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GMC Yukon Denali/XL Autoride Suspension

keithb4keithb4 Posts: 2
I have owned an 03 Denali for two years. Recently whenever I start up, I hear a motor running which sounds like a compressor from under thr rear of the car. I believe this is the Autoride feature. Thing is, when I first bought the car, it would only run if I had a load in the back, or put a trailer on. Now it runs every time I start up. Ideas?


  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    Sorry, I can not speak exactly to your model year as I have an 07 Denali; but, with my 07 Denali, the Autoride system does run for a few seconds each time I start it up. The system also releases air out of the system when I turn the ignition off, which lowers the vehicle by about half to an inch... With your Autoride system, I would say the key is to make sure that the compressor stops running after a few seconds of pumping; if it runs all the time or runs periodically every few minutes (while the engine is running with the vehicle parked), then I would be concerned about a possible leak in the system... Let's hope this is not the case as each replacement OEM Air Shock is in the $300+ range... ouch!
  • Thanks, that confirms my suspicions that I have a leak. It runs for about 20-30 seconds every time I start the car, and randomly while I am driving. Looks like I need a trip to the mechanic.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Hi all! I have an '02 Yukon XL w/ autoride. My front right and left rear are shot and need to be repaired. I have been told by 2 separate mechanics that I need to replace all 4 (not just the two bad ones) b/c of the design. It will cost me in excess of $2400 to fix this. My car is sitting at 113K, recently replaced the entire intake manifold, had the throttle body replaced, new brakes, and regular maintenance. I am, over all, worried about final cost.

    My choices?

    1. repair and keep the car til it dies a miserable death b/c fixing the suspension will get me at LEAST another 75K miles!

    2. Trade it in and buy a new-to-me one (maybe an '05 or '06) b/c the cost of repair is more then I should pay given the value of the car.

    3. Other -- b/c there is always an other

    Help! What would you do and why? Thanks for the help!
  • Yup! That is exactly what it is Keithb4... Mine was doing that and it was a leak.
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    Parts wise for both rear autoride shocks are around $600 at your local GMC dealerships (its about $100 less per shock if you get them other than your local GM dealerships), as price for the front pair its the same story; so for all 4 shocks, the parts price is at about $1200, that means the remaining $1200 are mostly for labor... which in my opinion is a bit too pricey. I tend to agree about replacing all 4, but, not at the labor rate they are charging.

    Assuming you only need to replace all 4 Autoride shocks (no air line leakage or compressor and position sensor issues), you may consider an option #4 if you feel up to it, that is to order your own parts/shocks and have the mechanic replace them for you. Check out the store in the URL below (just found this place a couple of days ago...) where you can purchase the exact same OEM shocks for the front (Part Number 00GMOEF) and rear (Part Number 00GMOER)... Good Luck to you!
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    BTW, if you do choose option #4, be sure you have all the right shocks before going to your reliable mechanic. The part numbers I had in the post were from the Arnott site, double check with them for your specific model before ordering...
  • jgconstrjgconstr Posts: 1
    arnott Inc has replacement parts oem for 1/3 the price and great service there on line just got shocks for 2004 suburban autoride. But I will install my self good luck
  • vic136vic136 Posts: 1
    I have an 02 Yukon Denali for about 5 yrs, the compressor a the rear of the truck has not turned on for the past couple of week. Is my compressor bad and is it an easy fix?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Check the fuse first.
  • dbrown6dbrown6 Posts: 4
    I have the same problem on my 02 Denali XL. I tested all the fuses, no bad fuses. I don't see a label that clearly indicates a "auto-ride" compressor or any other variation that I would relate to the suspension. Am I not the master of the obvious or is there another name for the auto ride fuse? The truck now sags just a bit when it is loaded. I don't notice any big change in handling, it just does not sit level at all times.
  • jim334jim334 Posts: 9
    My 2002 Yukon XL did not pump up to level yesterday when I had a load on. Where is the fuse for the compressor located.
  • dbrown6dbrown6 Posts: 4
    Under the hood over the left fender. Mine was good. Either I have no bleed down or my pump just doesn't work. It's cheaper to have a failed pump!
  • jim334jim334 Posts: 9
    Checked the fuse and it was OK. I will check the levers that make the compressor engage. I do not have any message at the dash saying anything is wrong.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Can you describe the noise?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • sounds like a grinding sound ,like when the fule pump is turning on only louder and last longer and 10-15sec.
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    Not knowing your particular Year and Model, your vehicle probably has the factory Auto ride height adjustment system (aka Auto Leveling system); some where in this system there is a fault, which the display is telling you to bring it to your nearby dealership for service. The fault can range from a leaky component (air hose, one of the air shocks), a bad height position sensor, electric connection to your on-board compressor to a bad compressor and etc... Hope its nothing serious. Good Luck!
  • I agree with previous poster. I had the exact same problem it was really problematic. When you have one bag that is leaking, you have to replace all of it. I took it to about 8 different people for estimates for repair and the best deal I got was $2000 to replace the air ride suspension or $1500 to buy the parts and have someone completely remove it and just use regular shocks. Good luck!
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    Take a look at this place called Arnott, they carry the OEM shocks and components for quite reasonable price; but we have to find and do the repair ourselves, or pay more $$$ for others to fix.
  • which fuse is it?
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