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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan Hybrid



  • texases said: "I don't think the Prius is more roomy than the Fusion - do you? "

    No, I meant the 2010 Prius will be roomier (slightly) than the previous 2009 Prius, meaning it will get into the range of acceptable interior dimensions for more people. The Fusion is roomier than either the '09 or '10 Prius. In fact, the 2010 Fusion will grow slightly, although I'm not sure by how much.

    Here is one comparison that favors Prius: 50 MPG for '10 Prius, and 40 MPG for '10 Fusion Hybrid.

    I did an interior dimensions comparison between the '09 Prius and '09 Fusion just to see how close the jelly-bean shape of the Prius gets to the conventional layout of the Fusion (Note: front Hip Room is the most important to get a roomy feeling, so its in bold letters below.):

    2009 Prius (2010 model will expand by about 1" in most measurements.):
    Front Head Room: 39.1 in. Front Hip Room: 51 in.
    Front Shoulder Room: 55 in. Rear Head Room: 37.3 in.
    Rear Shoulder Room: 52.9 in. Rear Hip Room: 51.6 in.
    Front Leg Room: 41.9 in. Rear Leg Room: 38.6 in.
    Luggage Capacity: 14.4 cu. ft. Maximum Seating: 5

    2009 Ford Fusion:
    Front Head Room: 38.7 in. Front Hip Room: 54 in.
    Front Shoulder Room: 57.4 in. Rear Head Room: 37.8 in.
    Rear Shoulder Room: 56.5 in. Rear Hip Room: 53.3 in.
    Front Leg Room: 42.3 in. Rear Leg Room: 37.2 in.
    Luggage Capacity: 15.8 cu. ft. Maximum Seating: 5

    Either hybrid vehicle would be especially great as taxi cabs, where high usage and city driving really make the MPG figures save a bunch of money. The Ford Escape already is used a lot as a taxi, and the 2010 Fusion hybrid should make a great taxi with better MPG, and the new Fusion will be just as big inside as the Escape, although without as big of a luggage capacity.

    '09 Ford Escape Hybrid:
    Front Head Room: 40.4 in. Front Hip Room: 53.3 in.
    Front Shoulder Room: 56.6 in. Rear Head Room: 39.2 in.
    Rear Shoulder Room: 55.9 in. Rear Hip Room: 49.1 in.
    Front Leg Room: 41.6 in. Rear Leg Room: 35.6 in.
    Luggage Capacity: 29.2 cu. ft. Maximum Cargo Capacity: 66 cu. ft.
    Maximum Seating: 5

    I was surprised how the front hip room of the Fusion is better than the boxy Escape's!
  • texasestexases Posts: 5,423
    Thanks for the info! My brother has a Prius, loves it, gets about 48 mpg in his commute. I've been seriously considering the Camry hybrid, but the CD article has me interested in the Fusion hybrid. Problem might be the Ford dealers wanting to get some extra $$ for it. We'll see.
  • iwant12iwant12 Posts: 269
    Do you know if the '10 Fusion will be built in Mexico like the '09s?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Yes. CD3 production is still in Hermosillo. The Fusion is also exported to South America and Ford can export from Mexico with no tariffs. Exporting from US to SA carries high tariffs.

    If they get sales high enough to warrant another plant I'm sure it will be in the U.S.
  • Markets are small in S. America. Not much money down there. The kinds of cars that do well there are minimal vehicles, built without emissions and safety standards that the Fusion has. Therefore, the Fusion is just not selling well in S. America.

    Whats funny is that I can buy a Sonata, made in the USA, whereas if I buy a Ford Fusion, its made in a foreign country. Weird.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    If Ford was allowed to build cars in the U.S. the way Hyundai does (and all the other imports) then there would be more U.S. production. But they can't, and I don't want to get started on the reasons why.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    I also wanted to point out that the 2010 Fusion uses NO Toyota licensed patents - none. The Escape only used 22 out of hundreds anyway, but they've redone whatever was infringing on the Toyota patents.

    So no more "they bought it from Toyota" crap. Cause if they did then it would only get 33/34 mpg just like the Camry.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,678
    So no more "they bought it from Toyota" crap. Cause if they did then it would only get 33/34 mpg just like the Camry.

    It is good to see Ford doing some innovation that leapfrogs the Imports. It may be what they need to keep out of Bankruptcy.
  • They make the Fusion in Mexico to avoid the UAW. The Japanese automakers open their plants in right to work states and avoid labor unions taking hold in the first place. The US makers get knocked around by the union when they try and step out of line, example GM and their Saturn plant. US makers are better off importing their own cars. You know, there used to be one brakeman for each rail car on a train. Those jobs went away too because a more efficient means of completing the work was invented. You know, like the cotton gin etc. Teach your kids to do something new auto workers, your compensation is out of line with your skill (mostly). Thanks, The Management
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Yes for the present the FFH has the lead by a good margin in the FE race for the midsized autos. It's a great step and good timing by Ford.

    Now the ball is in Toyota's court to respond. We all benefit by this. Thanks Ford.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Westerville, OhioPosts: 371
    Yeah, but the Prius and Insight won't be as classy or as fun to drive either. I'd happily give up a few MPG to drive a car that in my opinion is so much better looking. I guess my experience with talking to a couple of Prius owners is their smugness and a "I'm smarter than you" attitude they have that totally turns me off toward the car..
  • jd25jd25 Posts: 43
    Until now I have not considered a hybrid because I thought we have to wait couple of more years for the technology to mature. But after reading about Fusion Hybrid '10 now I'm seriously considering it if it is available in next couple of months. Does anyone when it would be available for sale and the approx. pricing?

    Thanks in advance!
  • bigtbigt Posts: 412
    I received a sopec .pdf file from the dealer on the Milian, I am impressed but still no info on how to pre-order. Should I just wait?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Job 1 is first week in February - hybrids may be a bit later. We should know more next week. My guess is they'll hit dealers in April-May.

    All you need to do to pre-order is talk to the dealer, agree on a price (e.g. MSRP) and have them put in the order whenever the order banks open.
  • jd25 said: "Until now I have not considered a hybrid because I thought we have to wait couple of more years for the technology to mature."

    I think you're right to go ahead and buy now, because Ford has a ton of experience with the Ford Escape hybrid in the marketplace for about 5 years now. Lots of New York taxi experience in there, too. The Fusion improves on the Escape's hybrid system, evolving the design further. I'm an engineer, and your perception is correct that the engineers need time to evolve something, to get the bugs out. The Escape is generally well thought of in the market, and the Fusion will take it to a whole new level. Very exciting for us engineers, too.

    In that same Car and Driver issue (Feb. 2009) that the glowing Fusion hybrid article is in, notice the editorial column about hydraulic hybrids. That is awesome, game-changing tech for current polluting, gas-hog urban trucks and SUVs. Hybrids don't have to mean ANY electric motors or batteries!
  • scape2 said: "the CD article.. pass it on in other forums... - ord_fusion_hybrid_short_take_road_test "

    Thats a nice test, but remember Car and Driver (the paper Feb. 2009 issue) has a full test and comparison of the Fusion hybrid against Camry, Altima, Malibu hybrids. Guess how the Fusion came out in that test? Notice the colorful language the normally-cynical Car and Driver writers use on the Fusion. Wow.
  • jd25jd25 Posts: 43
    Thanks for the reply!

    April-May seems a little too far away for Fusion Hybrid, I was hoping it'd come out in March time frame...

    Also the MSRP $28K of the base Hybrid is a little too steep compared to the gas only Fusion base price $20K... is there any tax rebate that we would qualify for the Hybrid? Do we get such tax rebate deducted from the purchase price or is this a tax rebate adjusted in 1040 filing for 2009?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Its true hybrid cars have never been a great economic decision, unless you put over 15,000 city-driving miles on the vehicle each year. Taxi service qualifies, and some other heavy-use stuff. The premium is just too much for most people. That said, some people see a victory over foreign oil there.

    It looks like Honda, with their newest Insight hybrid, to be out sometime in 2009 or early 2010, will make a $20,000 small hybrid, within reach of more people. If you want a car bargain now, its hard to beat a new 2009 Ford Fusion S 4-cylinder, which I think you can get for around $17,000 now, with Ford discounts. It will get good MPG, and the cost is not that much compared to a $24,000 Prius. Thats $7,000 worth of difference, which buys a lot of gasoline.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    March is theoretically possible, if they start hybrid production on day one and there are no launch delays. But remember - when Ford launches a new product they require 5 consecutive days of error free builds before they start shipping. One error on one vehicle and the 5 day clock starts all over. So it could be end of February before they really start shipping.

    We should get more details at the Detroit auto show starting next week.
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