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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan Hybrid

Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,024
Post your speculations for the Fusion/Milan hybrid here.

Karen-Edmunds Community Manager



  • DEARBORN, Mich., Dec. 10, 2008 – Ward’s Automotive Group has named Ford’s redesigned Escape and Mariner hybrid engine to its 2009 10 Best Engines list.

    The 10 Best Engines list marks North America’s only awards program honoring powertrain excellence and is designed to reflect the diversity of powertrains that will play a role in reshaping America’s automotive landscape.

    Ford’s 2.5-liter, dual-overhead cam I-4 hybrid engine was the only hybrid engine selected as a winner. The judges praised not only its smooth gas-to-electric transition but its overall quality feel as well. This is the fifth year of production for the Escape Hybrid but the first year for the SUV to use Ford’s new 2.5-liter engine. Previous models used a 2.3-liter 4-cylinder engine.

    “Ford engineers have done a tremendous job,” said Drew Winter, editor in chief of Ward’s Autoworld magazine. “With hybrids in particular, software is such a big thing. The software that regulates how the power is transferred back and forth from gas to electric, when it’s done badly, can be jerky and unsettling, but when it’s done well, it really elevates driving pleasure. It’s the difference between a superior powertrain and a science experiment.”

    I assume this is the same engine as used in the 2010 Fusion/Milan hybrid. While I personally have no use for hybrids, Ford will likely get some very good press when the Fusion hybrid rolls out and that could create a ripple effect for other Ford products. Follow up the hybrid with the Ecoboost and the future brightens up in Dearborn.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,419
    Actually, it is not exactly the same. It is further improved for use in the Fusion/Milan with, for example, the ability to go further on batteries alone. It certainly bests the hybrids offered by Camry, Altima, and Civic. Of course they are all moving targets.
  • bigtbigt Posts: 412
    Any ideal what the orange outdoor plug and cord is doing as show in some of the Milan pictures. Does it have to be plugged in to recharge?
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,419
    No it does not. Perhaps it has an optional engine heater for colder weather.
  • bigtbigt Posts: 412
    They have done a great job on this vehicle. I am starting to get really interested:
  • 43 MPG in a Fusion hybrid. Oh.... yeah....
    Styling looks OK, too.
    Just to clear up earlier posts in this thread, the 2.5L 4-cylinder engine is the same one in the latest Escape hybrid, but the rest of the Fusion hybrid (batteries, etc.) is improved over the Escape hybrid.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    41 mpg city, 36 hwy. Beats Camry by 8 mpg city and 2 hwy.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    Looks like Ford must have paid the EPA VERY well to get those numbers.


    No, actually, that means they optimized the components very well.

    Good job, Ford !!!

    (never thought I'd say that)
  • I keep reading about the official EPA estimate for the hybrid, but what about the other engine and transmission options? Are they not out yet?
  • milkman1, I heard the 4cylinder non-hybrid Fusion will beat Accord and Camry in fuel economy.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    No official numbers yet but Ford says the 2.5L I4 should get 34 mpg highway which beats Accord and Camry by 1-2 mpg.
  • iwant12iwant12 Posts: 269
    Akirby, do you know if the '10 Fusion will be on the same chassis as the '09? Isn't it based on the Mazda6's chassis? Thanks.
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808


    Moderator - Hatchbacks & Hybrid Vehicles

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Sort of......

    The original chassis for the 06 Fusion was a highly modified Mazda6 chassis (they lengthened and widened it among other things). For the 09 Mazda6 and 2010 Fusion it appears they're sharing an updated version of the Ford CD3 chassis (that's why the 09 Mazda6 is longer and wider). So it started as a Mazda6, was modified by Ford for the 06 Fusion, then updated for the 09 Mazda6 and 2010 Fusion.

    But each company does their own engine controls, tuning, suspension design and tuning, etc. Just look at the fuel mileage of the 2010 Fusion I4 and the Mazda6 with basically the same engine.
  • iwant12iwant12 Posts: 269
    Okay, thanks for the info. I'm kind of liking the '10 fusion; have to wait until I see it in person.

    Have a good one.
  • texasestexases Posts: 5,424
    Just got my CD, and the Fusion hybrid won the comparo over (in order) the Camry, Altima, and Malibu hybrids. They really liked it, thought it was the best driving one, and it got the best mileage. Estimated EPA city/hwy is 39/37. A Milan version will also be available, but no MKZ.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,680
    Ford said today that its new 2010 Fusion hybrid has been certified by the EPA at 41 mpg/city and 36 mpg/highway, with a combined rating of 39 miles per gallon. That beats the hybrid versions of its competitors in the mid-sized sedan segment (at least based on their 2009 EPA ratings): the Toyota Camry (33 city/34 highway); Chevy Malibu (26/34); and the Nissan Altima (35/33).

    The 2009 Fusion/Milan get real high marks from owners. That should be a good sign for Ford. Ford already has the best CUV hybrid for mileage.
  • The Ford Fusion Hybrid is very good. However, I think the new Honda Insight being sold for $20,000, and the more roomy Prius that gets better MPG are going to be most people's first choices in hybrids. Moving targets there. To me, the Fusion has the advantage of being the most "normal" car amongst the hybrids, a selling point, but it won't equal the MPG of the more roomy Prius or be as cheap as the new Insight.
  • texasestexases Posts: 5,424
    "but it won't equal the MPG of the more roomy Prius "

    I don't think the Prius is more roomy than the Fusion - do you?
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