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Inexpensive new hatchback wanted

Help! I need to replace my beloved '90 Ford
Escort hatchback (5-door, white). I want a new
car, but I can't seem to find any 4-door hatchbacks
on the market. Do such machines exist? Or must I
settle for a sedan or coupe? Advice please. I'm
looking for a low-cost vehicle.


  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    There may be others, but the 4 door VW Golf comes to mind. Maybe because I own one? :-)

  • The only 5-door hatchback seems to be the VW Golf. Don't overlook the Golf because it is an excellent car or hatchback, whichever you may call it.

    If looking for a 3-door hatchback, consider the 99 Cougar as probably the best choice on the market right now.
  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185
    The Cougar is a hatchback???
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Sure is! All the great cars are hatchbacks!! :-)))

  • This is a little off topic, but wagons offer a lot of the convenience of a hatchback. But if the size of a wagon is too big, you might want to wait for the new Ford Focus to be released. I think they one of the models is a 5-door hatchback.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    The Ford Focus sounds interesting. One thing I especially like about hatchbacks versus wagons is not having all my gear exposed when I park my car - especially when I'm travelling. Looks neater too. ;-)

  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Guilty as charged, sichang! At least, speaking for myself. :-)

    You're right, the Daewoo Lanos didn't come to my mind. What about it friends? Are there any Lanos drivers among us? Or others with Daewoo experience?

  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Let me rephrase that... ;-) If you want to talk about the Daewoo Lanos or Nubira, join us here.

    See you there!

  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185

    No need to be so hard on Edmunds for not loving the Daewoo. I'm sure the people here go to great lengths to do the research on the cars they write about. Maybe they limit their research, etc. to cars that have been in the U.S. for awhile.

    Just curious, why are you so eager to have people buy Daewoos?
  • carlady. " One thing I especially like about hatchbacks versus wagons is not having all my gear exposed when I park my car - especially when I'm travelling. Looks neater too."

    Isn't that why wagons tend to come with retractable covers? The difference between a wagon and a hatchback is more a matter of size and styling IMHO.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Good point, rdeschene! The retractable cover is useful, but can be more awkward than the hatch for those of us who are "stature-impaired." :-) Personally, I find the cover a bit much for everyday use.

  • cjayzcjayz Posts: 1
    I am looking for a Ford Escort anywhere between the yaers 1989-92 in the Iowa/Nebraska area.
  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185

    I hope you don't end up regretting it if you buy an Escort of those years. Not really a good car at all.
  • I think the Daewoo Lanos or Nubria are both excellent cars. The company offers the 3 year/36,000 mile warranty which also covers maintenance. Does Honda offer to replace the windshield wiper blades during that time frame?...I think not. Not comparing Daewoo's shorter track record in Europe to Honda's record in the US...but $$$ was a factor in purchasing I believe. Daewoo also offers a 3 day test drive...certainly enough time to decide on room, road and/or interior rattles/niose, stereo quality and comfort. No, I don't work for daewoo, but 2 of my friends have purchased them from a Philadelphia dealer and LOVE them. Just a thought.
  • Excuse the typo..."niose" should be "Noise"...-15 for
  • billysbillys Posts: 11
    I love my Hyundai Accent 1995 that I used for 3 years without a single problem. Acceleration and gas mileage is excellent (30-35 miles per gal!). Since my fanily grows, I want to sell it. I was only a used of this car and used it in PA suburb area only. If someone interested, please see my web page, or contact me via e-mail:
  • shatsky1shatsky1 Posts: 1
    does anyone know if nissan makes a reliable hatchback?
  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185
    Any potential buyers of the Hyundai listed above, please be aware that the pictures shown on Billy's link are of two different cars and are thus likely not to the the one that is actually for sale. One picture had 2 doors, while another has 4 doors.
  • rdeschenerdeschene Posts: 318
    shatsky1. I don't believe Nissan is currently making any hatchbacks at all.
  • jnijni Posts: 1
    I need a car. No experience about car. Please give me some advise.


    1. Drive to work and drive to school for one kid.
    2. Hope to have space in case to buy big stuff like a desk or book shelf or a bed.
    3. Inexpensive. Better under $9000.
    4. From edmund information, it seems SUZUKI Swift is recommened. Is it good? Or a Huyndai Accent? Which would be your choice? They are at same price level.
    5. Is hatchback safe as sedan?
    6. Do all the hatch back have two doors? Or some have four doors? What is the differnce?

    Thank you.
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