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Chevrolet/Geo Metro



  • towmantowman Posts: 8

    I finally stopped for gas the first mileage check is 31mpg. This has exceeded my expectations. It got cold this weekend and I was not able to make it to the junk yard to look for a mirror. I also have taken my Metro on a tow trip to KY. I have to keep reminding myself the little guy is still back there. Lucky for me I have a back-up monitor and can check it out every so often. These are great cars for towing behind a RV. I luv it more and more!!!! What a steal! More later.... Towman....
  • towmantowman Posts: 8
    Your comment about the company that buys Metros and rips the engine and gear box to replace with an electric motor intrigues me. I wonder if some after market company will think of marketing this concept. Instead of replacing the engine with a gas engine the owner could opt for and electric... Since I only drive mine on short trips I might consider that as an option if available when/if it ever comes to that. Maybe then I could get 100 miles per KiloWatt....HA.....
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Go to Gives all the info for those interested.
  • I'm glad to find such a lively group concerned with the Ego Metro. I started looking for an economical car because I drive 50 miles per day with the commute to my job. I'm a high school science teacher and just can't afford the gas prices for the pick-up I was using for the commute. A friend told me about a Ego Metro he had seen at a garage sale so I went and looked at it. I had been researching the Ego Metro by looking at reviews on the Car Guys site and asking around. It seems most people really love their Metro's with very few having problems. I bought my 1992 4-door hatch back with the 3 cylinder 1 liter engine for 800 dollars. It needed some work and have ended up putting an additional 1000$ in for repairs. It is driving great and in warmer weather it gets 43 mpg. It originally had factory air but the clutch on the compressor had gone bad so was disconnected before I got it. I also noticed that it had the compressor changed once before. For about $150 I could get a rebuild compressor and have it installed. It does seem that the air conditioned is a common problem and I'm wondering if I should just put up with humid Missouri summers and save on my gas mileage by not getting the work done. Any opinions?
  • cjaccettacjaccetta Posts: 236
    Welcome to the club, bluestreak. I'm sure you will enjoy your Metro. I have a 1993 2-door with the 1.0 litre/5-speed setup. Mine did not come equipped with A/C and there are times during our humid NJ summers when I would gladly kill to have it. If it's at all practical, I would recommend repairing yours. You will suffer a mild performance and mileage penalty but you will be more comfy. I have installed a pop-up sunroof (about $150) in my car, which helps with ventilation. The sunroof also makes the cabin feel more airy.

    You will find that your Metro, if cared for properly, will reward you with years of faithful service. Mine has been completely buried in snowdrifts, driven over dirt roads, driven through eight inches of standing water (I don't advise this) and carried many heavy loads of passengers and outdoor gear. All it ever asked for was a little gas, regular oil changes and a clean-up every so often. It has never failed to start at the first turn of the key. The Metro is, IMO, the modern incarnation of the original VW Beetle. Simple, tough, economical and reliable.
  • inuvikinuvik Posts: 131
    Although you can't buy a new Metro from Chevrolet you can still get a Swifts from Suzuki. I just returned from a trip to Arizona and the Suzuki dealer in Kingman Arizona had a good supply of Swifts, I counted 7. Prices were great $8995.00 & $9995.00. Just thought I'd let everyone know because this is your last chance to get one because 2001 is it.
    But I'll continue to happily drive my 1994 4dr, which now has 126k and continues to be a great car. No problems yet. I have put 37k on this car in a year (122 mile a day commute). I have put a set of plugs, distributor cap & rotor, PCV, and front/rear brake pads/shoes and changed the oil. That's it.
    Cjacetta, you are right, the Metro IS the VW Beetle of the 90's, simple, ultra reliable, affordable, effecient. IMO I have never owned a better car, even those I have bought new.
    Metronians® unite!!!
  • I'm at a loss as to what some of the abbreviations are. What does IMO stand for?

    By the way, I have a weekend job that has a big garage with hoses and drains that's heated in the winter. (The garage that's heated, not the hoses and drains.) My coworkers think I'm obsessive because I've washed that Geo almost every weekend this winter, regardless of the weather. It's body is in such great shape that I want to maintain its great looks as long as I can.

    Speaking of the Beetle for the 90's, I came close to buying a 74 super Beetle. It was hunter green, my dream car, until I talked to the owner and found out the gas mileage and how much work has to be done to maintain a Beetle. A mechanic friend of mine said that the Beetle engine is not known for being a reliable engine. They're just real easy to work on and rebuild.

    I like my REAL economy car. It's a dark blue, hence the name Blue Streak. My students at school think it's a hoot. They notice things like the little TV I've mounted on the dash (I picked it up a garage sale for 2 bucks).

    The local Salvation Army Store had an orginal equipment Delco radio with Geo on it for 5 dollars. The radio with cassette that is in it now is some off brand called Radion. How 'bout it, should I part with 5 bucks to make it more original?

    Later fellow Metronians!
  • inuvikinuvik Posts: 131
    IMO=In My Opinion
    IMHO=In My Humble Opinion
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 408
    it depends on what kind of job was done when the cheap radio was installed. If they cut up all the wires you'll need to rewire the radio and get connectors to connect the Geo radio. If they did it right and used the right connectors the Geo radio will plug right in. You'll also need 4 screws to hold the radio in place. You can also get for $20-$50 from most junkyards a decent Geo AM-FM cassette radio, but don't hold your breath for the 3-in-1 combo. That has the AM-FM radio, a cassette deck, and a CD player in one unit. I haven't seen one for sale on eBay that went for less than $200 yet, and you don't see them at junkyards, they are rare enough as it is, I'll bet people'd spend thousands on their Metro to keep it running so they can use that awesome all-electric stereo.
  • inuvikinuvik Posts: 131
    Hey it's good to hear from you again, it's been awhile since I've seen you post. Just wanted to get a update on your latest car. I think you had a Cavalier last time and wanted to dump it. Any luck? I know that I've owned a ton of cars but I think you've got me beat by a mile.
  • towmantowman Posts: 8
    Does anyone know how much a salvage title devalues the sale price of a vehicle? As I stated earlier I bought this 1997 Two Door Metro LSi with 37,500 miles for $1500. I appraised it on Edmunds and the trade-in is $3,565 private party sale is $4,103 or Dealer retail is $4,691. I understand these prices are a little inflated because I bought an S-10 in November for $5500 that Edmunds priced out at $6900 dealer retail and was barely able to unload it for $5300. But was just curious if anyone has an idea of how much of a hit a salvage title can take. I have no idea what happened to cause it to have a salvage title. I have check the car over thoroughly and can't see any evidence of a recent paint job. The stickers that are normally under the hood when new are still there and the car is in excellent running condition save for the driver side mirror - broken control arm. Welcome your comments. TowMan.....
  • inuvikinuvik Posts: 131
    My understanding is that a salvage title can reduce the value of a vehicle from anywhere from 10-25%. But I have known plenty of people that have sold salvaged titled vehicles for full retail price. So I would say that you got the deal of the century. Just my 2 cents.
  • grover90grover90 Posts: 4
    o., so I've fixed brakes maybe 20 times, but when I get to my new baby's brakes, and I'm frozen half way through- if the auto parts store had a manual for my 90 2dr, I would simply follow the instructions...
    any clues as to where I look?
  • gagewsgagews Posts: 3
    I just purchased a Geo Metro today. It's a 1997 with 80K for about 2700. It was actually more, but with my trade in actual worth, I figure that was the ending price.

    I'd like to get a compression check done soon, but will need to shop around. With that many miles(no history) and such a small engine, it's not a bad idea.

    I've noticed websites where you can purchase extended warranty, but cannot claim until after 1-3 months. I am not sure how well they pay out if something major goes wrong...

    They don't require an inspection...

    I had an older F150 truck that was sucking money from me at the Gas station. I figured that I would go the extreme side with the best fuel mileage car(minus hybrid). That's how I found these cars and at such a good price. I compared light trucks for the same price, but they were really beat up.

    My mom has a 3 cylinder Daihatsu, which is comparitable, but don't have that 'Egg' shape to them.

    When I drive down the road, I see all those people in their gas guzzling Trucks and SUV's, etc. Who really needs a vehicle that large anyway? I guess, there are times to tow trailers, etc. But many of them don't even have the need. If I need a truck, I'll just ask a friend or rent one from UHAUL.

    Well, I'm crossing my fingers that everything holds up on it. In high school and college, I've had some real lemons, so I know the signs. At any rate, it's a lot better than the truck I just traded-in. I hope they fix that up before they sell it...

    I'd rather take my chances in my egg with wheels:)


  • ajb4ajb4 Posts: 11
    I was wondering about 3 cylinders, what good are they? With only 58 horses on tap are they even worth buying? My lawn mower almost has that much!!!
  • ajb4ajb4 Posts: 11
    actually it's only 49hp
  • inuvikinuvik Posts: 131
    Well 3 cylinders are good for 50+ MPG. When gas hits $3.00 a gallon this summer me and my 3 cylinders will be smiling a ear to ear grin.
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 408
    the cars only weigh 1800-2000lbs. So 48hp (older models and XFi's) or 55hp (newer models) is plenty to move it with the 5-speed. The 4-cylinder Metros have either 70 or 79hp and that is enough. The 1995 LSi automatic hatchback I had could move just fine. Can your lawnmower keep up with the you-can't-go-too-fast-on-I-635-Dallas traffic?
  • ajb4ajb4 Posts: 11
    I don't know, we'll have to race sometime lol!
    One of the things I've noticed with the 4 cylinders is, the the smaller ones (1.5,1.6) tend to have more little quirks, like loud noise and vibrations and I was wondering about the 3's.
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