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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan Hybrid



  • texasestexases Posts: 5,511
    Mind if I ask which dealer you used? I'm considering the FFH, live in Dallas. Any comments on them (leaving out the salesperson's name, of course)?
  • wpwoodjrwpwoodjr Posts: 12
    I ordered my FFH from Pacifico in Newtown Square for $500 over invoice - cost me $30,120 before PA taxes for the 502a package. You better get down there today though if open allocation is over at the end of June as some are saying!
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,786
    "Prior to the recent heat wave in the south, I was getting about 39 mpg for the last 2000 miles, according to the car's meter; a little less (37.7) according to my calculations of gas bought verses miles driven. During this last tank of gas, my mpg dropped 5.5 mpg due to the daily temps at or above 100.

    The electrical drain on the system when you run the A/C when it is 120F inside and 100F+ outside is significant; even when you roll down the windows for a few minutes ("but it blows my hair!") to get the inside temp down to 100F. Psychologically, when I'm experiencing this type of heat, I've found that I'm not as patient with coasting and accelerating real slowly. "

    I own a 2008 FEH, which uses the same Ford hybrid drive system. At temperatures above approximately 97F, the FEH increases the engine RPM by about 600, leading to lower gas mileage. This behavior has been confirmed in the 2009 FEH as well. It only happens when the A/C compressor is on - so an easy way to tell is to drive normally and then deactivate the A/C; if the RPM goes down by 600 or so, then the FFH has the same behavior as the FEH.

    I'm wondering if you noticed - was your RPM higher when the A/C is used at higher outside temperatures?

    I have read that the FFH uses electric A/C compressors, so I'm interested to find out if it also has this characteristic...
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    I bought it from Westway Ford since they were willing to sell it to me for the A-Plan price plus give me a good trade-in value for my 2007 Lincoln MKZ. In general I did not like dealing with them. I consider them an old fashion dealer where everything goes thru the sales and finance mgrs so it takes forever to close the deal although I knew the car I wanted, didn't want a test drive and had my own financing. They are a volume dealer so their pricing is good. The dealers in DFW seem to have an adequate supply of hybrids so look around for the one you want and the best deal. Good Luck - let me know how it turns out.
  • wpwoodjrwpwoodjr Posts: 12
    No, the ICE isn't even on sometimes when the AC is on. The AC draw on power seems to be treated just like a draw on power from moving the car. Once the battery is low, you go over 47 mph, or the AC draw plus moving the car draw equals a certain threshold, the ICE comes on.
  • jbrynerjbryner Posts: 3
    I was actually able to negotiate a price of $30,215 for the 502a package today with my local dealer. Thanks to everyone on this site for posting how much they paid and where they were able to get deals from, it definitely helped me negotiate a lower price.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Just got back from a short trip with the wifes Caddy STS w/nav. We wanted to go to a close restaurant and punched in Restaurants in the Nav and it asked what type we wanted. We chose All but it wouldn't list out any unless we put in a name. How can we put in a name when we are in a strange town when I don't know what the names are. Anyway for those of you with the FFH and Nav. how does it work. My Garmin starts with the nearest Restaurant and goes from there.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Their value rating bugs me. They underestimate the value of the Fusion greatly. First is the comparison against the base model Fusion being $8k, when it is actually less when you put the options that are standard on the Hybrid into the base. Second is the fact that nearly everyone who says you will never make up the premium in gas savings fails to realize the fact that the premium cost carries over when they sell the car. Its like a diesel truck compared to a gas truck, same make, model, year, mileage truck gas vs diesel, you will see the diesel always has a higher resell value, nearly equal to the up front cost paid for the diesel option.

    For a better more direct cost comparison, lets take a new Camry SE verse Hybrid. The SE is the closest in comparison to what comes in the base Hybrid.

    SE 27,008
    Hybrid 28,363
    Roughly a $1300 "Premium"

    These are built with near identical options through their website.

    Now used values for 2009 models.

    SE ~ 20-21K
    Hybrid ~24-25K

    Lets now see depreciation,
    SE $27,008 - $21,000 = $6,008
    Hybrid $28,363 - $24,000 = $ 4,363

    Nearly a $2000 difference, the SE now has cost you more than the $1300 Premium.

    I took the low end for the Hybrid since they vary so much, and there are more UP models than base.

    From what I have seen in used car prices so far, depreciation on the hybrids is actually less than the non hybrid models, so that pretty much proves that the hybrid does pay off in the long run in both gas savings and resale value, unless of course you are hard on the car and don't take care of it.

    The above numbers are off the Edmunds used car listings, and not made up numbers, just an average of what is available in my area. The new car prices are right off the Toyota website in the build your own area. Hybrid base, only options are the floor mats, the SE the JBL option package that brings the SE up to the same basic components that are standard in the Hybrid, plus floor mats.

    I paid $28,500 total for my 2009 TCH, $500 down financed $28K. I can turn around and sell for roughly $24K. I would say that's a pretty good deal considering I owe less than that on the loan. If it were not a hybrid, I would be upside down on the loan.
  • wpwoodjrwpwoodjr Posts: 12
    Did you buy at Pacifico?
  • Steve,

    I've been out of town since my post, so it has taken this long to get back with you.

    I agree with the response from dmatthews.

    The a/c compressor in the FFH is electric.

    Even though you can get a read-out of everything else, I don't think we can get a pure RPM read-out of the ICE in the FFH. We do get a "relative" read-out of power output of the ICE (and electric motor), but it doesn't appear accurate enough to know the actual RPM.

    No, unfortunately I'm not the primary driver of our FFH.
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    You can program the dash display to show RPM's for the ICE, There are four display modes and several show RPMs. Use the buttons on the bottom left side of the steering wheel to change the display.
  • Apple Ford?? You must be kidding! I just visited this dealership which had picked up a Lincoln-Mercury franchise after Miller Brothers Ford suddenly dropped dead.
    Apple's inventory amounted to a pathetic 3 or 4 Mercury cars/SUVs. They had ZERO Milans (HB or otherwise). Apparently didn't seem to care.

    One of their reps stated that they had had 1 (as in ONE) Milan HB since its release. Wasn't really expecting any. Had not ordered any for stock. What kind of a dealer is this?

    I thought that this was just negligence on Apple Ford's part, but no, it turned out that in the whole Greater Baltimore/DC corridor, there was only 1 (as in ONE) Milan HB and that was at Safford as a Used (excuse me, "pre-owned") car.

    Meanwhile, Mercury is HEAVILY ADVERTISING that precise car model on TV and on many web sites. To get buyer interest, I suppose. But then they have NO cars!

    How can an American manufacturer compete with Toyota or Honda (or fill-in the blank_______ ) by advertising cars that they cannot provide!

    We have been Mercury owners for the last 20 years. We wanted a Mercury Milan HB. But too bad for us. Too bad for other Mercury customers. Too bad for the Mercury Division. Great news for Toyota, Honda, et al ("Don't worry guys! Us foreign brands can take up the slack!").
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    You can't blame Ford of a dealers stupidity. In Lansing, Mi. a GM town where the greater area is 79% american cars and most people depend on GM so they are the majoity there are 2 Ford dealers and one Ford/Lincoln/Merc dealer and I was there yesterday and they had a bunch of Merc Milans a HB and a couple Fusion HB's. Can't remember the last year I saw a Merc. ad on TV.
  • jeff_hjeff_h Posts: 20
    You mentioned that Apple Ford had just picked up a L-M dealership? Apparently the car inventory didn't come with it I guess.

    You noted that Mercury is heavily advertising, but I don't see much stock in online inventories... but I do see plenty of Fusion hybrids around in that area.

    I'm not advocating for Apple Ford other than mentioning that I bought from them once before... I did not buy from them this time because another dealer closer to me beat their price. If they really are inept as you say, I guess they might not have a L-M dealership for long, who knows?
  • Pop-ups" and "drop-downs" ads for the Mecury Milan Hybrid show up regularly (all the time?) on the internet auto sites.
    As for TV ads, I have seen them as late as a couple of days ago on the various cable news networks and I assume that they are on other networks. Good ads by the way, but where are the cars??!! Maybe they are plentiful outside of the Mid-Atlantic area, I don't know.

    As for Apple Ford-Lincoln-Mercury, their lots are packed with vehicles. A lot of trucks, alot of SUVs, and some Fords (including a $50K-plus Shelby Mustang) and a few Lincolns. But very few, if any, Mercurys. I hope they sell them all, but carrying a representative inventory of Mercurys would be nice, also..

    As I said, other F-L-M dealers in the Baltimore Washington corridor also have very few Milans (mostly 4 cyl).

    But if this is the case, nationwide, then I am puzzled by FoMoCo's behavior. I hope that Mercury is not being phased out like Oldsmobile was , and now Pontiac.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    But if this is the case, nationwide, then I am puzzled by FoMoCo's behavior. I hope that Mercury is not being phased out like Oldsmobile was , and now Pontiac.

    The priority for Ford right now is Ford, Lincoln, then Mercury. They are still in the process of getting the Ford brand where they want it - the new Fiesta, Transit Connect and Explorer plus the new Focus should just about finish phase 1. Then it's on to Lincoln. Mercury will no longer be badge engineered Fords - they'll either be unique vehicles not offered by Ford or Lincoln or they'll go away like Oldsmobile. Ford hasn't decided - they're just waiting to see what happens with Ford, Lincoln and the market. The only reason Mercury exists today is to add volume to the Lincoln/Mercury dealers. The plan is for Lincoln to stand on its own (or be combined with Ford). That leaves a lot of options open for Mercury but it's not the priority right now.

    You also have to consider that Hermosillo is production constrained and cannot produce more than 300,000 or so vehicles - that includes the Fusion, Milan and MKZ. If you consider they also export vehicles to Latin and South America, that means they can't support more than 20k-24K vehicles per month. Fusion is the volume model and they seem to be pricing MKZ to be high profit/lower volume. That leaves Mercury with a very small slice of the pie and as I said before - it's not the priority.
  • bigtbigt Posts: 412
    You are starting to scare me about my purchase of the Milian HB! Well I will enjoy it for the time being.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    Why would you be scared? Won't affect current buyers. You have a Ford Motor Company product - support isn't going away.
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