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Dodge/Plymouth Neon Maintenance and Repair



  • gurbaniakgurbaniak Posts: 1
    I have the same problem, I may have traced the problem to the the grill that sits around the windshield wipers. I plan to work on the problem this weekend I'll keep you posted with my findings.
  • e06028e06028 Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 Plymouth Neon that has a fully charged battery but I can't get it to start. When I turn the key on nothing happens, no dash lights, no radio, nothing. Its like the battery is dead but it is no. What do you think this could be? Let me know if you need more info.

    Thanks Very Much
  • e06028e06028 Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 Plymouth Neon that has a fully charged battery but I can't get it to start. When I turn the key on nothing happens, no dash lights, no radio, nothing. Its like the battery is dead but it is not it is fully charged. What do you think this could be?

    Let me know if you need more info.
  • Try changing the battery cables, I bought a new battery and starter and it wond up being the battery cables, one of them was bad inside the coating.
  • maxy2maxy2 Posts: 10
    Very Nice, like them rims with the drop. 5 Stars.
  • ghunkeleghunkele Posts: 2
    Got a problem with a '97 sohc. I am getting codes 1,1 and 4,3. I replaced the cam sensor and the coil pack. When I start it, I can get it to idle. But if I try to put it in gear (auto) or give it gas, it missfires and shuts down. Code 4,3 is a "distributor" problem, but there is no distributor that I am aware of. Any ideas?
  • markktmarkkt Posts: 1
    i have a 97 neon about same problems , turnes out to be the wiring harness between the alt. and the computer the harness is very brittle moved the harness a few inches every thing came back.
  • did u ever find the solution my grl friend is havin the same problem with her car????
  • Yeah man! I am having the same problem with the idling. When I'm at a light it goes down to about 600 rpm and sometimes it goes up and down. Can't figure it out!! I checked the hose with water and nothing. I've changed sensors even tried messing with the idle adjust screw and still nada.....! Now I'm looking into maybe changing out the pcm. The thing seems to run fine other than this prob. Fast little bugger!! I want to put in performance intake/ exhaust but would like to take the bugs out first.
  • eeessseeesss Posts: 1
    I have this problem too. I've seen other posts on the internet but no answers. I re-sealed the taillights a couple years ago. Now, the water is collecting in my heater blower box (car has no AC). I've caulked the inside of the grill area where the wiper motor sits, and plugged a gap in the metal there. Still, when there's a heavy rain, lots of water gets in somehow. Anyone? Anyone?
  • Have a 2005 Neon SXT in the shop for 3 weeks now, dealer can not find problem, has even contacted Chrysler for advice but they can not fix it. Runs fine until I get to 63 mph then cruise control shuts off and it will not go any faster. Code P0340 (cam position sensor) came up when we took it in so the cam sensor was replaced, didn't fix the issue, the check engine light remains on, they also replaced a magnet, didn't fix it, unhooked the oxygen sensor, didn't fix it. Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,930
    This might be a good one to ask in our "answers" section - it's here:

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  • limeyjacklimeyjack Posts: 2
    I have three Neons: My 1996 beauty (the best) has a faulty fuel pump - it occasionally gets stuck when I try to start the engine (but it never sticks while the engine is actually running) - therefore no fuel is delivered and the engine won't fire. The pump motor turns (you can hear it) but the pump mechanism itself does not. The temporary cure is to apply compressed air back up the fuel line from the engine compartment, and then the engine will fire at the next start. This was done twice yesterday at my usual service garage by my favourite mechanic, with me in attendance. There is no doubt about this diagnosis.

    This cannot go on. The problem is that for me to get a new pump, shipped across the Atlantic to London, and fitted professionally makes the textbook permanent cure prohibitively expensive for a 1996 car - however good it is, and it is certainly otherwise very good, with only 36,000 miles on the clock.

    I am now scrapping my 1998 Neon, AND MY QUESTION IS:-
    Can I remove the complete tank and embedded pump assembly from the 1998 model and re-instal it in the 1996 model? Will it work, or is there a reason that a '98 tank and pump arrangement will not fit exactly into a '96 car? Both cars were made specifically for export and are therefore branded in Europe as Chrysler Neons, not Dodge or Plymouth.

    I want to do this work soon, because insurance and tax are now both running.
  • kgomez88kgomez88 Posts: 2
    i recently started having a problem with my 1998 plymouth neon highline i started by thinking it was the battery dying so i jumped it a few times and then replaced the battery a week later im having the same problem i did the whole take off the battery cable to see if the alternator is working and it seemed to b fine and now its doing the same thing the other thing it does is when your driving the gauges will randomly stop working and come back on and also when i stick the key in the ignition the gas gauge and temp gauge will start moving up n down wo me even turning the key does n e one have n e ideas n e feed back would b greatly appreciated
  • I was just wondering if you figured out what was wrong after you posted this. I have the same problems with my 98 neon. Took the car in about my battery draininfg and they said it was my dhl's so the disconnected them and I havent had that problem since. Yet I still have the problem with my gauges including my speedometer. Please let me know what you found out. Can't be wasting all my money, as I am a single mom, letting some mechanic try different things till he figures it out.
  • how much pressure did you put in.
  • My 98 Plymouth neon starts and idles fine. After driving it do about 15-20 mins it loses all power n just shuts off. I'll let it sit for a couple hours n it'll start right back up and do the same thing. I've checked/replaced the coil pack, map sensor, crank sensor, o2 sensors, spark plugs n wires. I have no clue where to turn to next. If anyone has had this problem or maybe an idea I could run with it would be great!
  • huh? you shouldn't have to loosen the pump at all... not sure but i know on mine all i have to do is put a 11/16 (or whatever) wrench on the tip of the auto tensioner and relieve pressure from the accessory belt and slip it right off...i dont think i had to loosen my pump at all when i replaced my main belt
  • I have a 2000 Plym Neon and when I drive the car for a while and it gets warmed up, if I turn it off I have to wait anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes before the car will start. I replaced the battery and cables and starter selenoid. I have been told because of where the starter is located, under the manifold for the fan, the heat from the engine heats up the starter and I have to wait until it cools down before it will connect and start. Do I need a heat shield for my starter rather than replacing it? It doesn't sound like the starter is going out.
  • dodgeluvdodgeluv Posts: 1
    My check engine light is coming on in my 2005 Dodge Neon and it loses power when this happens. I shut it off, start it again and power is regained. Had plugs, plug wires and ignition coil replaced about 2 months ago. I notice this happens most frequently after I've driven at highway speeds for 30 or more miles.
  • Hi, Sorry i am sort of confused. I have the same problem you do with the battery. My gauges are fine. But you said it was your DHL's? what is that? how much did it run you to fix it? Seems as though i've had nothing but problems with my neon.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,930
    I'm guessing those are the daytime headlights.

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