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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan Hybrid



  • pootlepootle Posts: 6
    Thanks for the reply. I was expecting to get in the low 30s at that speed, as you do. I was going a bit faster, obviously, but not 10mpg faster! It's done about 47k miles. It's booked into a local dealer tomorrow morning for a checkup but I don't have a very good feeling about them. Gotta wait and see, I guess.
  • pootlepootle Posts: 6
    Weeelll, it's *my* first tankful, but the car itself is thoroughly run in. The cumulative average mileage is showing 31.8mpg, which includes a lot of big-city driving with the original owner. Again, I would have expected better, although whatever problem the trouble light is indicating might be to blame. It generally comes on within a few minutes of setting the cruise control on the freeway and doesn't seem to be clearly related to speed, although I haven't experimented enough to know for sure.
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    Don't forget that "your mileage may vary" thing. Your driving style and conditions you drive in may be quite different from the original owner's, even if they were driving in the same general area as you. As an example, I have a 6-speed Nissan Versa (we have two... three if you count my 2007 that my daughter bought from me) and just love it and get decent mileage. A friend in town bought one with the expectation that they'd get the same mileage performance as me, but they're not. Went out for a drive with him because he wanted to see if I felt anything different about his car, any obvious problem that was causing it. Well, the obvious "problem" was simply that he lives in a hillier section of town, and drives a bit zippier than I do. Not a lot, but noticeable. And on first glance, it would be easy to see how you might think the differences were so small that it shouldn't result in 2-3 MPG less, but it does. I'm no hypermiler or anything, but if I was driving my car up and down the hills he has to to get home instead of out a relatively straight and flat country road with no stop and go, I'd be getting the same mileage as he is.

    Yea, that trouble light may be related, but it might not. Won't know until that variable is out of the way!


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