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93-95 Ford Probe

MaximMaxim Posts: 2
edited March 17 in Ford
Just wondering if anyone has one of these.
Planning on purchasing one in a few weeks and was
wondering how satisfied you are with them. If
someone would be so kind as to list the pros and
By the way, I'm looking into the 5speed model.


  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    This is a good time to highlight our Search feature. Knowing that the Ford Probe is one of the cars that is sometimes classified as a hatchback (because it has a hatch) and othertimes as a coupe (because it has two doors and is "sporty,") I did a search of Conferences and Topics for the word "Probe."

    Sure enough, I found a discussion in the Coupes area that I think will answer some questions for you. Other discussions were listed as well. Try it and see.

    Of course, we're still interested in hearing from current Probe owners here in this topic! Can anyone share his own experience?
  • EstebanEsteban Posts: 1
    My mother owned a loaded 93 probe GT,I drove it a few times and it was sure a fun car to drive.She had some thing go wrong with the computer on it within the second year she had it,the dealer took
    care of it.She traded it in for a Jeep Wrangler the following year.I ran into an old friend of mine a while back and he purchased a used 93 Probe GT and was very unhappy with it.It had about 60K on it and he claimed the alternator went out on it and the price for a new one is VERY expensive, somewhere around 600 bucks?He also had to replace his front wheel brake disks and they where very expensive also.He claimed all parts for the Probe
    are expensive cause they are all MAZDA parts.
  • ppeteppete Posts: 1
    i got a '94 probe gt n yes, all parts for this sucker will cost u more then any other car in this car's price range. i've been quoted outrageous prices for OEM replacement spark plug wires(which seem to be lousy on the probe) n break rotors n other maintenance parts. even tires for this sucker is expensive. but, on the good side, for the same price as Motorcraft replacement parts, u can get performance parts. for instance, rather then purchase new break rotors from Motorcraft, or any other usual source, i went w/ cross drilled rotors for the same amount of money($60 each). but i have to agree, this is an expensive car to upkeep, n if it didn't look so damn cute, i'd ditch mine a long time ago.
  • jmilljmill Posts: 1
    I HAVE a 1993 probe 4cyl, 5-speed. I brought it used 14 mos ago. In the beginning, it had a stalling problem. The dealer could not figure it out. It would only happen in very warm weather.
    The cure was to rev the engine very high for about
    five minutes. Now it does not happen anymore. The exhaust system has been replaced from the cat. converter to the muffler, it was only 195.00 installed. It moves pretty well and is great on gas. I am looking to add a few more ponies. Any ideas?
  • I bought a 93 Probe GT in December and I like it, but I've had a few problems. The a/c was running water in to my passenger seat, but the drain was just plugged. I got a history on the car from the place it was serviced before I owned it and they also had this problem. I also am noticing how much everything costs for this thing. I need to get my front brakes replaced soon, any suggestions on good brakes and why?
  • Try Metal Master pads from Axxis. They are an aftermarket maker of OEM style brake pads. I have had them on my 96 Probe GT for about 7 months now and they are ALOT better than the factory brake pads the car came with. Basically I replaced the OEM pads at 21,000 miles because they gave the pedal a soggy feel and after repeated stops the brakes started to fade. With the Metal Masters, the soggy feel of the pedal is gone, the brakes do not fade after repeated hard braking, the car stops shorter and with less effort. Also, they are not to expensive. They are about $60 for a set of 4 pads for the front. Most performance suppliers carry them as well as some local parts stores.
  • I have a 95 PGT, and overall am very pleased with it. There have been problems with the door handle springs (inside the door) popping off and denting the doors from the inside out. Ford fixed it under warranty, but out of warranty could be a problem. Pre 95 versions have had problems with corrosion of a pivot bolt in the rear brake causing the parking brake to lock up (with the brakes on. And the interior is the most rattle prone car I've had in many, many years.

    But it looks great, sounds great, and is a blast to drive.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    "Looks great, sounds great, and is a blast to drive" sounds good to me! Thanks for the report, bjmeyer!

  • 93 Probe GT with 115K miles. Problem, Check Engine warning light comes on after 3 miles of driving. Turn the engine off and the light stays off for another 3 miles. MPG has decreased by 4. So far a local shop has replaced the oxygen sensor and cooling sensor. Problem persisted and then the car quit running. This time they replaced the cranking sensor and the complete distributor assembly. No change, after the 5th time in their shop they gave up. Ford dealer has now replaced the air charge sensor and the valve cover gasket assembly. They said that an oil leak was fouling my new oxygen sensor. Total cost so far $2,581.40. Problem, the Check Engine warning light comes on after 3 miles driving. Any suggestions?
  • I've been considering purchasing a 93 Probe (Not the GT) from a friend. The car has 54k miles and the owner said that so far she has not encountered any mechanical problems. I've heard that this car is fun to drive but as I read the messages posted above it seems that the Probe may have some costly maintenance problems. (Not that any other type of car doesn't have its own problems.) Does anyone highly recommend this car or would you say that there are better alternatives for this age and mileage?

  • bjmeyerbjmeyer Posts: 24
    Brand new, never used Borg Warner premium plug wires, in the box. I paid $120 for these for my 95 PGT, which someone else courteously totalled for me before I could put them on. I'd like to get $100, and I'll include shipping in that price.

    Please e-mail me at

  • darwindarwin Posts: 2
    i am looking into buying a 94'to 96' probe but I have not heard to much about these cars and would like to get some opinions on them.
  • enigma23enigma23 Posts: 36
    Good cars but watch out for premature steering rack wear out as well as misaligned synchros(5-Speed models), as well as rattles. Probe's are extremely rattle prone expecially the dashboard and hatch area.
  • sylasyla Posts: 1
    I'm also looking into a 93 probe gt, so if anyone has any strong for or against arguements, i'd be very grateful. It's my first car (graduation present) and i'm really excited about it. I've heard mixed reviews, so should i go for it?
  • enigma23enigma23 Posts: 36
    a 93 I would not go for unless the previous owner kept really good repair records and the repair records show good reliability.
  • tffkaptffkap Posts: 11
    I was wondering if anyone knows the specific torque and hp numbers for a 95 probe gt. 24v v6. Also top speed, o-60 times, etc. Any info would help! Thanks
  • bmonahanbmonahan Posts: 1
    I own a 94 PGT manual trans - the 94-97s are identical interms of power output (acording to Ford.)

    peak hp - 164 at the crank, about 133 at the wheels

    peak torque - 160 at the crank

    0-60 - everyone seems to have it pegged at 7.5 sec
    1/4 mile - I've seen anywhere from 15.8 - 15.3.

    I love the car and have very few problems other than the "normal" problems all 93-95 PGT owners typically have! (bad plug wires, locking parking brake level, rattles.) It's a reasonably quick car with a very high "fun-to-drive" factor.
  • vidgeekvidgeek Posts: 1
    I agree with enigma23 about some of the Probe's shortcomings. I have a '95 GT and the steering rack is starting to make popping sounds on hard turns or quick switchbacks. I had it looked at but all looked well. The rattles in the hatch are annoying and in my case, are related to the hatch lock.
  • enigma23enigma23 Posts: 36
    I installed a rear strut brace in my 96 Probe GT about a week ago and it has a made a noticeable difference. The rear end definately feels tighter, more solid, and the amount of rattles from the hatch area have decreased.
  • hbund216hbund216 Posts: 162
    Looking at a 93 Probe. Any experiences with 93 probes with 4 cylinder engines? This one has about 83,000 miles. Any problems with the front axles?
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