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Mazda CX-9 Towing



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Thanks for the report! Sounds like it was a fun trip.

    tidester, host
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  • I just completed my summer vacation. Towed a Coleman Westlake popup from Northern Virginia to Vermont. 1750 miles total with an average of 15.8 MPG. My previous tow vehicle was a 1993 GMC Suburban. About 80% of the driving was with the camper attached. I ran 65-70 mph on the highway. The car is definitely a good tow vehicle. Not a stable as my Suburban but with much more power. shallow hills were usually climbed in 5th gear with moderate hills in 4th gear. I was always able to maintain speed in all hills. The ride is busier that my Suburban but still smooth enough for my wife to read and she gets car sick easily. Total weight on the trailer is an estimated 3000 lbs. Only 3 people in the car so not much gear in there. I even went over the Green Mountains at one point. Crested the top in 3rh gear at about 45 mpg on a very steep portion of the road. Overall a great replacement for my 16 year old Suburban.
  • Hi,I want to purchase a 2010 CX9, to use for occational towing (approx 2500# ),on Fla. level hwys.,and some trips to So.Carolina mountians.I have seen many posts where FWD models were getting much better gas mpg.Which model would be better for my purpose,or does it matter.Also, will I need to add any other anti sway bar or brake controller switch ) for better towing.Your info will help me to decide which model to buy.Thanks.
  • tbo01tbo01 Posts: 10

    Finally found a reference to Australian CX9 vehicle specifications. Following up on our discussions a while back regarding 2000kg / 4400lb capacity towing capacity

    Following this link below, they list the GCM (Gross Combined Mass) as KG 4620kg or 10267LBs. Oddly enough some of the weights seem slightly off from my US specs, but adding 4400lb towing capacity to gross vehicle weight of 5822 than you reach roughly 10267lb gross mass. My current combined weight has been fluxuating between 8500-8700lb (Truck scales) so as expected and based on vehicles lack of problems towing so far, its a reasonable setup! n=enquire
  • exp2000exp2000 Posts: 2
    I am looking to buy CX-9, but need a higher towing capacity, one that is available on the Grand Touring version (3500 lb). Does anybody know if it can be added to Touring version? I have a small 17ft boat that weights with a trailer about 2100 lb.
  • I have a 2009 CX-9 Touring. I just checked the 2011 CX-9 options and here is the bottom line. CX-9s without the towing prep package can tow 2000 lbs. CX-9 with the towing prep package can tow 3500 lbs. The towing prep package is standard on all CX-9 with AWD. It is an option on the FWD Grand touring model only. It is NOT available on the FWD Touring and Sport models. There has been some discussion on what the "real" towing capacity of this vehicle. In Australia the CX-9 is rated to tow 2 metric tons which is 4400 lbs. This does NOT mean that the US model is rated to tow 4400lbs, it is only rated to tow 3500 lbs.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,611
    Tow ratings seem to be higher overseas. IHO, it's due to the litigious environment in North America.
  • mike576mike576 Posts: 1
    We just purchased a 2011 CX-9 AWD with tow package and dealer installed hitch. I was surprised to find that the receiver for the hitch is 1 1/4 inch. Is this standard? Also, the dealer cut into the plastic of the rear bumper to mount the hitch. Doesn't look very professional. Have others here had experience with dealer-installed hitches?
  • Yes, This is normal a 1 a/4 hitch has a usual rating of 3500 lbs which is the tow rateing of your CX-9. When I purchase my CX-9 I had a 2 1/2 hitch installed because I already had a bicycle rack that required tha size hitch. Also I personally think that a CX-9 could handle more weight than rating (I have towed about 3700 lbs with no problem) but you have to decide on your own your limit for towing.
  • ptamomptamom Posts: 1
    FYI...We have a 2010 CX-9 and wanted to get a 2-inch tow hitch for a 4-bike rack. I called our dealer and he quoted us $450 for the hitch and $450 for installation. I went online and found the perfect hitch (doesn't require cutting into the rear bumper as the dealer's does) for $165 and our local Japanese auto clinic will install it for $100.
  • Would you please share the make/model of hitch (and website if you ordered it from a website). I'm thinking of replacing factory hitch with one like you mentioned.
  • jchan66jchan66 Posts: 8
    edited November 2011 carries Hidden Hitch and Draw-Tite at ~$165 shipped. These two brands share exact the same design.

    If you need an OEM hitch hardness, parts # 0000-8E-N13A, it is around $63 online from I called my local Mazda dealer and had it price matched and ordered.

    Installation is not difficult if you have all tools. A torque wrench (I bought a 3/8" Husky one from Home Depot for $76) with a 19mm or 3/4" socket and an adjustable wrench with long arm will get the job done in less than an hour.
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