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Dodge Dakota Wheel Bearings



  • carvermancarverman Posts: 101
    I've had to replace both of my front wheel bearing hubs. The drivers side failed
    around 50K miles, the passenger just recently around 60K miles. I got a used
    hub for the drivers side and bought a new timken hub as spare, which is now
    being used on the passenger side. When the first hub bearing failed, I went]
    to Timken and got the actual bearing, but there was no way I could get the
    old one out, so I scrapped the hub. On the recent failure, I went to a machine
    shop and they pressed the old one out and the new bearing in. Now that is
    my spare. Years ago, you could repack the front bearings, now everything is
    throwaway at high cost too. The lower ball joints are going as well, even
    though I grease them myself with an grease needle by injecting some grease
    into the rubber boot..but this is crap. Chrysler/dodge could have made them
    with zerk grease nipples. I've just bought two MOOG balljoints that have the
    grease fittings. This is nothing but a plot to make money off the owners by
    Chrysler dealerships! I will never use them for any repairs!
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