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Chevrolet/Geo Metro



  • mrspoonmrspoon Posts: 2
    I don't know if this is too late but it's really easy to put the inside piece on. As with most of the Metro's interior, if you put it in place and give it a whack, it'll go on just swell. Just make sure that when you're screwing the mirror on that the screws atre straight, otherwise when they cross thread they;ll snap off the little plastic things they're supposed to hold in.
  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    mrspoon - I have ordered the piece but have not put it on yet. The mirror is in place, it's just the interior part. Here is a picture of it:

    From the bare metal on the inside, it looks as if there are two white plastic plugs/nuts that the piece possibly screws into, or was attached to the original piece. One is still in place. Hopefully I will be able to just snap this one in place.
  • flyinv55flyinv55 Posts: 1
    OK they are threatening gas prices will be $3 a gallon this summer so I finally decided to buy a Metro. My 87 Honda Accord finally died and a neighbor had a 97 Metro for $1500 so I bought it. It is the 1.3 5spd,2dr, no A/C. There is no owners manual and the odometer is reading 80K miles. The "check engine soon" light is on and I am getting only 33mpg with 90% hwy driving. My main question is what are the 80K mile service recommendations? On my way to work yesterday I spotted a 96 Metro sitting in a yard so I asked the owner if its for sale. I got it for $100, he said the motor is weak with only 122k miles. So now I have a parts car but I wonder if I need to change the EGR, CC and o2 sensor on my 97 at 80K miles? what about the timing belt? How often should the belt be changed?
  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    flyinv55: It doesn't look like many people are posting to this forum anymore. I bought a used 1998 Metro a few weeks ago, and although a few people have replied, this forum doesn't seem to get the traffic that is used to. I was fortunate to find a low mileage Metro, only 28K miles on it. When I got the car, I went ahead and had all the fluids, hoses, and belts changed out, with the exception of the timing belt, which the mechanic said was in good shape, and new tires. I have also been pouring throught websites to find out what I could from other owners, not to mention reviewing the 31 pages of posts on this forum. My car is just like yours - 5 speed manual, basic car with no a/c; didn't even come with a radio - 3 cylinder, 1.0 liter engine. I had the oil, radiator, and transaxel fluid changed out. Also, the uppper and lower hoses. Recommend you also check the air and fuel filters, and change them out. After reviewing the posts, most it seems have changed out the timing belt at 50-60,000 miles. Might want a mechanic to take a look at it and see if it has the original. If so - change it! Also, I found most people change out the O2 senser at 50,000. These little cars are great and I am happy that I bought it. If you wouldn't mind, please drop me a note, as since you have a part car, if you wouldn't mind, I might be interested in a few parts. My e-mail is:
  • ecu77ecu77 Posts: 3
    A few questions for the Metro faithful:

    1. Anybody had blue smoke at startup (after sitting at least 4 hours)? I have 53k on 1.3 auto Enterprise Rental I bought at 48K ( i run 10/30 Mobile 1 every 3K and changed the original plugs at 48 K and they looked normal).

    2. Will switching to 175/70/13's hurt my fuel mileage (Averaging 32)
  • ecu77ecu77 Posts: 3
    1.3 Owners,

    How many of you have found the overhead out to the point of having to adjust the valves? Is this just a check or are you guys adjusting?
  • I have a 3 cylinder, 5 speed, air, 98 metro base model. I bought it at 25,000 miles. I have had it serviced at the local chevy dealer. They were unable to locate the fuel filter. Where is it? Also, mine uses oil. It doesn't leak it nor burn it, but uses over a qt. per 1000 miles which is quite a bit more than any of my other cars. Is that normal?
  • metromaxmetromax Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Metro Lsi with the 1.3 liter and auto trany with just over 50k miles. The car has been surging while cruising. Its like the car will accelerate by itself in little bits. I can't figure out if its a tranny problem of something with the engine. Anyone ever have this type of problem, and how was it fixed?
  • Just got a 1991 Firefly auto convertible 1.liter.I need new pieces and maybe a new motor and all new seal around the doors..Where can I find all that and what can I expect for prices.
  • baveuxbaveux Posts: 175
    The fuel filter is located in the rear wheel well on the l/side, in front of the shock absorber if I recall correctly
  • misfitmisfit Posts: 1
    94 Geo Metro wont start. It will turn over but there is no spark coming from the coil. Tried a new coil and still have the same problem. I have already checked all of the fuses, none of them are blown. I have power to the coil through a black and white wire when ignition key is on. Is there something else that I'm missing? It is not the standard type of coil. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • brianlbrianl Posts: 2
    Just found a '92 convertable. Always wanted 1. Sort of a modern version of my old Nash Metropolitan. Well used but not especially abused. About 120000 kilos on it. Oil all over the valve cover but the engine does not seem wet. From the tires, needs a front end alignment. Also need the drive's side window crank. Where are the weak points on the car? Any particular component a problem?
  • brianlbrianl Posts: 2
    I am in need of the cover(s) for the ragtop when it is down. Also the skidplate or whatever it is called and the exhaust manifold heatsheild. Anyone with a lead?
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    Youve covered everything but the trigger signal for the coil. The ignition coil can have 12v applied to one side of it but still be inoperative because of no ignition trigger.

    I dont own a Metro (use to own a Chevy Sprint Turbo). The flow is thus:

    1) Magnetic timing pick-up somewhere on engine (camshaft,crankshaft,etc) wired to ignition module.

    2) Ignition module wired to one side of ignition coil.

    3) other side of ignition coil wired to 12V.

    Hope this helps.
  • pdohertypdoherty Posts: 1
    HI, new to this forum and metro ownership. I have a 95 3 cly base model. do you know the average mpg, and lifespan of these engines? My first calc yielded 46 mpg mix hwy driving. How did your search come about with the pre 95 engine fitting post 95? Can you tell me the info to get one of those engine and trans you referred to? I seem to have noticed a few people that treat me in my metro differently than any other car I have owned. IE tailgating, and treating me like I am on a bike. Ever get that? I am in WA state east side. Oh, do you know how much these metros weigh? Thank you for your time...
  • I am buying my first car, and on a very small budget (500-1500 dollars max). It's harder than I thought to find a decent car in that price range, but a friend's mother ofered me her old geo metro, it's a hatchback, '98, has 108,000 miles on it, she said she changed the oil and everything when she was supposed to and took good care of it and all that. I'm really not a fan of the car at all (i think it looks like a small bubble, plus it's a teal color) but she was trying to sell it for about 1,000 and is offering it to me for half the price. Now, I have two questions. I'm most likely going to take the car as I don't have a lot of options & it's a generous offer, but everybody I've talked to has told me the geo metro is a horirble car. They tell me I'm going to have to put so much money into it, it's unreliable, etc. I read a bunch of posts on the geo metro, and I saw varying opinions so I guess everybody is going to have differing views on the safety. Any advice I'll glady take, but it might not be anything different from what I've already read. But somebody said they're good if you take care of them, don't "neglect" them... I don't know anything at all about cars, and neither does my mother (and it's just me and her) so can anybody tell me basic maintence stuff, like when/how to change the oil, and anything else I should do and how to do it, to keep my metro in good shape?
    I appreciate any advice! Thanks : )

  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    I'm really not a fan of the car at all (i think it looks like a small bubble, plus it's a teal color) but she was trying to sell it for about 1,000 and is offering it to me for half the price.
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - - -----------

    You will be a fan of the car when you pull up to the pump first couple of times. Its a gas miser.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - - -----------
    They tell me I'm going to have to put so much money into it, it's unreliable, etc. I read a bunch of posts on the geo metro, and I saw varying opinions so I guess everybody is going to have differing views on the safety.
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - - ---

    How many Geo Metros have these people owned that are telling you its a money pit? Sounds like anti-small asian car sentiment to me. If you are going to own a tiny asian car you'd better get thick skinned.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - - -----------------

    Any advice I'll glady take, but it might not be anything different from what I've already read.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - - -------------------

    In the $500 to $1500 dollar range these days what are your choices. Seems you picked a very good car for your purposes esp now that the price of gas is on a steady rise. I would go for it and ignore the pundits. If after you get it they still make comments...ask them how much their last fill-up was. As far as safety YOU have to weight the importance of safety vs a car you can afford.

    At that mileage make sure the timing belt was replaced on schedule.
  • blakewblakew Posts: 1
    I have a 1994 geo metro 4 door and was wondering what to do about some paint touch - ups. I was wanting to know the actual color of the car. If any one knows a website or any way to find this info please help, and thanks for any inquiry.
    thanks , blake
  • Hi! I'm the proud owner of a 1994 Pontiac Firefly engine and a heap of electronics, courtesy of my local junkyard. I'm repowering an old tracked ATV with this engine and would like to ask, cap in hand, if some kind soul could scan their electrical schematic and email it to me...

    I have bought a generic Haynes manual but it has generic schematics. I'm hoping to find one that is specific to my engine. I need it because I have to make sure everything is hooked up correctly when rewiring it for the ATV.

    I've got the 1 liter, 3 cylinder, non-turbo'd engine.

    Can anyone help, please?

  • rw86347rw86347 Posts: 3
    If you have blue smoke at startup then you are leaking a little oil through your valves. You could fix this by having your head rebuilt.

    If you remove the head and take it to a machinist they should be able to build it for around $150. However if it isn't burning much oil and the spark plugs are not getting fouled up then I would just leave it alone.
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