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Chevrolet/Geo Metro



  • It's funny that you don't see more 4-cyl, 5-spds.
    I would have thought that would have been the MOST popular combination.

    I used to find my current Metro and maybe it's just the area I'm in, but all the 4-cyl's were auto. Oh well, the 3-cyl's gas mileage is hard to beat...but it could sure use that extra cylinder when it comes time to climb a hill. :)
  • I have a 2000 metro with 5 speed and 4 was difficult to find, but i managed to buy it brand new out the door for $9855.43 @ a Chevy dealership in Austin Texas!!! [This dealer tried and tried to sell me a Cavalier, but i did not want one] It has been a good car, and averages about 39-41 mpg mixed. Currently it has 55,000 miles and is still going strong. I don't know if it has a timing belt or chain, but if it has a belt I will need to change it in the near future. I have put new tires (Goodyear Alegera) on it and they seem to ride better than the old ones. The only thing that has gone wrong with it is the Air-conditioning switch, which I was able to repair. Though it is interesting that at the local junk-yard, all of the A/C switches were gone from all metros. If anyone knows if my car has a belt or a chain i would be greatful for your information.

  • millspdmillspd Posts: 106
    My wife and I had a brand new 1993 red 4 door Geo Metro. One of the most reliable cars we ever owned, and those four door models had a ton of head room (I'm over 6 feet and was very comfortable sitting in the four door. The two door was much harder on me, though).

    Auto tranny, so no pickup but my wife did average around 37 mpg or so in it, and that was sure nice.
  • All Metro's have timing belts, which require periodic inspections and changeout.

    My '95 factory manual says inspect the belt at 60,000 mile intervals and change at 100,000 miles intervals. I guess I'm a bit overdue on my '95, it has 118K on it and I expect that's on the original belt. :(

    Had similar problem as your A/C controls except with the fan speed switch, lost the first speed setting and from what I read at other Metro forums, these switches are weak. No wonder there's none left at the junkyards!

    My '95 is riding on Sears Michelin tires, they are pretty quiet, have excellent wet traction and handle great. Definitely a plus here in the Pacific NW!!
  • My 2000 1.0L, 3cyl metro has about 115,000 miles on it, and it has developed a problem. It won't stay in 5th gear unless I constantly hold the shifter in position. I'm hoping it won't need a complete overhaul/replacement, but I fear the worst. Does anyone here have any experience with this? Thank you for any response.
  • Has anyone ever tried to transplant a 1.3L into a 1.0L/5spd post-1995 Metro?

    I'm coming upon new_engine_time for my 1997 Metro, thought it might be worth the effort to upgrade the motor if the pain was not too bad.

    The assumption is that I have found a 1.3L motor with computer, wire harness, and California smog.
  • baveuxbaveux Posts: 175
    How much mileage on it ? Just curious what broke ?
  • Hi, just arrived at this site and decided to join to post a note here.
    I just bought this car with 123,000 miles on it and it is in perfect condition. Other than the mileage it looks as though it was never used. Never been wrecked. It is the best little car I have ever owned so far. Mileage(I commute 110 miles per day) is 36MPG at 75 MPH. doesn't seem to improve at 55 or 65MPH. I think it is comfortable quiet and handles very well. The sound system(stock GEO)CD player,etc is excellent. For $2K I think it is a great deal.
    Now I want to get a Geo convertible for an in town toy. I have 3 thousand miles on the car, use 5-30 Castrol oil and the oil is still clean and hasn't used a drop of oil.
  • Just measured my mileage again for my '98 1.0L 2-dr HB with 5-spd manual. This time it was more highway driving (~90% highway) and I got 47.6 mpg.
    Not bad at all. I'll be in the summer I'll top 50..
  • I happened to purchase a 1997 Geo Metro 1.0L/5spd that had been abused, probably by the former owner's teenager. The engine sports low (120psi)compression across all three cylinders, and the synchro gears are ground up, making it hard to downshift to second or first when rolling to a stop with the clutch all the way in. I have an engine and tranny sitting on standby. If anything breaks, so much as a burnt clutch, the whole power train is coming out. But I have been running Prolong in both the engine and transaxle, and the little car keeps taking me to work.

    I was just musing in the last email about upgrading the motor, since I have stumbled upon rave reviews of the 1.3L/5spd combination in user group discussions lately.
  • baveuxbaveux Posts: 175
    Too bad he abuse the little bugger. Mine also is a 1997 1.0 5 speed. I have now 82500 miles (133000 km in Canada)and cylinder #1 = 175 #2 - 165, #3 170 psi. Great little car, I use it to go to work too, 90 miles a day, the only thing I missed are the AC, CD, and cruise control !!!

    Great gas mileage, so far since 5 years I've done a brake job at the front, change the exaust system, and the rad. The later disapointed me a little, the rad was only 3 years old and was falling apart,oh well...

    Remember? 20 years ago we were happy to make 100000 miles with a big Chevy or a Plymouth...the cars are so much better today and so reliable, I plan to keep my little sewing machine for another 5 years !
    Good luck with yours !
  • Just thought I would put in my 2cents. I have a 1989 Geo Metro hatchback 2 dr. 5 sp. I bought it in 1993 with 100,000 miles on it. All service records also. IT now has 255,000 miles.Its had 5 mufflers, 1 alternator,2 timing belts,1 water pump.It has the original struts and clutch. I have changed the oil every 3000 mi.It doesn't burn any between changes. It still runs and looks as good as the day I bought it. I like them so well, I had to get me a 1993 geo convertable.Then my wife had to get a 1991 convertable. A couple of weeks ago I found a deal I couldn't refuse, a 1991 2dr. HB 5 sp. 58,000 mi. $299.00 . The ford dlr. wanted $1,100.00 for it .IT pays to haggle. I do all my own work on these cars.Its easy and parts are inexpensive.Get a FSM and your good to go.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    and thanks for your notes. Glad to hear your Geo Metros have been serving you well.

    That's great that you've been able to do all your own work. We appreciate having someone with your kind of knowledge around here...., and look forward to your future posts. Happy motoring!

    Hatchbacks & Wagons Boards
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I have an ~80 mile commute (soon to be about 112 with a PT job I am getting), and was thinking about an economy car. I found a 1992 base Metro 3-door 5-speed. I don't know the mileage on it, but I know the car's been sitting on a lawn for sale for about 3 months now. The price on the window sticker is $1250, so maybe that's why. I did KBB and NADA values, and they both say around $500 for the car. I was going to call the owner and try to dicker, but don't know.

    How are these cars for highway commuting? I know it won't win any speed races, but as long as it sips fuel and runs for a year or so (plus lets me learn how to drive stick shift), I will be happy.

  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 408
    even 1995-1996 models are getting under $1000 these days...I wouldn't pay $1250 for a 1992 model unless it had low mileage, was very clean, and needed no work at all (i.e. no smoke, cold AC, smooth runner and driver, good tires, brakes, and shocks)...

    several 1995-1997 Metros have sold recently on eBay for well under $1000...
  • jubileerunjubileerun Posts: 18
    I found out the hard way in my 1997 Geo Metro that a radio circuit card meltdown can take out the ignition coil fuse. I'll spare you the details, but the bottom line is, if you suddenly lose all spark, first check under the dash to see if the ignition coil fuse is blown. If so, pull the "dome" circuit fuse and plug it into the ignition coil slot. If the car sparks back to life, you have a bad bad radio. In fact, I find it hard to believe that the stock radio doesn't have any inline fuses. When I put the next one in, I will add some inline fuses on the ignition wire and on the battery wire.
  • Today my 1997 Geo Metro 1.0L was back on the road after a complete engine+5spd R&R. I was able to replace my 1997 motor with a G-10L from Japan. The only differences between the two engines, besides the obvious smog stuff, are the following; crank angle sensor & crankshaft timing gear, oil pump and oil pan, camshaft timing gear, timing belt tensioner pulley, and front engine mount.
    I was able to move all of the listed parts from my blown 1997 motor to a used Japanese G-10L long block, and it worked! So if you need to overhaul a 1995 to 2001 Metro or Swift 1.0L, it can be done with a G-10L. For some reason 1.0L motors with the crank angle sensor are not available from the used Japanese engine suppliers.

  • I have a 1996 Geo Metro. The hood release cable snapped and I can't open the hood. Does anyone have a solution to share?
  • ro22tolro22tol Posts: 24
    This past weekend I purchased a 1991 geo metro for my son who is 15. It will be his first car.

    It is a 1.0 with auto and working air. 134,000 mile. I paid $500 for it. It is well maintained and needed nothing other than some fluid changes.

    Question. Are there any geo metro forums out there beside edmunds?

    Any input on where to get parts and what to look out for would be helpfull.

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