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Highlander keyless fob remote starter

2008 Highlander LTD with keyless FOB. I'm trying to find someone who can install a Remote starter for this "push button" starter. A local outfit said they could "do the job", only to fail and return the vehichle to me with negative results. They said the job was too difficult and it would cost $900.00.
Toyota dealer wanted 700- 790 dollars for this feature. Anyone have some insight? Baltimore area.


  • jhornjhorn Posts: 18
    I also own an 08' HL hybrid Limited. I have asked around for it. They are difficult because of the keyless starter feature on the limited. Without this feature, they'd bypass the engine imobilizing feature by faking it out with the valet key.

    I asked the dealer where I got my car from. They said it'd cost me $600 for it. You should go with a Toyota dealer for car warranty purposes.

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