tysailor24tysailor24 Posts: 2
    I'm having issues with the air conditioning/heating system. When I have on AC or MAX AC, I get hardly any air from the ports above the stereo. However, I get decent flow from the vents at the I have it turned on Defrost. Anybody know what the problem could be?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Thank you for taking the time to post your concerns. I apologize for your frustrations. I would recommend speaking with the dealer. They are in the best position to diagnosis your vehicle. Please let me know how things go at the dealer.
    GM Customer Service
  • vvailvvail Posts: 1
    My 97 Jimmy blower won't turn off with key and with key off windows still work. I replaced the ign switch and still the same. Key off, ign switch unpluged fan and windows still work no other light are on and nothing else works
  • My 2001 jimmy has ice cold air in the morning and when I drive for about 20 minutes it starts getting warm if I stop for 5 to 10 minutes and restart will not get cold I leave it overnight and next morning it is ice cold this happens every day same thing ice cold in morning and that 20 minutes later warm any ideas.
  • On my 1997 jimmy my air condition compressor keep coming on even when I cut on my heat you can hear the compressor clutch turn on and off,and also do the clutch suppose to keep clicking off and on. :confuse:
  • jhillyjhilly Posts: 1
    edited January 2013
    2000 Jimmy. My ac started blowing only cold air. I had some guy in front of autozone (?....seemed logical at the time) change the thermostat, flush the radiator, and add antifreeze (green?). The heat worked for a couple days, but when i was at a light the engine would shake and the lights would flicker. Car stopped a couple of times, but started right back on ignition. The heat eventually stopped again. I took it to a proper shop and he added antifreeze (said i needed a different brand/color?) and said i had a leak he could fix and to bring it back a couple days later. The new antifreeze worked. Heat came back and the shaking and flickering stopped. But in those couple of days the heat stopped again (shaking and flickering hasn't returned). I took it upon myself to add antifreeze until i could get back to shop. Some antifreeze worked (prestone 5050) some didn't (Peak). But it leaks after the car is running for a few minutes, not when i initially put it in. A gallon usually lasts for about an hour. Furthermore now the car overheats and smokes after about twenty minutes on the road. Lastly, i hear a gurgling sound behind the dash.

    Just left it at the shop. Mechanic says i need to have the gaskets replaced for $500. Does this sound right? Is the price right? Just dropped $500 on catalytic converter replacement. wondering if repair is worth it or should i cut my losses.
  • noshow88noshow88 Posts: 1
    Wont blow hot air on defrost/heater cycle.
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