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Chevrolet/Geo Metro



  • I have a 1999 Pontiac Firefly 1.3 L Automatic and its speed sensor (the needle) stopped working. I checked everything up to the back of the instrument cluster and it all worked. I removed the instrument cluster and the speedometer/odometer unit. The odometer works fine but the needle only moves a little from the bottom when I back up (turn the cable in reverse). Do you know now or does anyone know how to fix the needle speed indicator? I took it to my local auto wrecker and the fellow quoted me $150.00 for a used instrument cluster (located at distant autowreckers). The fellow said "for the time I take mulling this one over I can just spend a bit of money and replace my junk." That would be fine but I still would like to fix mine if I can and, furthermore, if I do get another speed sensor/odometer I would have the problem of having someone else's mileage on my car (or the expense and certification rigmarole of re calibrating the "new" unit). Any help, or thoughts? My Firefly has 94,000KM on it.
  • First of all, Ebay has odometers for your car for $20 dollars or so. If you want one with a tachometer, it will cost you around $50.00

    Second, they are not hard at all to put the numbers at the correct place. You need patience, that's all. I did several for my own use when I installed a tach cluster gauge and wanted the correct reading. NO, DO NOT USE A DRILL! You have to dismantle it, it' not that hard. Are you in Canada?
  • Dear RougeRambler, Thanks for the message! I appreciate it. Glad there are so many of us out there who recognize the Metro for the "car of the future" that it is. Why in hell did it slip from production. I think car makers must be as insane as politicians(?) It's all about profits I guess. Anyway .. sorry about that, got carried away (again)
    My belt is no longer an issue. I do have the splash shield.
    I tightened the belt bit by bit just until it stopped it's squeal. Didn't want to over stress any bearings. I've just changed the tranny fluid (what came out was unbelievable) Hoping to get smoother downshifts but I gather high mileage tranny's tend to get "notchy" on the downshifts. Just move the shifter slow & easy for success. I Have new bushings on order. I intend to get a million miles outa this little baby! DangerDude
  • Come to think of it my belt does squeal on start up...but it has been raining quite a lot here and I thought that water was the cause....which may be just that also....hum. Does anybody know when to change the tranny oil? I have 40 000 miles on Espresso Nero. Should it be done now or soon? Thanks.
  • Dear VanillaLatte, I think the tranny juice ought to be changed at 36K mile intervals so your pretty close to being on schedule. In my case Pipsqueak (my Metro) came to me with 185K miles already. His tranny "stuff" was waaay overdue. It was obvious! Apparently these gearboxes are pretty tolerant of neglect. But let's not push it like the previous owner did! So to answer your question .. soon should be fine. My Pipsqueak is a 5-speed standard shift. Either way auto or stick, a little maintenance, a little love and we'll all last a lot longer. I've named my three cylinders "Larry, Curley & Moe" - DangerDude -
  • :cry: could someone please help me i am having problems with my 94 geo metro flasher/ blinker unit , however i cant find where the flasher is could some one please help me?
    any info reply to:\

    thanks everyone
    larry m in Ga.
  • The aftermarket compressor is almost identical to the factory one - my mechanic said he had to order a kit for attaching it to the car because the bolt holes are slightly different. I didn't have the problem with the hose crimping because I already had the hoses.

    By the way, I'm 52, but I figure the convertible will last as long as I will, I hope. I just had a new water pump and timing belt installed a couple of weeks ago. It's running better than ever.
  • Thanks for your help. Yes, I do live in Canada - Just outside of Edmonton. I'll check Ebay for a odometer with tach.
  • I have numerous 2 dr Geo Metros, all but 1 are 4 cyl engines. I want to put a low milage 1995 engine in place of a very tired 1997 engine (hi miles) I'd like to swap engines and trany and shafting as 1 package--does that make sense? How much trouble? Will the wiring harnesses be the same?
    ALSO interior roof liners, (cloth) has separated on all but 1 of my cars- how the heck do I get them down and re-glued? what kind of adhesive should I use ? :confuse:
  • I have a 94 metro Im trying to time. I have looked in Haynes and Chiltons manual and cant find a picture of the (check switch) that is supposed to be shorted when timing? ( Sticker under hood)Can anybody shed some light on this??
  • m564agm564ag Posts: 15
    the pulg you are looking for is in the upper driver side of the eng compartment behind the strut tower it will have a rubber cap on it if you remove it from the fire wall and pull the cap off you will see 6 pin holes This is where you jump them at.
  • Thanks for that I finally found out yesterday that this was the plug I was looking for :confuse: but now the question if its 6 pin. Which pins do I jump across?????
  • skausskaus Posts: 11
    Can anyone help me here.
    I changed the water pump out in the cold today.
    Now I can not recall how to reinstall the timing belt and the tensioner. I have 1 liter book and it seems to be no help with 1.3 liter 4 cyl engine. Even new book does not have 1.3liter diagram

  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    A couple of questions about my '98 Metro (3 cylinder, 1 liter, 5 speed). I am going to replace the timing belt soon. I had posted about 6 months ago whether I should replace it now as it only as 45,000 original miles on it (bought it 2 years ago with only 28,000 on it). My mechanic inspects it every time I bring it in for an oil change and tire rotation and he keeps telling me the timing belt looks fine. It seems as if I read somewhere that when you have the timing belt changed out, that it is wise to also replace the water pump, since everything has to be torn down to replace the timing belt. Does that sound right and is there anything else I should consider replacing while he is in there? Also, when should I replace the O2 sensor. My question on the tires is this, I had 4 new Michelin tires put on (P155-80-13) when I bought the car at 28,000 (believe they are called Michelin Weatherwise). Although I am a diehard Michelin fan, I have never cared for the tread pattern of the tires and they are very small and close together, and it is easy for the car to hydroplane when a lot of rain has fallen. Does anyone have suggestions for another tire with a better/wider tread pattern? Thanks.
  • Dear fellow Metrophiles, I guess if I didn't love my Metro so much, I wouldn't get frustrated but .. doing upholstery work I discovered the forward portion of my rear wheel wells has just rusted through to the inside of the rear seat area. Of course I dug it all out and repaired it using space age pop rivits, rust converter, paint, galvenized metal and anything else I found in the basement! So apparently moisture get's between two layers of stamped sheet metal and rusts. Does anybody have experience with this condition. Does ANYBODY know the point of entry of the water? I can't figure it out. Everything looks OK to me (except the rust) The body looks tight and dry. Other Metros in the boneyard seemed to have the same issue in the same place (?) Thanks guys! DangerDude
  • Is there any chance you would be willing to sell a headlight asseb. (L) for a 97 LSI? I need one fast and cheap Thanks
  • I'm sorry, not at this time.... the rolled over geo both assemblies were destroyed- the best source is ebay.
  • Hello all I am a new member and a first time poster to this chat room.... I have a 1997 geo metro lsi 2d hatchback with a 4 cylnder engine 1.6L and the poor thing just gave out on me. I love this car and want to find an engine with low miles on it to replace the one that blew...... i got 173 thousand miles out of the last one and would like to do the same or better with the next one I have tried e bay and came up with no luck there.. Dose anyone have any ideas on where i could get one and about how much would it cost me to buy it....thanks every one and I am glad to see a rooom with so many other geo fans.... :shades: Garth
  • Hi there Garthman, search the for sale section on this site:

    Good luck.
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