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Dodge/Plymouth Neon Maintenance and Repair



  • well thats bad the only to fix that is take the engine out and replace gaskets big job recommend that if u dont have alot of money trade it in or sell it it will get worse neon is byfar the worst car to buy their known for continuable problems save yourself the aggravation their is no quick fix
  • First of all, you don't need to remove more then the valve cover to get to and replace the seals. All you have to do is turn the crank with a socket wrench until the pistion under the valve you're replacing is at tdc. Second of all, you are not in this forum to help so you don't need to be here at all chris. stop bashing neons and just leave us alone.
  • My neon sounds like a prop plane as you accelerate and as it slows down, if i turn left it stops and turn right it gets louder. I just had the alignment and a new set of tires installed and no change, and the sound is constant as it does not respond when I push on the throttle, and the sound seems to come from the rear of the vehicle, any and I mean any help would be awesome, I am thinking the exhaust but who knows.
  • It sounds like either you have an exhaust leak which would require you to crawl under the car when it's up on jack stands to find it, or it could be something wrong with your rear suspension. In that case I'd recommend jacking one side up on each side, pull the tire and break drum, and checking the breaks. Block the front tires BEFORE you put it in the air though. If you don't see anything wrong with the breaks, then it could be your wheel barrings. There can't be much else besides those things that would make that noise from the rear.
  • I am having trouble also with a 98 Neon timing belt.I replaced the water pump, and timing belt at 124.000 miles.The old belt was a napa, so I suspect it has been replaced before.I took my time,and replaced the belt making sure both marks (cam,and crank) lined up perfectly.when I removed the old belt, I noticed the timing mark on the crank was two teeth to the right of tdc with the cam aligned.The car had NO uphill power ,thus the reason for changing my belt.I figured it had jumped timing.I lined both marks up , double checked alignment,rotated the motor 4 times (2 full revolutions)turned the cam back to check for any slack in the belt. there was none. reassembled, test drove, runs great, plenty of power, but now setting trouble code:p1390,timing belt off 1 tooth or more ! these motors are zero clearance ,so I wonder how it would even run if a tooth off.being that it runs and drives fine, I am hesitant to pull it down again, I have put roughly 30 miles on the car since, with no problem, except the code/light. I have had one tech say these motors were susposed to be one tooth to the right ! But there are NO updates,or notes added to any service manuaI have seen. Any suggestions? I'm tempted to just drive it. but worried as it's my only transportation.
  • hellcat1988hellcat1988 Posts: 15
    My suggestion would be to have your cam and crank sensors checked. If you know that the timing belt is perfectly tdc and aren't going to try the mechanic's suggestion, then that's about the only route you have to try to get rid of the code.
  • Hi new here and the title says it all...and i am right in the middle of it but have to know now how to loosen the powersteering pump to remove the belt to allow installation of the new alt belt. Thanks in advance :)
  • jmknappjmknapp Posts: 2
    I think the repair shop replaced the throttle position sensor and it took care of the problem for a few months and now its happening again. The gas pedal is hard to push down, but with enough force it will go. This only happens when in drive. The gas pedal operates fine when in park/neutral. Is it the tps they replaced? I can always call them, but what do you think?
  • I have a 1999 Plymouth neon with 38,883miles, I just recently purchased, it runs perfect except up hills it takes a little to get up to speed if it ever does IE when driving on a 40mph road after a red light it only got up to 35 until I get on a down grade, when it is on flat it runs perfect gets up to 65 fine on the highway, any suggestions on how I could fix this, I changed oil, spark plugs, brakes, air filter and added fuel injector cleaner, the only thing I am waiting for is for my spark plug wires to come in. Please offer any suggestions on what I could do
  • I need to replace my fuel accumulator on my 1999 Plymouth neon SOHC, the acceleration is not great and mechanically there is nothing wrong with it. Being that it only has 38,991 miles on it and i checked everything this else and chaged plugs, oil, air filter...etc. in it, it is the only problem i can see causing it. I am asking if it is on outside near fuel tank or if it is in the enclosure for the fuel tank. Also any suggestions would be helpful if you think this is not the problem.
  • Never mind I found it located next to the gas tank underneat the rear passanger seats :)
  • mncarguy2mncarguy2 Posts: 1
    I have the same car. I also just recently purchased mine as well. All of your fixes fall under routine maintainance. I noticed this problem as well. Really what it boils down to is that this particular car lacks that umph that your probably used to. When you run into a hill I suggest turning the ac off and downshifting. One thing you could do is get the engine more air with a cold air/ short ram air intake. I'm going to try this myself. If you notice the air intake just kinda sits over the block and opens up in front of the radiator shroud, not particularly good air flow.
  • They definately fall under routing matinence, but I had my mechanic change my fuel filter and it improved a lot maybe try checking that. :)
  • dapplecodappleco Posts: 3
    hey guys
    i just got a 2000 neon 4 door 2.0 from my stepmom. the car was wrecked and had the radiator busted. i just got it to my home and want to make it road ready but it is missing a few parts:
    cooling fans
    ac radiator
    trany cooling lines

    i picked up a radiator and fans from pick a part and want to install it. easy enough. but i can not find the place to hook up the trany cooler lines. i see the stems off of the radiator but where do they go on the car???

    help please!
  • There are two bolts on the back of the power steering mount that you need to loosen. They are almost directly underneath the radiator upper hose. You don't have to take it off but it makes it a bit easier. Once those are loose, you should be able to slide the pump down to loosen the belt and there you go. To reinstall the belt just reverse the steps.
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