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Toyota Venza Real World MPG



  • rafael2rafael2 Posts: 20
    Thanks for your input... lots of people don't know how much fuel rating affects any car performance.

    I'm a heavy foot in HWY and light in the city, some air condition as require in New England summer.

    My V6 AWD Venza does avg. of 19.5 MPG. I had a 2009 Prius package #3 and that thing did 41 with the Heater/AC on 90% of the time, and I drove it hard... I mean HARD in the city. We do miss the fuel economy (the MPG) but NOT the car.

    :shades: I love this baby just would like Smaller rims for once like an 18" rims with fat tires so that I can treat it like an SUV and go on country off roads trails (not the very tough ones).

    :mad: This 20" rims are too bouncy, jumpy and busy ride. For the few first days I drove it, I almost felt sick to my stomach of so much bounciness. This rims size should be an option.

    :( Also, the FIT AND FINISH quality is more like a FORD type inside than TOYOTA or Lexus. The Price is somewhat expensive and the driving it has like a .5sec lag. It does feel a bit disconnected from the road but I think is because its 8.1" of ground clearance.

    19.5 MPG for Me!
    :) :)
  • venzaownervenzaowner Posts: 2
    edited July 2011
    In Canada, this car is rated about 7 l/100km highway and 10 l/100km city. For my first tank of gas in my new Venza I got...14.7 l/100km all city driving, hvac on the lowest setting the whole time. That's 50% more than rated. I'm not impressed.
  • 2011 FWD, I4
    90% Highway
    10% "City"

    I am close to empty on my second tankful of gas and am looking at 25.2mpg according to the built-in calculator.

    I am also somewhat disappointed so far as I had hopes of seeing above 27mpg due to my daily commute of 80 miles @ 65mph.
  • yegoryegor Posts: 2
    edited January 2012
    2009 I-4 AWD

    70% city, 30% highway
    24 MPG in summer
    22 MPG in winter

    20 MPG - heavy city
    21 MPG - city
    25 MPG - highway at 70 mph
    26 MPG - highway at 65 mph

    Please post your MPG at fueleconomy website where lots of people check them: - %20AWD
  • yegoryegor Posts: 2
    2009 I-4 AWD.

    One more thing - it takes about 10 miles for the car to "warm up" and while it does it consumes lots of fuel (especially in winter). Even if you drive highway expect:
    trip: 3 miles - 15 MPG average
    trip: 15 miles - 22 MPG average
    trip: 60 miles - 26 MPG average
    trip: 100 miles - 29 MPG average
    But after about 10 miles it starts to get really good MPG. So if you take a really long trip (more than 100 miles) you can get 30 MPG.
  • Installed a K&N air filter, not sure what cone refers to...anyway it seems to have a small impact to gas savings but it is there.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,010
    And you may have gotten that much or more impact with a new paper air filter.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • fhffhf Posts: 19
    Third tank of gas...26.6 mpg manual calc and computer was giving same number. 80 % highway at 70 mph & 20 % city .
  • fhffhf Posts: 19
    2013 V6 FWD Venza w/ 2000 miles. Third tank 26.6 mpg, fourth tank 26.5, fifth tank 26.7 with 80% highway & 20% city. I filled the tank to overflow and calculated manually. computer states 26.6 mpg.
  • fhffhf Posts: 19
    .2700 miles on car...last tank 80% highway 10% city... Filled to overflow & manual calc got 27.9 mpg
  • I have about 500 miles on my Venza, which I got about two weeks ago. So far I am averaging right around 20 MPG in a 50/50 highway/city mix. I would expect around 21 after a couple of thousand miles. Not bad given the width of this car, AWD, and a V-6. Overall I'm pleased.
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