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Article Comments - 2009 Nissan 370Z Full Test

The 2009 Nissan 370Z is lit for the cameras tonight, and the bubble of white light around it holds back the darkness of this parking lot in Los Angeles. The Z-car believers have come to see the car in its first public showing, and Randy Rodriguez is one of them.

2009 Nissan 370Z Full Test and Video

Karen-Edmunds Community Manager


  • iwant12iwant12 Posts: 269
    This car is awesome looking, very intriguing. Even with the huge right-hand side blind spot that was mentioned.
  • I purchased an 09 370Z touring sport (6 speed) based upon the rave reviews it was getting. However, the car is a HUGE disappointment just like Nissan North America's Customer Service. I am a member of a race track that has two, two mile road courses. On a track day I decided to bring my new Z. Within 4 or 5 laps the car was overheated and it clearly could not handle being on the track. With more research I began to realize that all 370z's will overheat on the track, oh except of course the ones they gave out as press cars, to Edmunds, Car & Driver, etc. You see those were equipped with Nismo Oil coolers. Now here's the most shocking part of all; the Nismo oil cooler that is supposedly an option isn't even available for purchase according to Nissan North America and they threaten to void my warranty if I purchase an after market one. Interesting huh? You can't always trust what they put in the magazines and these things you'd never know from a short test drive. It's unacceptable.
  • perfecto2perfecto2 Posts: 4
    I also, just purchased a new 370Z, and you are correct. The car needs an engine OIL COOLER! And you are also right about Nissan's Consumer Affairs, they are nothing less that STUPID!

    I purchased an extended Nissan Security+Plus warranty on February 26, 2009, which is the date I purchased the NEW 370Z, and I still haven't received the warranty policy, which I had to pay Cronic Nissan $1835.00 for the extended Nissan Security+Plus Gold warranty. I have talked with a Nissan Consumer Affairs Representative, by the name of Kristen, who is on of the rudest persons I've ever spoken with, and I'm 68 years of age!
  • perfecto2perfecto2 Posts: 4

    This is Prefecto2, and I would like to advise all of you 370Z Car owners about the information I received via a telephone call from Nissan's Consumer Affairs Office, on May 28, 2009. I'm one of many 370Z Car owners that have an issue regarding the 370Z's ability to perform to its fullest potential, under extreme HEAT. So I proceeded to write several letters to Nissan's Consumer Affairs Department, requesting information on why Nissan's Engineers did not discover this problem prior to releasing the 370Z to consumers.

    The Nissan Consumer Affairs person that I spoke with, advised me that she had researched the matter with Nissan's Engineers and they had advised her that Nissan's Engineers were aware of the problem! According to the Nissan Consumer Affairs representative that called me, Nissan is going to have a OIL COOLER available for 370Z Car OWNERS in the next couple of months; however, she advised me that the 370Z Car OWNERS would have to purchase the OIL COOLERS at a Nissan Dealership, have the Nissan Dealership install the OIL COOLER, in order for your Nissan Warranty to remain valid! I advised her that where I live (GEORGIA) summer temperatures are over 90 degrees at least 50% of the time, during the months of June, July, August and September, and that I thought Nissan should do a RECALL on all 370Z's that didn't come with an OIL COOLER, like the Nissan NISMO has, or at least it's available.

    With that said, ALL of you Nissan 370Z Car owners must continue to put the pressure on Nissan to not only make an OIL COOLER available to the car owners, but place a RECALL on the 370Z Cars, and have a Nissan Dealership INSTALL them FREE of CHARGE to the OWNERS!
  • milk1milk1 Posts: 2
    I own a 370z i have less than 20000 milles on it, and i need an new engine cause the engine/oil over heated..and now nissan wants me to pay 12000 for a new engine...not to mention no check oil or engine lights everr coming up...i called nissan Consumer Affairs delclianed my warenty, noo help att alll what a joke..this car must me RECALLED right away...anyne who can help me out please email me at thanks...
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