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VW New Beetle (Pricing & Information)



  • Are they a specialty item or are they ever going to sell them to the masses? This is the car I have been waiting for.
  • govugovu Posts: 62
    Yep, selove, the NB is adept at hitting invertebrates. Try some tar and bug remover (in a can, not the spray kind). It requires a little work, but it will take the bugs off your Bug.
  • I'm looking to buy a 2002 tdi. I can't seem to find the dealer cost of dealer add-on items such as the cd changer and the spoiler. At one time I thought that they were listed in the pricing information, but not any more. Anyone with this info? Would appreciate a reply. Thanks.
  • I'm new to this board, but I have to report my experiences with my Beetle, and they are mostly excellent. I have one of the very first '98 Beetles produced (took delivery in March '98). I have had very few problems in the 20,000 miles I have driven since. Problems: sticking driver's window, squeaky drivers seat, burnt out headlight, and alignment required. That's It. I have had so much fun driving this car for the last 3 and 1/2 years. It's a great car.
  • Hello to all on this board. I am new having just purchased a brand new 2002 Beetle GL (automatic). So far the car is wonderful. Since last Saturday, I have logged about 700 miles. I used several on-line sites to gather price information and then went shopping both via internet referral services and good ole brick and mortar stores. My goal initially was dead invoice, exclusive of advertising charges. My final price for the car was $16,751 + $99 processing charge, tags and taxes. (The bug is a 2002 GL, automatic transmission and the northeast emissions package.) The dealer also offered me 5.9% financing over 5 years. Was this a good deal? It looks like I paid about $200 over the invoice not including advertising. Some dealers show the invoice at about $16,900 with the ad fee while others show it a little less. Any opinions?
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    Looked at 2002 New Beetle at Team VW in Merrillville, IN and it had a sticker in addition to the factory sticker that listed additional equipment. The additional equipment included splash guards for $295.00 and paint/fabric protection for $499.00.
    Does anyone besides me feel that $295.00 for splash guards is nearly stealing? The splash guards were on a Blue GLS and they were listed as "color coordinated splash guards" and they were black. Is this color coordination?
    The Beetle also had a carbon fiber dash kit installed which was listed at $599.00.
    What do you think?
  • govugovu Posts: 62
    I've been to that dealer (Team VW) and had the same impression. Don't buy from them--send your money elsewhere. Anyone trying to charge you all of those add-ons probably also has a hand in your back pocket trying to grab your wallet.
  • Purchased a 2002 Beetle GLS about a month ago. Had the CD changer added by the dealer. Total cost was $250 for the changer + $50 for installation. My dealership charges the same amount for items advertised in their merhcandise catalog, plus add $$ for installation.
  • I purchased my 2001 GLS automatic in March and have since put 7000 miles on the car. I have not had one single problem with the car. After reading the posts I was scared to death, just waiting for something to happen. I had an 87 Jetta previously, that drove like a champ. I sincerely hope VW doesn't let me far so good.
  • I, like others, have been watching the messages with all the problems with the new beetle. I have had my Techno Blue GLX 2001 Turbo since August of 2000. I have 18000 miles on it. I have not had any problems with this car. It is my first VW. I just love the car. I handles very well. The turbo is very responsive. It is really cool to be able to move quickly in traffic when necessary. Especially in Ca., where traffic is always tight. I hope I will continue to have good luck with my "bug".
  • I cannot begin to tell you how much fun i have had in my NBs. When i got my first (1999 yellow)they were still kinda scarce. i would come out from the post office and a crowd would be gathered around my car. Everyone smiled and waved. I have a 2000 turbo, silver now. It is a fun car. Looks great, drives great, decent gas mileage, still attracts attention. as i said, i am on my second NB. the first, a 1999, had so many problems we started action under california's lemon law. plus, the sales rep misrepresented the car. the dealer saw the handwriting on the wall and swapped me out for a 2000 turbo with little discussion. The first year was great with minimal problems. this year has been scary. at 13,000 miles, the car has seen the dealer at least 2 dozen times. along with the trim problems (gas door cable, trunk problems, window switches) we have had more serious problems (check engine light, starter interlock, random lights and buzzers.) the dealer has corrected everything (door switch is broken again, have appointment next week and will be fixed) except a problem with the ignition switch. when i say scary, the dealer is very familiar with all the problems i am having. even the one he cannot fix. the good news is i am not alone, the bad news is i am not alone. the nb's seem to be having their share of problems. if you are considering the purchase of a nb, just go in with your eyes open and expect some problems. my warranty expires in a month and i am starting to regret not getting the extended warranty. i never purchase extended warranty! i have driven 3 honda accords in the last seven years with a total of two visits for service. this past year i have about two visits each month for my vw. this will be my last vw. what a shame, i had a '67 which was like the bunny - just kept going and going. this one just keeps going and going back to the shop. if you are looking to purchase a nb, check the consumer guide ratings. i can tell you from experience they are not making it up.
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