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Chevrolet/Geo Metro



  • pipemanpipeman Posts: 58
    If you get 42 MPG in 50/50 driving it is very good. Honda and Toyota can't dupliacte this. You paid for the vehicle few hundrats dollars, but the "smart buyers" paid over 20.000 and get this same millage.
    With the timing marks - watch out for set up. Is different before 1992 and after 1993 up.
    What yer is your car?
    YOu shuold't pump more than 28 psi in the tires. You will shake to much the car, if you have more pressure. All car will vibrate on higher tire pressure. I use 13" tires.
    Before 1992 the sepc are 10 BTDC, but after 1993 July up, the timing is only 5 BTDC, but you must lock the timing on plastic plug ( bridge two outlets with wire).
  • Hey, I'm new here, hope someone can give me an answer.

    I have a 91 Geo metro, Car runs great but has hesitant acceleration at speed. If it were a carburated car I'd say the accelerator pump was not working. But since this is EFI I'm lost. Anyone have this same problem or know what is wrong?

    Many Thanks

  • Could be a number of things: spark (did you change the plugs recently?), catalyzer could be plugged up...
  • Pipeman -

    Thanks for the ideas and recommendations, I'll have to check the compression when I get a chance and take it from there.

    Thanks again!!
  • Hello. Personally, I belive the catalyst only work on cold start ups. After engine is in normal operating temp. cat. converter is unnessesery item..
    What I did - remove the Catal. Converter, cut of the front pipe and I cleaned the converter inside. Removed all "honey nest". Installed back and never have any problem. My OX. sensor work better, no more back pressure, better mpg.
    Passed emission - easy. Just do not mention about that.
  •'s not legal really, we are well aware of that. BUT you get better gas mileage, thus you are more efficient, therefore you pollute less......
  • THis is only suggestion - I idi for on reasen - save a money on new cata. converter and also improove mpg.
    Didn't damage the World.
  • I have a 1991 Geo Metro 2 door hatchback that I'm fixing up for a commuter. I've already done considerable work to the car. I've heard about the problems with the EGR. In addition to replacing or cleaning out the EGR do I need to pull the intake and/or exhaust manifolds and clean out the passages? If so, how do I determine where those passages are? My shop manual isn't very clear on this.


  • First - remove the EGR valve and clean the egr valve. Next clean the connection from EGR to carburator. I used the pipe cleaner - you can purchase at any tobacco shop. Use the "sharp" not a soft cleaner. You can buy the short and long pieces. It is very cheap $ 1.00, 2.00.
    Second. Remove the exhaust manifold. After the exhaust manifold is out - clean very well the opening ( 1/2" dia.) accross the cyl.head. From the exhaust to the egr.
    Look at the exhuast minifold and you will see small hole running between the "exhaust collectors" 1 - 2 -3.
    The opening is less than 1/8" dia. Use the transmission fluis to clean the passages. Put the one site of the pipe cleaner to the transm. fliud and insert in every small hole. Must go thru. If is plugged, put more transm. fliud in the openong in leave for 15 min. and try push thru. If will not open the hole, use some sharp wire and push. By gental to nor brake the wire. Also you can use high pressure air to clean the passages.
    Replace all bolts with studs. Easy to work. Use grade 9 or 10 studs. Open the ehaust manifold inlets abut 45 degree angle , the flow will be easier. Before instaling the studs, retap the thread in the cyl. head with greas.
    Use copper grease to install the studs in the cyl. head.
    Any questions, let me know.
    Pipeman - visit my web
  • Thanks for the info. We are talking about a 91 geo metro, right?
    No sure what you mean by opening up the inlets on the exhaust manifold. Are you talking about taking a die grinder to the manifold itself? If so how far back should the 45 degree bevel go?


  • guestguest Posts: 774
    Yes - 45 degree angle. Firts - place the gasket and se how is alingement with the manifold.
    Also you can do 45 on cyl. head.
    How about those small holes in the EGR , you located that?
    If yo will look inside the exh. ports you will see small "pipe" on the bottom of the runners.
    Let me know.
  • Could be the oxygen cause my mileage in my old Suzuki Swift to fall from 36-39 down to 24. I was told that is the sign of an sensor going out is sudden bad mileage. I had it fixed and boom my mileage went back up.
  • Hello
    I live in the state of NY. The weather has been rainy. I cannot start my car. I did get it started (finally)and let it run for about 5 minutes. I gave it some gas (while sitting)and it stalled. My check engine light did come on the other day but has shut off. Help!
  • Hi- I am in Maine- same weather- most likely a short in your hi-tension wires better known as spark plug wires or coil lead. Go to a autoparts store buy a spray can of WIRE DRY. spray it on each spark plug wire-follw the wires back to the round didtributor cap, then follow the 1 single wire to the coil, on the firewall- and soak the coil with wire dry. Make sure your battery is charged and not dead from cranking the engine- if so jump start it- try to start the engine......good chance it'll start up. IF this did the trick take your car to a mechanic, replace the HT wiring- if it does it again replace the coil. (thats pricey).. OK, well-hope it works for you !
  • Hello...p10leadman,
    Thank you so much. I still have yet to fix my problem. I will try this. Actually, my car has been sitting in the carport. Afraid to drive. Everything is very old on my car. Never changed spark plugs. Or wires. :( Never had enough cash to do so. Now I have a problem. I believe my gas tank probably needs to be replaced and whatever is inside it. I have a leak (gas)on the right side in the back of my car. My brother says my car is junk. Never had any problems. Always started for me. I bought it used. Have had it for, I don't know, maybe six years. Anything else you can tell me would be wonderful.
  • not knowing what part of the country you are in, makes a difference. Anyway these cars can be fairly durable. It seems that whne they do fall apart it's all at once...or maybe that's just my viewpoint. I have a 1995, a 1997,both 2 dr metro's...the 3rd is a 1996 Suzuki Swift (a Geo clone). I have one rolled over 1996 Geo Metro for parts, and that has saved me a ton of money !
    I am now trying to figure out how to replace a leaking heater core. Near as I can tell, it must be the first thing installed on the dash ! So, I flushed the system, added radiator sealer and new anti-freeze...maybe I can get away with that temporary fix another year.
    I think your problems are much less- and the fixes alot cheaper. If in fact the gas tank is leaking, a junkyard visit maybe in order... anew one will be around $99.oo + labor to install it. I never repair gas tanks.
    Is your car 3cyl, or 4 cyl, automatic, stnadard, does it have ac? 2 dr, 4 door?
    Good luck
    :) :)
  • Ok, the 2 dr Geo Metro (97) has a leak- verified with gooo on the inside of the windshield and a disappear act of anti freeze in the radiator! I checked my repair manual(haynes) and dear gawd! You all but remove the roof- the dash comes totally out and all cables, radio, ect- then if you do get the plastic box out, you have to pry it apart- thats the easy part I guess. A practice run on myparts car proved it to be a monster job. So far I flushed the system, and added radiator sealer and new anti freeze- hope to get away with that- car has 116,000 miles on it- hardly broken in.
    OK THAT ALL SAID: anyone got a tip of how to replace it easier? Other than a dealer?
  • Hello leadman,

    My 94 Geo is a 3cyl, 2dr, standard, hatchback. No AC. Nothing fancy about it. Just your basic car. I have crawled under the rear of the car and there is (gas) slowly dripping out. I have a little puddle on the floor of my carport. Live in Rochester, NY.

    Thanks. I am new to this site.
  • Hi Deborahf -

    I live in TX, so I guess it depends on why your gas tank is leaking. Rust is not a problem here, but backing over a rock was. I was able to have the hole in my gas tank repaired by a local shop that specializes in repairing gas tanks (and the repair was much cheaper than finding a gas tank for my '92 Metro convertible).

    If you have lots of rust on your tank, though, it wouldn't make sense to try to have it fixed - simply replace it with a rust-free one from a junk yard, as p1leadman suggested.


  • Dear fellow Metro drivers and maintainers, Here is's one for ya.. My Metro three banger is the sweetest fun car ever. I lavish love on it for recreation and therapy. My Metro (AKA Pipsqueak) and I are best friends .. however ..
    There is one thing that annoys me. On startup in the mornings, the one darn belt it has squeals like crazy. I've replaced the belt, tightened the belt, over tightened the belt, loostened the belt, sprayed the belt with belt stuff, it seems to come back every time. (??) I can stop it by turning of & re-starting the engine a few times until it starts quietly. Anybody else have this??? Thanks DangerDude
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