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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan Hybrid



  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    Had a chance to drive the FH & MKZ back to back over the same route composed of city, curving rolling secondary & interstate. Both nice cars but for me the FH wins hands down. It's actually quieter than the Z & rides better (to be fair the Z had the sport suspension). No real difference on smooth roads but the Z rides like they forgot to put the springs under it when the road turns rough. Very impressed with the hybrid system. As several other posts have stated the transistion from gas to electric is absolutely seamless; the only way I could tell which it was running on was to look at the instruments. As for negatives, the interior looks a little on the cheap side & the wheels look like hubcaps. The had an SEL & hybrid sitting side by side & the SEL looked much, much sharper just because of the wheels.

    As for the Z, the big problem is price. I want the backup camera, cross traffic system & adaptive headlights; and to get these items you have to buy packages that push the sticker to over $40,000. It's not a $40,000 car,
  • daninoahdaninoah Posts: 45
    I think the government will order the cars and then delivery will take place over time. It seems to be just like an order for any other large item: they are delivered pursuant to a schedule, and will gradually replace the older vehicles in the fleet.

    What is clear is that Ford will have to run the Mexico plant 24/7 to meet demand. That is a good problem to have. :)
  • bigtbigt Posts: 412
    I was thinking about the 10 gig Jukebox size and although this is not necessary an issue I do wonder where they came up with that size. Heck you cannot even purchase a 10 gig drive anymore. You can get 80 gig for $40 and a 1 Terabyte drive for $95. Who knows what the price would be in a quantity purchase.

    I just paid $120 for a 64 gig flash drive so I guess I can just plug it into the USB port in the car.

    I guess the only point I would make is why not lead the pack and put a 60 or 100 gig drive in the jukebox. It would set the car apart in one of the many areas.

    Still I am very happy with the car. I especially like the cross traffic feature where you are backing out of a parking spot and you get alerted to a car coming your way. That and the blind spot features are some of my favorites.
  • wpwoodjrwpwoodjr Posts: 12
    There are unsold FFHs on dealer lots in the Philadelphia area so my guess is you can still get one pretty easily.
  • wpwoodjrwpwoodjr Posts: 12
    Yeah the 10gb hard drive; seems like you'd have to pay extra to get one that small ;-)

    Do you still like the inside fit & finish of your FFH? Or does it seem sort of gadgety after awhile? I'm talking about the LCD dash gauge and the slightly gaudy center console.
  • lilengineerboylilengineerboy Posts: 4,116
    Yeah the 10gb hard drive; seems like you'd have to pay extra to get one that small

    Its a stop-gap measure...why would you want to rip all your songs to your car when they are already on you computer and your iPod? Might as well just bring the iPod with you, since its bigger than that drive anyway. They are also slightly ruggedized to handle being in a car, and that makes them a bit pricier.

    Do you still like the inside fit & finish of your FFH? Or does it seem sort of gadgety after awhile? I'm talking about the LCD dash gauge and the slightly gaudy center console.

    I guess compared to the digital scale speedometer of the Prius and the center console display that washes out pretty much whenever the sun is out, it works well.

    Compared to the old school gauges in the Escape Hybrid, it might take some getting used to but the information in the LCD is graduated to help the driver learn the ins and outs and not overwhelm. There are a few different modes of information so the driver can have the vehicle provide coaching, vehicle info, or just speed and how much gas he has left. Thats whats cool about the LCDs, they give just the info the driver wants since they can be reconfigured easily.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    A lot of folks don't have mp3 players or itunes.
  • lilengineerboylilengineerboy Posts: 4,116
    A lot of folks don't have mp3 players or itunes.

    It need not be an MP3 player, as you know; it can just be a USB memory stick. Do you think the people who either boycott the MP3 experience or are technology challenged are going to spend the time to rip a bunch of CDs to a hard drive in their car? That is a pretty big leap across the technological divide.
    I thought the main purpose of the HD was to hold vehicle info and navigation system data and the MP3 thing was kind of an afterthought.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    I think putting a cd in the slot and selecting "copy" is a lot easier than ripping mp3s and copying them to a usb stick. I was just pointing out that for some folks this would be a good option and as you stated, it probably cost next to nothing.
  • hayley2hayley2 Posts: 44
    How do I register my Vin # with Ford? I cannot find the web site. I have 2010 Milan Hybrid on order that is to be built this week. Would be nice to be able to download the Owner Manual and do some advance reading before delivery. :)
  • hayley2hayley2 Posts: 44
    I would like to register my Milan Hybrid scheduled to be built this week. I have the VIN # but can you tell me the web site to register my vin #? :)
  • bigtbigt Posts: 412
    I keep hearing that only 25,000 Ford hybrids are being produced this year. So the Government is purchasing 10% of them?

    Any ideal how many Milans are being built? Is it part of the 25k number?

    Where did this number come from anyway
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    We heard you the first time......
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    It says the government will purchase 2500 hybrid sedans - it doesn't say they're all Fusions. The Malibu also qualifies. I believe the Milan is part of the 25K limit - it's based on availability of batteries from 3rd party suppliers. The number came from Ford.
  • hayley2

    The dealer told me today that the ETA for my FFH is on the 25th. Ford had told me that it had gone into production on 3/30th and finished production on 4/6th.

    That must be a very slow train from Mexico to Memphis.
  • hayley2hayley2 Posts: 44
    Wyatt - I also :D had a call from my dealer today advising me that they have a Black Milan Hybrid ordered for stock with an ETA of 4/25 same as yours. Now the one we ordered Silver is scheduled to be built this week and ship week of 4/20. I'm wondering if perhaps the Black and Silver might come in on the same day? My dealer says that the eta could be earlier or even later based on there experience.
  • Yea, the ETA is only a rough estimate. They wait until they get a full truck load before they leave the railroad yard with the cars. The dealer said he has had some interest in the one FFH he got last Monday, 4/6th, but nothing serious. The people predicting that the dealerships may come off the sticker price in the future might be right, if Uncle Sam doesn't get all of them and the price of oil remains low for awhile.
  • Yea, the ETA is a really rough estimate. What I told you in the previous post was what the dealer found out online at noon today. At 3:30 this afternoon, he called to say that my car was in, and to come get it.

    Based on my experiences, it took 8 days from when the car was due to leave production.

    I really like the car. Only drove it 20 miles tonight since I didn't get away from the dealer until 8:45. This is the first car I've owned that has a crt, backup camera, etc. The mpg readout is hypnotizing. For a 15 mile trip home 1/3 on interstate and rest on 40-45 mph streets, my mpg was 37.
  • bigtbigt Posts: 412
    Looks like I am getting around 600+ miles to the tank. The mileage is starting to creep up as I learn how to accelerate and look for the sweet spots. My first tank was around 31 mpg, this tank is now about 38 mpg. Yesterday on a 19 mile trip from the window tinting place in Maryland to Georgetown Hospital. The trip used the DC beltway and city. I got round 41 mpg without really doing anything special.

    New favorite feature: Cross-traffic alerts. Backing up out of a parking space it beeps if vehicles or people are moving near you.

    2nd best feature: Auto traffic alerts that pop up on the screen while you are driving as they occur in almost real-time along your route.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Sounds good! Makes it sound like I might not miss the smart key on the TCH too much if the FFH has some cool features, although not having to take a key out of my pocket to enter and start the car is freaky fun!
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