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Toyota Venza Real World MPG

Please post your mpg, please specify if you have the v4, v6, FWD, or AWD, and percentage of city and highway driving.


  • Just to clarify a point, the four cylinder would be specified as an i4. I'm looking forward to seeing some real-world numbers for the i4 FWD myself.
  • linersliners Posts: 19
    I have 2,400 miles on my Venza v-6 AWD. Ninety percent of my driving is around towns in Florida- 10 percent interstate. I average a consistent 22.5 mpg. We leave for the North Carolina mountains tomorrow. Ninety percent of the trip will be interstate at 75mph. Will report back in after the trip.
  • soonercatsoonercat Posts: 48
    I was pretty impressed that I got 27.7 mpg on 120 mile trip home from the dealer at 70-75 mph (flat-rolling interstate). FWD V-6. Would like to know just how much better the four can be. You will notice from consumer reports tests that the V-6 is only about 1 mpg less in the RAV4 application in overall gas mileage when comparing the 3.5 six to the old 2.4 inline four in the RAV4's case..
  • bbtingbbting Posts: 9
    Have had over 1300 km now and have been trying very hard (very light foot on pedal) to get high mileage but it is average at 14-15L/100km and it is all in city. But the Canadian spec is 11.5L/100km in city and 7.9L/100km on highway. My conversion to US mpg is still high = 100 / 14.5 / 1.6 *3.8 = 16.4 MPG compared to the US's 18MPG in city. It is still way off. Wondering if how people can get better than the spec.!?

    I live on the mountain. But the thing is that sliding off hill should also offset the more gas used climbing up. Wondering what other Canadian's getting too ?
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    Going downhill does not offset the fuel used to go up the same hill. More gas is used on hills than on level terrain. 16.4 mpg US in the city sounds very reasonable for the size of this vehicle. Remember government published fuel usage is always under ideal conditions and seldom achieved in the real world--especially the city rating.
  • linersliners Posts: 19
    Just returned from a 1500 mile round trip from Orlando, FL to North Carolina moutains. Ninety percent was interstate. I averaged 25.3 at an interstate speed of 72 mph. Averaged 24.8 at 76 mph. This is real- not using onboard computer. Car now has 4,000 miles and is v-6 AWD.
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    I'm at just over 500 miles and filled up for the second time (AWD V6). My first tank came out to 17.8 MPG. My second tank worked out to about 18.1 MPG. Trip computer now shows an average of 17.6 MPG (I haven't reset it since picking it up).

    A lot of my driving is up and down a mountain, so I'm not too surprised. I'm hoping to hit 19-20 MPG.
  • pacpark4pacpark4 Posts: 3
    My 2009 FWD Venza V6 Automatic just turned 2,000 miles and my mpg. has varied from 22.3 - mixed city/highway, to 25.3 - freeway driving 70-75 mph.
    In town the car has been averaging right around 22. I hope it continues to improve
  • soonercatsoonercat Posts: 48
    We took our first long trip. 600 miles. Overall 27 mpg or so up to 75 mph, this includes all kinds of roads but mostly highway. We did get 30 mpg at 65 mph for 150 miles and a tail wind. So far the computer understates mpg which is usually the opposite.
  • david_k1david_k1 Posts: 39
    Say - Which engine / drive-train are you running??
  • soonercatsoonercat Posts: 48
    V-6 front drive.
  • I drove one and am a whisker away from buying.. I have always owned V-8's,, tough decision moving to a 4-cyc but gas is not going to stay as low as it is now,, we all know that.. I was very impressed with power and performance on the Venza 2.7.. has anyone bought yet or driven.. would like opinions.. good or bad.. Thanks....
  • david_k1david_k1 Posts: 39
    Soonercat -

    Thanks for the info -
    WE just ordered our V6 FWD and am hoping for these kinda #s IF I can keep my foot off the LOUD pedal!! The last test drive included a back to back I4 - V6 comparison and I was rather surprised as to just how FAST the V6 really was. The smoothness of the V6 won the battle for me though..

  • chadxchadx Posts: 153
    "was very impressed with power and performance on the Venza 2.7.. has anyone bought yet or driven.. would like opinions.. good or bad.. "

    Since this thread is devoted to mpg discussions, you'll probably get better response posting your questions to another thread, like a "driving impressions" thread.
  • chadxchadx Posts: 153
    "Going downhill does not offset the fuel used to go up the same hill. More gas is used on hills than on level terrain."

    I disagree with this statement, at least when it is stated so broadly. Many vehicles get better mileage in hilly country or using the "pump" method of accelerating and coasting. For example, my 2003 Avalanche, with 5.3L V8, gets way better mileage driving up the mountain and back down (3,500ft elevation change) than doing the same 100 mile round trip on relatively level terrain.

    Granted I get a certain percentage worse-than-normal mileage on the way up, but the percentage better-than-normal mileage that I get on the way down is a higher percentage. Roughly, I get 10% worse than normal on the way up, but rather than only 10% better than normal on the way down, I get 20% better than normal. That not only compensates, but improves my overall mpg.

    Different vehicles will vary I suppose, but my wife's car acts the same way on this particular trip as do both of our motorcycles. Surely a small part of it is the usual "better mpg at elevation", but there's more to it than that. YMMV.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    You have a point with the pump method of accelerating and coasting. I was thinking of a more congested hilly terrain where the pump method is unlikely or impossible to implement. I live in such an area.
  • rdeasonrdeason Posts: 11
    Just came back from a 1300+ mile vacation trip. Averaging 74 mph I got 26.5 mpg. If I let up on the speed I'm sure I could have done better. Car drives very smoothly and is comfortable. The mileage computer is very pessimistic. Showing a 22 mpg average. Did my own math when filling the tank. Not as good as my previous Camry with the same engine and transmission where I usually gor 30+ mpg at the same speed.
  • chadxchadx Posts: 153
    No doubt the less efficient (than the camry) aerodynamics is the culperit in mpg, even with the same drivetrain. Between the higher ground clearance, which adds turbulance and hence drag, and the big caboose, the drag coefficient is impacted considerably. The extra weight in the Venza impacts mpg, too.

    I did a quick search and it looks like the Venza's drag coefficient is 0.33 while the Camry is 0.28. That is actually a pretty large difference. Just for comparisons sake, here are some others.

    1996 General Motors EV1 - 0.195
    2009/2010 Prius - 0.26/0.25
    2001 Audi A2 1.2 TDI - 0.25
    2004 Mazda RX-8 - 0.31
    2006 RAV4 - 0.31
    2005 Ford Escape Hybrid - 0.40
    2003 Hummer H2 - 0.57

    Since the Venza is 0.33 and the Camry is 0.28, one can see how little of a difference impacts mileage if the previous poster went from 30+ in the Camry to 26.5mpg in the Venza with same drivetrain. Note that aerodynamic drag increases as the square of speed, so the difference between even 65mph and 75mph has a huge impact on mpg no matter how good of a drag coefficient your vehicle has.
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    The Drag is the product of the Drag Coefficient times the Frontal Area. So, the Venza being taller, and wider, AND a little less slippery, it's mileage is dragged down. Literally.

    This explains why the Corolla gets noticeably better mileage than its taller cousin, the Matrix. Even with the same powertrain.

    Still, I like the Venza for getting the mileage as it does. The Camry just can't carry enough of my stuff. I keep seeing V-6's reported as getting over 26 on the highway. Soon we should get mileage reports from owners of 2.7L's. Maybe knocking on 30 mpg?
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    I'm just over 1,000 miles on my AWD V6. I got 18.4 MPG on my last tank (calculated based on the miles driven and gas filled).

    I'm still hoping to hit 19 MPG. A lot of my driving is up and down a mountain, so I'm pretty happen even with the sub-20 results.
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