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Dodge/Plymouth Neon Maintenance and Repair



  • There are two bolts on the back of the power steering mount that you need to loosen. They are almost directly underneath the radiator upper hose. You don't have to take it off but it makes it a bit easier. Once those are loose, you should be able to slide the pump down to loosen the belt and there you go. To reinstall the belt just reverse the steps.
  • aaronn1aaronn1 Posts: 2
    I am wondering if I have a part missing. Looks like there should be a hose or something running from in front of the battery box to the air intake on top of the motor, but one end would be round and the other oval.
  • dapplecodappleco Posts: 3
    all fixed up figured it out
  • The oval opening you are talking about is probably the air intake extension that bolts to the intake manifold via a stud and nut assembly. That oval opening IS the end of the factory intake. The hole you see in the battery box is for cooling the battery. There should be a tube with an arch over the center of the opening. If it's still on your car, it would most likely be shoved down and out of view..
  • relic23relic23 Posts: 2
    1999 neon. I had a damaged water pump and took it to a mechanic. The mechanic changed the water pump and I also gave him a new timing belt to put in. The engine was fine and the only noise it made was from the broken water pump but now the engine won't start. The mechanic said that pieces of the water pump went into the timing belt and cause the pistons to damaged the valves. Can that happen or did the mechanic place the new timing belt wrong and cause the engine damaged. The compresion readings now are 24,24,25,10.
  • mgaldemgalde Posts: 2
    I have a similar situation on a 99 neon.
    I have visible oil on the spark plug wire in the plug cavity, as well as on the plugs themselves, the only one that appears to have oil in the cylinder is #1 plug.
    Is this a known problem for the neons, and is it easily fixable?
    If so, how so?

    Also, the #1 plug is very dirty as though it is not firing correctly, I replaced all 4 plug yesterday (10-12-09). I checked to see that the coil is working, and got good spark, so I am guessing that I have an possible oil leak fouling out that plug. Could this be the reason for the over all chugging and hesitation of the engine. The code scanner simply gives a generic misfire code for cylinder 1.

    I appreciate any constructive help.
    Thank you
  • For the third time in two years I had the remove the squirrel cage ventilation fan to extract a dead, and very mangeled, mouse. It is not an easy or pleasant chore. I live in a remote area so this is liable to happen.

    I would like to put a screen over the air intake of the ventilation system, but I am unable to find out where the air intake is. I have two maintenance books for this vehicle but neither of them even mention it.

    Can anyone enlighten me as to where this air intake might be located?

    BTW, I removed the cover of the engine air intake today to find about a coffee can full of acorns in the bottom of the housing. I have since put a screen over the engine air intake.
  • Surely someone must know where the air intake for the ventilation system is located before I kill any more mice? Please.
  • I have a 2003 dodge neon SXT 2.0 , when i start the car it misfires sometimes, and sometimes it doesnt. I start the car and go and press the gas pedal and the car shakes, and the car doesn't move, and shakes and the cars turns off. I wait about a minute and start the car again and the car runs good. I went to Autozone, and they said the problem is in the gas tank, the purge solenoid or the vapor canister has gone bad. WHAT DO YOU THINK, AND WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND? OH ALSO I FORGOT TO SAY I also got INCORRECT FLOW PURGE. IS THIS CONNECTED TO PURGE SOLENOID, OR THE VAPOR CANISTER OR NOT?
  • moparfan87moparfan87 Posts: 1
    Yes, a water pump going out can cause the timing belt to go out. When the timing belt and water pump goes out it's a 99% chance that it harmed the engine in some way, usually by damaging the valves. I have seen this happen many times with the Neons. I have personally worked on ones that have done this.
  • jesslanjesslan Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 Dodge Neon and in the past few months everytime I start my car after it rains a big gush of water comes down from the passanger side dashboard. It sounds like a shower is starting.. or like a steamer. Its only getting worse. The amount of water that is coming out keeps increasing. It started out with just small drips now its like a river in my front seat. It only does it when you start up the car it doesn't just leak in when its raining. My mom actually has the same car as mine and hers has started doing it as well. Any ideas?
  • borjawilborjawil Posts: 3
    I have a 97 neon. Basic 2 door car. A few issues with it. One question i have is there are 2 wires one green one black that are not connected to anything and come through the firewall and are by the brake pedal. The black connected to the neg on the battery as when i pull the end on the neg it shortens the black wire by the brake. The same with the green although it is coming from a bundle of wires near the fire wall on the driver side. Any one know where these connect?

    2nd issue. Car drove fine yesterday and today i turn the key and nothing. Battery is charged all lights works and radio too. No noise from the starter, no clicking or anything. I hit it a coupe times to make sure it wasnt stuck. No luck. It is the cylinder located on the drivers side/middle towards the front of the car right? If so how do i test it with a 12v?
  • borjawilborjawil Posts: 3
    fixed the starter problem. corroded wire.
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